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This is a list of rumors I have heard of and evaluated. If you have any proof of these "rumors" being true please email me at

Rumor: There is a Yu Yu Hakusho OVA (OAV) Valentine Special.

My Reply: This is one of the biggest rumors. Rumor says there is a Valentine OVA and that Botan is kissed by Kurama or Hiei. Some tales say she recieves a smooch from both the guys; some say only by Hiei or only by Kurama. As far as I know this OVA does not exist. If it did it would be included in the Eizou Hakusho collection, but it's not. And even if it wasn't in Eizou Hakusho there should still be some screen shots floating around the web somewhere if it was real.The YYH Valentine Special may be just a rumor or it could be a fan made episode.

Rumor: There is a third Yu Yu Hakusho movie.

My Reply: Another rumor that has no proof of it being true. First off the second movie was made in 1994. For there to be another movie it would have been made recently and there would be news about it. There may be a movie planned in the future for an anniversary (we can only hope) but it's unlikely. There being a third YYH movie is just simply a rumor.

Rumor: Kurama and Hiei are in a romantic relationship.

My Reply: This is a tough one. A lot of people believe this. This may be a rumor, it may not. Only Yoshihiro Togashi really knows. He has claimed that the only homosexual couple in Yu Yu Hakusho is Sensui and Itsuki. One thing a person has to remember is that Yu Yu Hakusho is a shonen manga, a boy's comic and thus homosexual couplings are rare. I believe that Kurama and Hiei are just good friends. Like friends they watch each other's back, like how Kuwabara and Yusuke watch out for one another. Though Hiei and Kurama are good friends Hiei won't admit it and makes him seem like he is hiding something, hiding his feelings. Some may take this as him loving the fox as more than just a friend. He may, he may not. I don't know, you may think you know, but only the creator knows the truth. Evidence against the two being a couple is in one of the last episodes when Hiei gives Kurama his jewel to give to Yukina. Kurama jokes saying something to the effect that he doesn't feel that way toward Hiei. Kurama also seems to get upset for being mistaken as a girl and Kuwabara's girlfriend. Hiei also seems to have a strong connection to Mukuro which may also prove against this couple.

Some japanese magazine asked Togashi Yoshihiro himself about Hiei and Kurama being a couple, and all he did was laugh and say, "No, I did not intend for this couple to appear, but now that people have brought it up, I find it funny and probably should have done it." So NO, they aren't a couple, but that's not saying that the author wouldn't have made it that way had he thought of it. This information was submitted by Kitty

Rumor: What about Botan having Kurama's baby? Or Ayame and Koenma being together? And KoenmaXBotan? And Botan being bisexual?

My Reply: Wow! Poor Botan is getting a lot of gossip. Okay, first things first. Botan is supposed to appear the age of about 14, evident by her ability to disguise herself as a school girl. And Kurama is about 15, but at the end of the series he's about 19. A little young to be having children. Now there is no romantic relationship hinted between them in the series and even in the wacko Eizou Hakusho Kurama only said Yusuke was lucky to have Botan for a wife. (Yusuke was having a dream in which he married Botan). So really there's no way they had a child.

Okay, next! In the anime, Koenma seems to have no romantic relationship with either grim reaper; Botan or Ayame. He seems to be less close to Ayame than Botan, who he's a good friend to. However, in the manga, one of the final chapters hint that Ayame likes Koenma and is worried about him.

I don't believe Botan is bisexual. She is only friends with Keiko and Shizuru. She never put the moves on any girl as far as I'm concerned. Her relationship with men is also never romantic, when you exclude Kuwabara's short-lived inflatuation with her.

Rumor: There is going to be a Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action movie.

My Reply: I heard of this rumor as well. I tried researching where it originally was announced, but all I can find is forum topics about it, saying Wikipedia had announced. According to one source "20th Century Fox has announced, that the rights have been bought for a live action adaption of Yu Yu Hakusho as of early July 2008. Film is planned for a July 2010 release, and actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Megan Fox have been attached to play lead roles of Urameshi Yusuke and Botan."

I am not absolutely sure if the movie is going to happen or not. There have been rights bought from other anime to make movie adaptions such as Neon Gensis and Real Bout High School, but those plans were canceled. However, with the poor ratings of the Dragon Ball movie from fans, I would say that a chance for a Yu Yu Hakusho movie is slim.

I personally hope that the idea stays a rumor. I think Yu Yu Hakusho has too much Japanese influence and it would be destroyed if it was Americanized. Plus I can't imagine a woman like Megan Fox playing the bubbly happy Botan. And I can't imagine what part of the story the movie would focus on. Yusuke's revival? The Dark Tournament? I would think that Toguro would be the enemy in a live action adaption. But would the company waste money on all the graphics needed for the fight sequences and spirit energy?

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.