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Volume 2: Lonesome Ghosts

Below you will find summaries of the second volume of the manga of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Chapter 9: The Temporary Resurrection (Part 2)

Motomoto Daisuke from Kasanegafuchi Junior High has abducted Keiko and taken her to Cafe Half Dead after she defended her friend, Natsuko, from him and his punk friends. At in the club, Daisuke tries to take advantage of Keiko and knocks her out. While she is unconscious, Yusuke arrives and reveals his identity to be the infamous and "dead" Urameshi. He defeats Daisuke and Keiko awakens. She puts out a fire and then collapses again; however, she is only pretending to be unconscious. Thus, Keiko, overhears Yusuke describing to Kuwabara how he can only return once a month to recharge his body and how he can not speak to Keiko. Yusuke asks Kuwabara to say he saved her. Yusuke returns home and goes to sleep, leaving Keiko at his house. When he reawakens as a ghost his body is left with a little "note", revealing Keiko knew he was the one who rescued her.

Chapter 10: The Forbidden Games

Yusuke and Botan check on Shota and discover a strange shadow following him. A young ghost girl named Sayaka has been taking his soul out of his body at night so he can play with her. However, the boy is unaware that his body is being damaged by the act. Yusuke tries to put a stop to it, but Sayaka blasts him with a spiritual explosion of power, knocking him unconscious for several days. Botan reveals that a ghost's power lies in his or her emotions. Sayaka was a lonely child and spent much of her life in a convalescent center and thus her emotions are very powerful. However, she is becoming dangerous as her emotions begin to be tainted with resentment and evil. If she keeps up her ways she will be unable to go to Heaven and will destroy Shota in the process.

Sayaka starts to take Shota to Heaven, however, Botan and Yusuke stop her in time. She tries to blast Yusuke with another energy ball, but fails. Her evil powers and loneliness have faded from being with Shota. Yusuke spanks the ghost and she apologizes. Shota promises him and her will be friends forever when he passes on. Yusuke plays with Sayaka, saying Heaven can wait until she has a few good memories. Shota awakens and does not remember his night-time adventures with Sayaka.

Chapter 11: The Fractured Friendship

Sayaka, who is still accompanying Yusuke and Botan, senses someone wanting to kill a girl named Eri. The girl sees the light as green and begins to cross the street, however, it really wasn't green and she almost gets hit by a car. Luckily, she is saved by her friend, Katsumi.

Eri and Katsumi are competing for a scholarship at a prestigious high school. However, lately Eri has felt like someone is watching her and is having a difficult time studying for her exams. A ghost who was summoned by her rival has been following her. He had committed suicide due to the pressure of school five years ago. Because of her gentleness, Eri has allowed the ghost to let go of his anger and in return he wants to warn her of the danger she is in: her rival, Katsumi has cursed her.

Later at school, Katsumi overhears Eri wish that Katsumi does her best on the exams so she has a chance at getting the scholarship. Feeling regret for what she had done, Katsumi tears up the curse. Relieved, the ghost that has been watching Eri leaves for his judgement. However, Eri is not out of danger yet. The curse appears on Katsumi's arm and an unseen force pulls Eri toward the train tracks.

Chapter 12: The Hand of Evil

Katsumi, guided by the school boy ghost, runs to Eri's aid. Yusuke, Botan, and Sayaka also come to Eri and witness first hand the evil monster Katsumi has created with her negative feelings of jealousy. Yusuke and company are useless in stopping the evil force.

Eri is thrown in front of the train. Katsumi must confront the jealousy in her heart. She realizes she was always being helped by her friend, Eri, and desperately fights the curse. Katsumi manages to break the curse and saves Eri from being hit by the train.

The two girls get perfect scores in all subjects on their exams, but decide they want to go to an all-girls high school together.

Chapter 13: Qualifications for a Girlfriend

Sayaka has developed a liking to Yusuke and wants to see her rival in love for her new big brother. Yusuke irresponsibly tells Sayaka that she is prettier than Keiko. But Sayaka isn't satisfied. She begins to watch the other girl and realizes Keiko's good points of being intelligent, athletic, and popular. However, she wants to truly know if Keiko cares for Yusuke. Sayaka witnesses Keiko refuse a handsome boy, saying there is "another" person she likes.

Keiko goes to Yusuke's place to discover that Atsuko is gone again and has left a mess. A pile of books fall on Yusuke and she begins to clean the dusk off the boy's body. She begins to lean down to kiss him when an alarm sounds, warning of dry conditions and possibilities of fires and arson cases, snapping the girl back to reality. Embarrassed, Keiko rushes off to go shopping for her family.

