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Sake and Karaoke Mixture

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Seven

In time, the drunken ones fall asleep and the sober ones stay awake and chat with each other. Actually, there are only 2 people awake.

“This party sure was interesting, wasn’t it Keiko-chan?” Botan sips some tea while Koenma is asleep on her lap.

Keiko too sips her tea. Yuusuke lie resting on her lap as well. “Yes it was. I was lucky enough to sing with my Yuusuke.” She looks down at the sleeping, drunken Mazoku on her lap. Though she doesn’t think of him as a demon. She sees him as her lover, her husband, and hopefully, the father of her children.

“You did luck out. I didn’t once get a chance to sing with Koenma-sama.” Botan looks at him. “He passed out too soon.”

“Well, at least he was awake for a little while. Unlike Kuwabara.”

Both girls look at Kuwabara and laugh. What they see is very cute.

All the sleeping ones were all on top of each other, sleeping soundly. Kuwabara was still passed out and Hiei was sleeping on him, his head on his stomach. Atop Hiei’s side lie Kurama, curled up in a ball, sleeping so cute-like. It has got to be a crime to wake him up from his deep slumber.

The sleeping girls were all in their own group. Shizuru was the spread out one and Yukina and Genkai were sleeping beside her, in a ball as well.

The two sober girls continue to talk about their friends. They talk on and on about each one, good and bad things. They reflect on past times and chat about the future. But in the end, it gets late and they end up getting sleepy.

Before each one falls asleep, they speak one last time. “Hey Botan, remind me not to let Yuusuke drink for a very long time.” Keiko smiles.

Botan laughs. “Will do Keiko-chan.”

They fall asleep next to their lovers and friends.


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