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Out Take #2

Director: Okay, you two. Keiko has just ran into the room stating, "He's fading!" Yusuke you're dead on the bed. Do NOT get up until Keiko has kissed you and said her line. You got that?

Keiko nodded and Yusuke rolled his eyes.

Yusuke: Yeah.

Director: Good! Yusuke get your butt in that bed and Keiko get ready.

Yusuke slumped over to his bed and lied down on it, shutting his eyes.

Director: Can't you look more natural!?

Yusuke opened his eyes and sat up.

Yusuke growled: How can I look natural if I'm comatose?!

The Director looked thoughtful a moment.

Director: Good point! Now lie back down!

Yusuke obeyed, muttering some things under his breathe.

Director: Okay, everyone ready? Good, you better be.

He snapped the director's slates together and yelled: Action! Take one!

Keiko ran into the room, desperation in her eyes.

Keiko: No! He's fading!

She ran forward, towards the bed. On the final stride her foot slipped on something, causing her to fall forward, onto Yusuke, who let out a moan of pain from the sudden weight.

Yusuke: What the hell, Keiko?

He looked down at her and she slowly got off him and on to her knees on the floor.

Keiko: I'm sorry. I tripped over something.

She looked around at the ground, in search of the item that tripped her. Her eyes rested on a blue pen with a gold rim.

Keiko held it up.

Keiko: It was this pen.

Director: Who left a pen on the set?

One of the stage hands stepped forward.

Stage hand: Um...Director, sir, that's your pen.

The Director looked at the pen in Keiko's hand more clearly.

Director: Who left my pen on the set?

Yusuke chuckled at this, muttering, "Idiot" and Keiko let out a giggle.

Director: What's so funny?

Yusuke smirked: Oh, nothing.

Then he added in a whisper to Keiko: Nothing but your stupidity.

She laughed slightly causing the director to become even more irritated.

Director: I don't know what is so funny, but your little joke better end now!

The two became quiet.

Director: Now get back to your places and get ready for the next take!

Keiko hurried back to her place and Yusuke laid back down.

Director: Okay, let's try this again.

The director snapped his slate together and through his clenched teeth yelled: Take two!

Keiko ran into the room once again crying, "He's fading!" She ran over to Yusuke, but before she reached him, he got up and ran past her.

Keiko turned about.

Keiko: Where are you going, you're suppose to be dead.

Director: Get back in that bed, Urameshi!

Yusuke: Yeah, well, nature calls.

He ran off the set, heading for the restroom.


Once Yusuke had returned, the director ordered him back in bed and they went on with the next take.

Keiko ran over to him, knelt down, and pressed her lips against his. She released the kiss. But before she could bring her head back up, Yusuke's came shooting forward. Their heads collided into each other with a clang.

Yusuke and Keiko: Ow!!

They both rubbed their heads with their hands.

Director: What are you doing? You're suppose to wait until Keiko has said her line, then SLOWLY get up!

Yusuke still rubbed his head.

Yusuke: Oh….

Keiko: You didn't read the script, did you?


The director's eyes became little balls of fire at this and he growled like some kind of wild animal. Everyone on the set backed away a little, fearfully. Seeing this the director took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Then through clenched teeth he spoke.

Director: Take it from the kiss.

Yusuke and Keiko gulped and nodded.

Yusuke laid back down and Keiko knelt back down beside the bed.

Director: Take four!

Keiko leaned down and kissed Yusuke. He began to laugh at the touch. Keiko pulled away.

Keiko: Why are you laughing.

Yusuke laughed: Your hair tickles.

He lifted a lock of her hair off his neck. She rolled her eyes and was about to reply when the director interrupted.

Director: Cut! Cut! Cut! Do it again! And this time do it right!

They returned to their places once again.

Director: Take five!

They once again kissed but when Keiko pulled away she slapped Yusuke across the face.

Keiko: You pig!

Yusuke sat up.

Yusuke: It was just a joke.

Keiko: How is THAT a joke?!

The director snapped at these words.

Director: That's it! I've had it! I try to be nice but you just think this whole thing is a joke. I'm leaving!

Stagehand: But Director, Sir, where are you going?

Director: I'm taking my vacation early!

Stagehand: But what about the shoot?

Director: We'll finish this when I get back!

He stormed out of the room. A few stagehands followed, protesting.

Yusuke: That got rid of him. Works ever time.

Keiko let out a "humph" and marched out the room. Yusuke ran after her.

Yusuke: Keiko, wait! C'mon it was only a joke!

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