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The Siblings

by IrishWoodDweller

"Annie! Get me a beer, will ya? I'm effing dying of thirst over here!" A young man cried out from his bar stool at a local pub in Demon World.

"Wait a minute, Steve!" A young wind demon with red wavy, long hair and blue big eyes answered. "So freaking pushy, these men," She mumbled. She had just gotten in for her shift, trying desperately to get on her work dress. The dress was quite short she admitted. It was a black short dress with a red ribbon around the waist. She had much like a family at the pub; however, the men can get somewhat bad. She finally got on her dress and walked out the door to the open bar.

"Okay. I'm coming! Waddya have Steve. Same old?" Annie asked. Steve was a very attractive demon. He was a wind demon like Annie, only a skilled one. He had a dashing smile, black shiny locks to curly hair. Moreover, brown dark eyes.

"Yeah, I'll have that...and a go around with you tonight. If you're up to the challenge?" He asked Annie. Annie did not take much notice of it.

"Sorry, Steve, I-"

"No one takes no for an answer when it comes to me doll." Steve grabbed her hand.


"Come on, babe. Just a movie? Then straight home, I promise Ann!"

"Okay, but straight home..."

"Hot, I'll pick you up after work."

After the talk Annie got his drink then walked over to the others and did simply her job. After work, she waited outside the pub, waiting for Steve.

"What if this is a bad idea? I mean, I can always give a boy a good whipping if anything ever happened...but Steve. Man."

She sat there for only a moment longer when Steve ran up the street to greet her.

"Hey, doll! Nice dress..." Annie had slipped on a blue short skirt and a matching tank.

"Well, I had a hard time finding something nice."

"Oh, don't worry; you won't need it for long, babe."

Annie was stunned by the remark. She made a mental note to look out for his busy hands.

They both went to a movie together, called "When Ogres go Bad". They sat there and watched the movie, ate popcorn; the things your suppose to do until they got back to the lobby of the theater.

"Hey, Baby, let's go back to my place for a while, eh?" Steve asked moving his hand about Annie's waste. "Bring you and your cutie accent back to me."

"Only a little while," Annie said. She was almost afraid of what was going to happen.

He walked her back to his apartment. The apartment was beautiful.

"Wow, nice place...!" Annie exclaimed looking around. Steve turned on the music in the background, and then lit a few candles. Then took off his coat. In addition, sat in the big armchair.

"Steve...You know I don't want to," Annie said smirking. Annie hated perfect people. Moreover, Americans made it worse.

"No, you know you want to." Steve, with a twist of his wrist led the wind to pick Annie up and plop her on his lap. "Don't you love the warmth? You can make me even warmer, Annie" Steve touched her thigh, and moved his hand up her leg. "I will be your first, am I right?" He asked kissing her neck. Annie showed no emotion.

"Yes." Her voice stone cold.

"Im sorry Steve. You just remind me too much of my dreadful father." He laughed.

"Is that a good thing?"

"No. Infact, it makes me feel pretty bad about you." Annie sat there. Steve got a little mad about her not moving or showing the slightest emotion towards him. He turned her violently facing him. Then Annie felt his lips on her lips. Annie just stared at him.

"You're so freaking hard to please doll, I can make you better..." He then saw the buttons on Annie's top. He unbuttoned them one by one, and then kissed her chest bone.

"You're such a player. You will get me under the sheets, and then leave me in the next week, saying I was not your type. I know men's game." Annie backed down. Steve got really pissed off at this.

"You'll listen to me bitch or I'll kill you!" Steve shot out at Annie hurting her arms.

"Get the hell off me!" Annie yelled kicking him in the place where the places do not shine.

"Shit!" He fell over, then got up and tripped her on her way out. Then grabbed her and held her waist hard.

"Let go of me!" Steve just took off her skirt and threw it to his side. Then pinned her down to the ground and took off his clothes-save his shirt.

"You know you want it!" He yelled, and then smacked her. This pissed Annie off real bad.

"GET OFF ME OR MY BROTHER WILL KICK YOUR AROSS!" She yelled, crying, she did not even remember that her brother was dead when she yelled it out.

