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What is Yu Yu Hakusho?

Yu Yu Hakusho is manga, Japanese comic created by Togashi Yoshihiro. Due to its popularity an anime or Japanese cartoon was created of it. Yu Yu Hakusho basically translates into Ghost Files or Poltergeist Report.

It's the story of a boy delinquent, named Urameshi Yusuke, who dies in a car accident. He wasn't suppose to die, however, and thus through some ordeals is brought back to life. When he is revived he is made into a Reikai Tantei, or Spirit Detective, and must protect the human world from demons and other underworldy problems. He gains some teammates that help him in his challenges: Kuwabara Kazuma, a schoolmate who has a six sense; Kurama, a fox demon who is living as a human; and Hiei, a three-eyed demon.

Yu Yu Hakusho is filled with just about everything: action, comedy, romance, etc. It has been voted among the top 15 animes of all time. The series won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shonen manga in 1994. In 1994, the anime was voted best anime of the year in the Animage Grand Prix and the second best in 1993.

The anime itself ran for 112 epsiodes, running for over two years in Japan in the years of 1992-1994. In 1997 it had a second movie, this time full length. It also has quite a few OVAs. The manga, which started the series, ran from 1990 to 1994 in Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump. It ran a total of nineteen volumes, consisting of 175 chapters. In 2004 they were rereleased in Japan. They contained extras and were shortened into fifteen volumes.

In the United States, the anime of Yu Yu Hakusho was released by Funimation. Currently the manga is being released monthly in Viz's Shonen Jump manga magazine and compiled into graphic novels in the Shonen Jump graphic novel line.

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.