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Out Take #1

Director: Okay, Kurama, this scene is when Botan tries to get the Golden Seal back. A rock tree demon hits her causing her to fall off her oar. When another demon attacks her with its vine like fingers, that's when YOU cut the vines with your Rose Whip and free Yusuke and Kuwabara. Then you catch the girl landing SAFELY on the ground. Got it?

The red headed boy nodded.

Kurama: I had it the first time we went over it.

Director: Good, now lets get this over with!

The director slapped the two pieces of the slap board together.

Director: Take one!

Botan flew through the air riding her oar, heading towards the demon who had taken the Golden Seal from Yusuke.

Botan: Give it back!

The girl out stretched her hand, ready to grab the golden object. The winged demon slapped the girl, causing her to fall off her oar.

Botan: AAAAIIII!!!

Botan screamed as she fell towards the ground.

The Rock Tree Demon fingers stretched and extended up, aimed at the falling girl.

Rock Tree Demon: Take this!

From out of nowhere a green whip covered in sharp thorns sliced through its fingers. Then cut the vines encaging Yusuke and Kuwabara.

Botan continued to fall. Kurama jumped into the air and caught the ferry girl. He fell down doing a back flip. The boy did not complete the flip however, and slammed hard against the ground, landing on his back. Botan fell on top of him, uninjured. Kurama winced from the impact, he held one eye close, looked at the girl, and opened his mouth to speak when---

Director: CUT! CUT! I said to land on your feet!!

Kurama: No, as I recall you told me to land on the ground. As you can see I am on the ground.

Director: I didn't want you to land on your back! Do it again. This time, Kurama, land on your feet!

Director: Take it from when Botan got hit and she falls off her oar.

Kurama and Botan nodded. Kurama then got up and helped the blue headed girl to her feet. After that they took their places for the screen.

Director: Take two!

Botan flew once again after the demon. The demon slapped her. She screamed as she fell off her oar towards the ground below. Sharp vines flew upwards at her.

Kurama's Rose Whip slashed through the vines and freed Yusuke and Kuwabara. And then took care of the vines coming at Botan.

Kurama ran towards her gaining speed getting ready to jump and catch the girl. He dashed towards the falling Botan, he was about to jump but suddenly something caught his foot. Kurama came crashing down to the ground at what seemed like slow motion. Botan screamed as she continued to fall. The blue haired girl hit the ground with a loud thud, landing face first.

Botan: Oww...

Director: CUT! CUT! KURAMA! Who told you you could trip?!

The scarlet haired boy pushed his body up and got to his feet.

Kurama: I'm sorry.

Director: Do it again!

A few takes later...

Director: Take 26!

Botan fell from the sky. She seemed to be beaten up, bruises and small cuts could be seen all over her body.

Director: We'll clean her up with computers.

Vines headed towards the girl's head. Her eyes widened. A whip cut though the vines, as Botan continued to fall. Kurama ran towards the girl but stopped when a ringing sound erupted from his pants pocket. The fox reached into his pocket and pulled the object out, revealing a small black cell phone. He brought the phone to his ear.

Kurama: Hello?

Kurama: Oh, hello, mother.

Director: KURAMA!!!

Kurama: Mother, I'm kind of busy now...

A painful scream echoed through the forest set stage, as Botan hit the ground.

Kurama: Yes, I'll be home soon. Yes, yes...What! No! I'm not abusing a girl! That scream...? We', filming. Yes, I'll come home when we're finished. Bye.

The boy clicked a button on the phone and put it back into his pocket.

Kurama: You called?

Director: KURAMA!!!

Kurama: I'm sorry.

He gave the man a sheepish smile.

Director: You'd better be. Now get back to work!

Kurama looked around for a certain blue haired girl. He called her name softly.

Kurama: Botan?

His sensitive ears picked up a low moan. He turned in the direction of the sound. He spotted the ferry girl lying on the ground, immobile.

Kurama: Botan!

Kurama ran to her side. The boy knelt down beside her.

Kurama: What happened to you?!

Concern showed in his eyes.

Botan lifted her head, an angry look was plastered on her face.

Botan: You happened to me, you jerk!

The girl slapped him across the face. The fox starred in shock at the girl. She pushed herself to her feet and stomped away. The red headed boy stared at her vanishing form. He touched his sore cheek.

Kurama: What did I do...?

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