"Oh, I love your accent so very much Anne, its so effing cutie."

All of a sudden, something broke through the door. It was a man. Annie didn't look up from crying. Steve let go of her and looked up at the man.

"Who the hell are you?" Steve yelled.

"Stay the ell' away from Annie, or I'll chain you up an' feed ya' to me' bird demon, I say!" The man spoke with an Irish accent.

"What the hell did you say?" Annie cried even harder, the voice sounded so much like her brother.

Then a gust of wind hit Steve crashing him to the ground, unconscious.

"Who are you?" Annie yelled with a muscle of crying.

"Get on up now." The man came over, and helped Annie up hugging her tightly.

"Did he hurt you?" The man asked with a soft fast voice.

"N-no," Annie stuttered. "Who are you?" Annie asked again. The man pulled her softly away from his chest. Annie looked into his face. Her tears then became tears of joy.

"Oh, my god...JIN!" Annie grabbed him and muzzled her face into his shoulder.

"It's okay, Im ere' now Annie. Im not leaving you." Jin stroked her red hair.

"I told you once and not telling you again Cecelia, we can't get your room changed!" A tall big man in a white outfit said to a girl in about her 20's. The girl had blonde long hair tied up in a bun and blue-purple eyes, rimmed with red.

"But I need to see the outside Henry! I need a window!" Cecelia yelled. She was at an institute where the mentally disturbed stayed. She had only been there for a week. She as put there for seeing "Demons" in her house. She went crazy. She was a demon herself. However, much more powerful. Cecelia couldn't leave, or try to leave. Koenma would kill her for showing her powers to the humans.

"I know, I know. Now just go to sleep." The man left her in the dark.

"Why has'ent Koenma come for me yet? On the other hand, Suzuki? Hell, not likely he would ever come..."

Suzuki had left her family when they were children. When he was still around, he would always help her out. He loved her, she knew that. However, his fighting meant more.

"God, why?" She knew his could'ent come this time. It was only a matter of days until they would run some tests on her. Then they would know all about her body, and power.

"I have to make a plan to get out of here." She thought. She looked around, top to bottom of the room. Same four walls. Same white bed, same white desk. A chair there and a lamp over there.

"Nothing." She said aloud. "Wait," she thought. "When they take me out for the tests tomorrow, they'll have to unlock the door to the hall way. There is a door next to the tests room. The bathroom. In the bathroom is a window...the window has no bars. The window leads up to the roof. Where I can use my powers to get down the building...out run the guards, and at that time, it will be noon. Noon, noon is when the New York subway goes to New Jersey!" She thought is all out. Even if she could not stay in the bathroom for long, she could still make it out. She had nothing to do now but wait.

She slid into the bed and looked up on the white ceiling.

"I have to get out of this myself." She whispered. "Im alone." For once in her sad life, she was alone.

The next day, she woke up at 10:00 A.M just an hour away from her plan.

"Should I bring anything...?" She wondered. There was nothing to really bring. She sat on the bed, and brushed out her hair. Her long shiny hair. That was due for a cut.

"Maybe, he'll still come..." Cecelia thought aloud. "I miss him." She got up and walked over to the desk. Why she even had a desk there was beyond her, Nothing to write, nothing to read. Oh, how she missed her Steven King books back home. She remembered that all her friends used to call her "Sissy" which they still call her. Sissy came from the book "Rose Red" the little girl in the book. She loved her. The mere mystery of her. The thoughts that were going on in her head. It was quite fascinating.

"Cecelia! Time to go do your tests." The big man came in again.

"Okay." She walked over to him and let him guide her to the hallway. She stopped at the bathroom, making the man surprised.

"Oh, I really need to use the bathroom sir. It will only be a minute..."

"Fine but if you're not out in 2 minutes im going in." She smiled and walked in. The bathroom was white and dark. The window was right there. She climbed the stall, and say on the edge.

"Maybe I should, oh, well." She jumped up and using her powers, unlatched the window lock. Then climbed out into the fresh air. She could see half of N.Y.C from here.

