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Volume 3: In the Flesh

Below you will find summaries of the third volume of the manga of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Chapter 18: The New Mission

Yusuke is alive again and enjoying it! When a mysterious fortune teller tells him he has a unique talent for his true mission in life, he ignores her and heads to a cafe. At the cafe, he discovers that thugs from Kasanegafuchi Junior High have been causing trouble and moving into Sarayashiki Junior High's territory since his absence. Even more surprising is the horns on the leader's head! The boy has ordered Kuwabara to shoplift manga to meet his demands.

Kuwabara returns with the books. However, the thug from Kasanegafuchi discovers a receipt for the comics, proving that he didn't steal them. He orders Kuwabara to get down on his knees and apologize for not doing as he was told. Kuwabara does, however, the tormentors refuse to give back what they stole, Kuwabara's pet kitten, Eikichi, unless Kuwabara punches his friends. Kuwabara declares that he won't do that. Just when the kitten is about to get its eye burnt, Yusuke reveals himself and rescues the cat. With this new oppportunity, Kuwabara and his friends take revenge on the Kasanegafuchi boys.

When Yusuke knocks the boy with the horns out, a tiny monster crawls out of his mouth. To the youkai's surprise, Yusuke can see him and manages to catch him. The fortune teller from earlier congratulates Yusuke for catching the criminal. She reveals herself to be Botan and announces that Yusuke is going to make a great Reikai Tantei (Spirit Detective).

Chapter 19: Action

Yusuke is alive and thus has to return to school. Kuwabara approaches him, telling him he will beat him; this is his way of congratulating Yusuke for returning. However, despite Kuwabara's, Keiko's, and Mr. Takanaka's happiness of Yusuke's return, there are those who have the reverse feelings. Mr. Iwamoto loathes Yusuke and in an act to ruin the boy and get him expelled from school, he steals some other the students' posessions to put the blame on Yusuke, the only student who skipped P.E. and could have committed the crime.

When Yusuke is about to punch Mr. Iwamoto, Koenma appears in a panic, baring bad news. The three treasures of the Underworld: The Conjuring Blade, the Mirror of Darkness, and the Rapacious Orb have been stolen. The culprits have escaped to the Human World and thus are out of Koenma's reach. He wants Yusuke to find them and return the weapons.

Koenma also tells Yusuke to use the See-Through Glass, one of the Underworld Devices Botan had given him earlier to check Iwamoto-sensei's pocket. In doing so Yusuke discovers that he has one of the student's items: Takai's rare dragon fountain pen! After getting it back, Yusuke is not satisfied and wants revenge. Koenma tells him how to use the Rei-Gun by concentrating his spiritual energy into his index finger and then mentally pulling the trigger in his mind. However, Yusuke can only use it once a day at his current power level. Yusuke shoots his Rei-Gun, knocking Iwamoto square in the head.

Chapter 20: The Deadly Trio

Koenma has sent Yusuke on a mission to recover the three stolen Dark Treasures. If Yusuke doesn't return the weapons by the end of the week, King Enma will discover that they are stolen and will unleash destruction on both the Underworld and the Human World (as well as Koenma and Botan).

Yusuke spots a trio of men walking around in the city; he decides to follow them after noticing that one of them has horns on his head. The three are the wanted criminals: Hiei, Kurama, and Goki. Hiei posesses the Conjuring Blade which he plans to use to turn humans into demons and make a demon army. Goki has the Capacious Orb and wants to use it to suck human souls out of their bodies to eat. Kurama has the mirror of Darkness, however, his motives are hidden from the others.

In the woods, Kurama tells his partners he wants out, and is leaving them, however, Hiei and Goki are not please with the news.

Yusuke appears telling the trio they are under arrest. Hiei and Kurama escape, leaving Goki. Goki is a soul-sucking oki and demonstrates what he can do with the Capacious Orb in his hands. He takes a child's soul out from the orb to eat. Yusuke pounds the demon until he spits it out. Just when Yusuke thinks he has one, Goki throws off his human disguise, revealing his massive demon form. Yusuke is in trouble! He all ready used his Rei-Gun and is not match for the demon's brute strength.

Chapter 21: The Muncher of Souls

Goki charges at Yusuke, landing a painful blow, although Yusuke turned away from the blow. Just when Goki is going to finish the job off he hears voices in the woods coming toward him and Yusuke. He warns the Spirit Detective not to interfere with him and his partners again.

Yusuke awakens at his house to a very worried mother. He finds out the voice had belonged to Botan; she had tracked him with the Demonic Aura-Meter and thus saved his life. The boy hears on the news that more children have mysterious fallen into comas and decides to face Goki again to save the children and release their souls before a day passes.

Yusuke tracks Goki to the playground where he has taken another child's soul. Yusuke's punches have no effect on the demon's hard skin. Yusuke is knocked onto his stomach and is being crushed when a boy wanders over to them. The child is too frightened to move and his soul is taken. Goki comes after Yusuke again, with his mouth open, ready to bite the Spirit Detective. The boy shoves a piece of wood into his mouth and fires a Rei-Gun inside, killing Goki. The children souls are returned and the Orb is out of Goki's evil clutches.

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.