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Every Fangirl's Dream

by Rose

Disclaimer:Everything here is mine!!!!!*Star wacks her on the head*>>;; Okay fine. Nuriko and Hotohori belong to Yu Watase. Kurama, Hiei, and Youko Kurama belong to Yoshihiro Togashi. Squall and Tidus belong to Squaresoft. >> Me and Star belong in the Lunatic bin for writing this fic.

Thankies:First fic I ever been proud of. >_O I was high on Powerade when I wrote this. Yes, live with it. I'd like to thank all the bishie I ever fell in love with or over heels in love with. Also the Powerade and Coke companies for sponsoring this marathon of extreme spazziness >_<. I would also like to thank Vipe, who's excellent help with life problems suck and make me even more confused than when I didn't call her, thus leading me to drink Powerade which brings you to this story. Enjoy!! ^__^

Rose:Ha! I am now holding all of the bishonen here hostage!


Rose:^__^ Yes! All of the anime, manga, and games bishonen are mine to keep!

Star:...yeah, until this fanfic is over anyway.....

Nuriko:.......>> Why are we here again?


((Randomly makes Hotohori kiss Nuriko just because she has awesome author ficcie power.))

Nuriko:*giggle and blush*>> I remember why we are here now. *runs away with Hotohori to a dark corner ^_~*

Star:.......-_-;; This is embarrassing......

Rose:*Look at all the bishie* Well now!!*twitch twitch*Anyone who is not gay want to be next?!

((Everyone edges away))

Kurama:Maybe if we wait here long enough, we could leave.


Youko: *paranoid-ess*=_= No one here is safe from that lunatic.

Star:*sweatdrop*...why is there Youko Kurama and normal Kurama here at the same time?

Rose:Uhh..cause I'm a hightly mentally ill person with endless fic author power?


Rose:Bored.......I feel like bugging Kurama now.

Kurama:*edging away*

Rose:^_^ Hiya Kurama! Aren't you happy to be here with ME?!


Rose:No need to be scared. Just wanna ask you a few question!

Kurama:*Even more scared *sure.

Rose:O_O If you are Japanese, how is your hair red?


Rose:If you keep, like, seed in your hair, doesn't it grow into plants when you shower?

Kurama:.......I never wondered about that... >>

Rose:^_^ Me wanna see what it could look like!!


((Suddenly Kurama has a rose bush in his hair just because Rosey feels like it))

Kurama:>_< Thanks a lot! Now, I'm back to being the 3rd most popular YYH character again!

Rose:^_^ I'll turn your hair back if you agree to be my date!


Rose:More fans are abandoning you by the minute XD

Kurama:-_- Fine.....

((Kurama's hair turned normal))

Kurama:.....okay.....bye!!*runs away*

((He got turned into a date cause Rose is now annoyed))

Rose:=.= *put the date in a jar*.......

((Every bishie started to edge away even more))

Rose:.....What? I didn't do nothing >_O He deserved that. Right, Star?

((Crickets chirp))

Rose:*sweatdrop* Star?

Star:*Busy flirting with Hiei*

Rose:-_- Fine, I'll go bug someone else.*Sees Squall and Tidus*^_^ Hello!!

Squall:*Holding on to his gunblade for insurance* Hnn

Tidus:>> I think I'm suppose to meet Yuna somewhere right now.

Rose:*twitch*Yuna is busy at the moment.

((At the same moment >_O Yuna is taking the role of a rodeo clown somewhere))

Tidus:Oh>>*tries to think of another excuse*.....Rikku wants me to help her throw bombs at Auron today>>

Rose:^_^ No, she doesn't* steps closer*

Tidus:*backs away*

Squall:*raises his gunblade to her neck* Step back!!

((Gunblade turned into a flower))

Rose:*grins evilly* Aww!! Flowers for me! How nice!! See? I always knew that you liked me more than Rinoa. >>

Squall:<< >> << >> *called on GF Ifrit*

Rose:-_- I hate it when the guys think they can fight back

((Ifrit turn into a gingerbread cookie))

Rose:=_=*eats gingebread cookie*


Rose:^___^v I'm all powerful, all insane. Yup!!

Star:>> I think we should end the fic now before anyone else is harmed.

Rose:<<;; k. O_O Why is Hiei a bunny?

Star:-_- He tried to bite me when I asked him for his phone number. So I turned him into something that can't stick a sword through your head <<

Rose: O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Star: << *runs off with the Hiei bunny*

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.