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You Know You Watch Too Much Yu Yu Hakusho When... have decided to learn Japanese. think Hiei is stalking you.

... you yell " HA! TAKE THAT MIRUGU!" every time you see fried chicken. have a friend that's VERY hyper, and you call her "Botan". are very tough and your friends call you Yusuke ( If you're a boy) or Shizuru (if you're a girl). try to move like Hiei only to trip and fall flat on your face. try to move like Hiei and you make it. print this list and check off the stuff you've done, so you can go do the other stuff later.

... you flick dice at the house next to you, watching it fly gracefully through the air... and then fall hopelessly to the ground 3 centimeters in front of you. try to find ways to make your yard more "fox friendly" hoping one will start living in your yard so you can name it Yoko and tell everyone you have a pet fox. start thinking the people that made this list are stalking you... know what YKYWTMYYHW, means without even thinking about it. take a pool noodle, sit on it, and jump in the water, hoping you will fly, but end up splashing everyone within 10 feet instead. After failing at that, you try to fly like Jin, but end up doing a painful belly flop into the water. can't wait to get the fever so that you can talk to Hiei (hallucinations ). are jealous of Mukuro because you believe Hiei belongs to you (hey, a girl can dream!) go to the mall and yell " I'M IN LOVE WITH A BOY NAMED HIEI!!!!!!!!!" (people stare at you...) "He's real!". take your friend, who doesn't even like anime, and you act out one of the episodes. try to act like Hiei but end up running around in circles yelling "DIE HUMANS, DIE!!!".

...people want to wallop you for talking about Yu Yu Hakusho soooo much.

...your parents start to wonder if Yu Yu Hakusho holds a subliminal message because you talk about it so much. think your YYH posters are staring at you. listen to the YYH CD's soo much, you can sing in Japanese and have no idea what it means. yell at the T.V. during fights saying things like "HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!!" or, "YOU COULD HAVE DOGED THAT!!!!!!!!!!".

...every time YYH comes on you feel like doing backflips, even though you can't. wear a bandana and tell everyone you have a Jagon Eye. do a complicated math equations to find out how tall Hiei's hair is. try to spike your hair like Hiei's. try to summon the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. read this list and say "yeah, thats me" to more than half.

... you've actually read the entire list!

Submitted by yuyu_princess_411 know every character name in YYH by heart. have at least 5 character plushie (some being repeats) and are looking for more. yell when Kurama gets hurt "My baby!" sing along to the opening and ending songs. cried in the last episode. stalk YYH cosplayers and beg for a picture with them. have every single volume of the series. start wearing roses in your hair and pull them out threateningly when in danger. buy an oar and jump off your roof with it, believing you can fly. believe if the worst should happen at least you'd meet Botan and Koenma in Spirit World.

...all your stuff animals just happen to be named after from favorite character.

Submitted by Yaminogame

...You go and buy everything with the letter K on it even though your name does not have any K in it at all (*cough* KURAMA FANGIRLS!! I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU!!!!! *stare* and mostly me....)

...You use YKYWTMYYHW lists as checklists for all of your stupidity XD.

...You get mad whenever someone claim they are Kurama's biggest fangirl and/or hir girlfriend and/or wife.

...You scream out "Ai Inari-sama!!" when you bump your toe on something.

...Whenever you get mad, you start to yell out either "Rose whip!" or "Dragon of the darkness flame!!"

...After you have done the above, people don't stare at you funny since they are used to it too much.

...You have gone to the mall and have randomly scream this out at strangers "KURAMA IS BETTER THEN YOU!!!!"

...And after you have done the above, if you see the same strangers again, you yell out "KURAMA IS STILL BETTER THEN YOU!!!!"

...You get mad when you see cosplayer dressing up as Kurama since they didn't "capture his beauty well enough".

...You proudly state in public that you are, in fact "Mrs. Minamino."

...You start twitching whenever people talk about pairing Kurama up with anybody beside you.

...Your first thought of the day is Kurama.

...Your last thought of the day is Kurama.

...Most of your thoughts in the day are about Kurama.

...You start freaking out at Sun Coast when you grab the last Kurama plushie.

...You freak out and attack whoever says that Kurama is ugly.

...You spend most of your money buying Kurama merchandise.

...You plant a whole garden full of roses just for him x_X

...Your friends can now predict what you're going to say -_- Usually since it involve something with Kurama.

...Most of your art has Kurama in it.

...Most of your writing has Kurama in it :D

...You spend most of your day arguing with people that Kurama is infact, NOT GAY!!!

...You have mastered writing Kurama's name in Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and Romanji XDD

...You only play as Kurama on the YYH video game.

...You almost threw up when you saw that Kurama's voice actor isn't as cute as Kurama T_T

...You know almost all of the major Kurama's fansite webmistresses personally.

...You talk to your Kurama posters.

...You actually think they are talking back to you.

...They have actually succeeded in talking to you (I SAW KURAMA'S MOUTH MOVED!!!!!!!!!! >O<)

...You are making up lists like this.

...You don't have to think too much to make up this list.

...You have personal petnames for Kurama.

...You have bought the YYH trading cards just to look at the picture, since you have no idea how to play the game.

...Most of your filler papers in your notebooks are fill with Kurama art, scribble or little love poems <3

...The name Eugene, Alfred, Vincent, and Dennis have begun to grow on you all of the sudden.

...You accidently called your dog "Youko".

...You carry around atleast 10 pictures of Kurama in your wallet/purse.

...You have asked your parents if you can get contacts so you can have green/gold eyes.

...You have asked your parents if you can dye your hair so it can be red/silver.

...The word "Kurama" is now becomming a household term for you.

...You have a burning hatred for Karasu and Yomi >O<

...Your teachers have finally given up on telling you to stop drawing and/or writing Kurama in class.

...The hardest desicion that for you to make is whether you like Shuichi or Youko better.

...You refer to the Renkai Tantei as real people.

...Getting through this list is the most important thing for you today.

...Your life revolves around YYH.

...You can now immitate Kurama's voice.

...You can use the above skill in normal conversations.

...Everything that you do can somehow, someway be traced back to Kurama.

Submitted by Rose

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