A man catches a can on fire and throws it into Yusuke's house. The fire quickly spreads! Yusuke tries to access his body, but it is no good since he already had a few days earlier. Botan flies off to find Kuwabara to save Yusuke, moments before Keiko returns. Keiko pours a bucket of water over her and rushes into the inferno.

Chapter 14: Into the Inferno...!!

Keiko rushes into Yusuke's house to rescue his body. Yusuke yells at the girl, telling her to forget about him; he doesn't want to come back to life is she isn't alive. Keiko reaches Yusuke, but a wall of fire blocks the way to her exit.

Koenma appears, saying he can save Keiko. Koenma clears a path in the fire for Keiko and Yusuke to escape. After the two escape, Kuwabara comes, hearing a voice warning him that Yusuke was in danger. He allows Keiko to come to his house to borrow clothes from his sister and lets Yusuke stay at his place until Atsuko finds a new place to live.

Clearing a path in the fire came with a price, however. Yusuke must pay the cost with the virtue he has obtained from doing good deeds as he has tried to return to life. Thus Yusuke has to start over and collect more virtue to come back to life, but Yusuke is fine with the consequences, overjoyed that Keiko was unharmed.

Sayaka annonces that Yusuke and Keiko are good for one another and says she is ready to leave the human world. After Botan and Sayaka leave, Koenma appears, telling Yusuke that Keiko also has to give up something important to her, a body part, for him meddling in the human world. Yusuke is relieved that the price is only her hair. Kuwabara Shizuru styled her hair and allowed her to borrow clothes. Shizuru then tells Yusuke that a ghost is watching over her.

Chapter 15: Just one Win!!

Yusuke sees an old acquaintance, Matsuo Suekichi, getting beaten by three boys. When he falls unconscious, Yusuke takes over his body and takes revenge on the thugs for Matsuo.

While Yusuke is in Matsuo's body, Koenma appears, announcing to Botan he is going to allow Yusuke to return to life if he can help Matsuo solve his problems and make his dream of winning one boxing match come true.

Matsuo tells Yusuke that there is a city-wide junior high tournament that he is going to take part in; it's his last chance at winning. Tachikawa, another second year asks Matsuo to spar, but he really just wants to beat up on the boy for what Yusuke did to his buddies the day before. Tachikawa wants Matsuo to forfeit his spot in the boxing tournament, but the boy refuses. His refusal leads him to be knocked unconscious. Yusuke takes over and takes Tachikawa down in one punch.

Chapter 16: Finding the Guts for Glory

Matsuo is angry at Yusuke for taking over his body, but when his captain congratulates him for standing up for himself the two are on good terms again. Yusuke observes that Matsuo has skill and power, but lacks confidence.

On his way home from school, the two run into Samejima from the Rinju Junior High boxing team. Samejima threatens that he is going to destroy Matsuo in the upcoming match.

Before the tournament, Matsuo tries to chicken-out of the match. Yusuke is tired of the boy's accuses and cowardice and makes the boy punch himself in the face. Matsuo finally lets go of his doubts, allowing Yusuke to exit his body. Matsuo disscovers his own strength and beats Samejima.

Chapter 17: The Golden Awakening

Yusuke can return to the living world, but the act requires something: vital energy from someone in the living world--a breath of life--mouth-to-mouth. If Yusuke misses this chance he will not have another for 50 years.

Yusuke sends the message to Keiko, Kuwabara, and Atsuko in their dreams. Kuwabara is horrified by the dream and Atsuko is of little use from pulling an all-nighter. Keiko goes to Yusuke's new condo, but doesn't see him glowing and shakes the dream out of her mind and heads to school. Reikai energy enters the body from the feet initially and works its way up the body.

While at school, Keiko receives horrible news: her mother is in the hospital. The young girl won't leave her mother's side so Botan enters the unconscious woman's body and warns her time is running out for Yusuke. Yusuke declares if Keiko doesn't make it in time he will give up on returning to life, not wanting to burden Keiko and his mother. Suddenly, Keiko rushes to Yusuke's place and sees his glow fading. She kisses him and prays for him to come back to her. Yusuke slowly awakens and Keiko embraces him.

However, Yusuke's ordeals are not over; they are only beginning. Koenma and Reikai have plans for the newly revived boy.

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.