"Okay..." She focused on the ground. Then a weird tingling sensation over whelmed her body and she were suddenly in a clothing store. A very expensive one.

"I need some new threads." She quickly found a cheap shirt and pants and slipped them on. She used her powers to block her self from the cameras. Pulled off the tags and walked calmly out the door.

No one noticed her.

"I need to find him." Cecelia walked about Makia that following morning. Cecelia could'ent go back to the subway, seeing to many police around. So just high tailed it to demon world.

"Now...he told me a couple of years ago after the Tortement that he would be in Ireland with some friends." Now she just had to find the portal that allowed her to go to Ireland. She found herself at a pub in the centre of a forest.

"A drink can't hurt." She walked in to the pub. It was noisy and one person caught her eye.

"I'll screw you when I want to Biddy!" she turned around from her stool and saw a demon, rather ugly one threatening a demon girl of the age of maybe 30.

"Yer' not even sober you slack-jawed idiot! So go and get yer' self arrested or something." The girl had brown short hair with bits of purple in it. She had purple eyes and paint marks on her face, one straight line on her cheek. She was big boned but beautiful say the least.

"OH! Well, look who's here day in and day out eh'?" The demon said angrily.

"Hey, um sorry to interrupt." Cecelia said to the two.

"But, um, do you know where I can find the portal to Ireland?" The girl who had been bickering stopped bickering and turned to face Cecelia.

"Oh, yea, I know where that place is! I'll show you where." The girl took Cecelia's hand.

"Nice to meet your aquatics. Im May, but many call me Cherry, thug, waste of time, crazy bitch, or...Biddy." May, or whatever you wish to call her...smiled.

"Um...Im Cecelia, but just call me Sissy." Sissy smiled. In addition, laughed.

"Hey! Biddy im not done with you yet!" The ugly demon yelled. May, kicked the demon in the crouch and lead Sissy outside.

"So, not that it's any O' me busyness, but why do you wanna go there? Ireland?" May asked, while walking out to the forest.

"Im trying to find my brother. I heard he was in Ireland with some friends." May, stopped and turned to Sissy.

"And, um, yer' brother, he a clown demon?" May ask laughing.

"Well, he took on that weird gay custom...yeah...he's kind of full of himself." Sissy laughed along.

"Well, we better get on our way!" May picked Sissy up.

"Hey! I can walk!" Sissy yelled.

"Yeah, but yer' not as fast as me!" May take off with Sissy. They ran for only a minute or two. Until May stopped.

"Were there!" May drop Sissy. They were standing in front of a shiny portal. It was a green swirling vortex.

"Wow. Well, thanks for taking me here." Sissy thanked.

"Hey, no problem. I'll meet you again soon I reckon." They shook hands and May was off again.

"She's a character...!" Sissy laughed. "Better go in." She closed her eyes and jumped into the portal.

She woke up in a room.

"Oh, I must have passed out because of the power." She mumbled. Looking around she noticed the room was blue, and was defiantly a dude's room. It had pictures, and boxes of magical contents.

"His room..." Sissy knew at once. She got up, and noticed her clothes had been changed to dudes pajamas. She looked at the patch. "The Beautiful Suzuki" Yeah, she found him all right.

"Wait...WHO CHANGED ME?" Sissy noticed that Suzuki was too full of himself and could'ent of gone though the trouble of changing her. It must have been someone else.

She ignored it for a minute. She walked over to the pictures. The first one to catch her gaze was one with six men in the picture and one girl. The girl was May.

"Wow. Thought she looked like Chuu." The others she could point out. Jin, Shish, Touya, Chuu, Rink, and her brother Suzuki. They all were happy, and in a group. Nothing on the bureau even told that Suzuki had a sister.

"Like I never existed." Sissy mumbled. Her thoughts were cut short. When someone came through the door.

"Sissy?" Suzuki.


Suzuki walked over to her. They looked at each other for a moment. Then Suzuki grabbed hold of her and hugged her.

"I missed you Sissy."

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.