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Sake and Karaoke Mixture

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Six

The cue for Koenma to start was given and the music starts playing. Kurama grabs the mic and gets up on top of the table in the middle. “This song is for you, my dear Hiei.” He winks.

Hiei, not knowing exactly how to react, starts in disbelief. Though he is still drunk, he did comprehend all Kurama has said. Did he really mean all that? Just like everyone else, he sits down and watches Kurama’s performance towards him.

Kurama with his microphone in hand begins to sing. At first, so sexy-like, then lively. “Saa samishisa ni kawaita tamashii yo
Saa tattaima yuuki wo sakase

Marude kurai daichi ni saku
Akai bara no you ni sa...

Dare mo ga jibun to tatakau Soldier
Kurushimi fumikoe ashita wo sagasu
Soldier of Love.”

The kitsune moves around the table throughout his singing. He faces a new target all the time. But he usually closes his eyes and sings, like he’s putting on a concert.

The long stretch of music passes and Kurama’s on again. “Aa nemurazu ni nayanda yoake ni
Aa umareta yo atarashii jibun

Kurayami kara noboru asaki
Ore no mune ni hirogaru...

Anata wo mamotte tatakau Soldier
Ai koso kiseki wo umidasu chikara
Soldier of Love.”

Yet another long stretch of wordless music occurs. Kurama gets more and more into it. He gets a bit more personal with the others; singing in front of them, looking more seductive. But he has not forgotten his prime target: Hiei.Whoa…I had this hot one at my disposal? He thinks of all the things he could do with Kurama.

The long text less music finally passes. Kurama stands up on the table and just sings his heart out. He faces Hiei with a sexy face. “Dare mo ga jibun to tatakau Soldier
Kurushimi norikoe ashita wo tsukame.” He gracefully touches Hiei’s face and brings it close to his own, just barely touching it.

“Anata wo mamotte tatakau Soldier
Ai koso kiseki wo umidasu chikara
I'm a Soldier.”

Kurama lets go of Hiei’s face and prances around until the music ends.

The music has ended and Kurama falls off the table and lands on Hiei’s spikey head. He squishes the little one with his body weight. He, along with everyone else, laughs. “That was sure fun, wasn’t it Hii-chan?”

Hiei emerges from the body of the kitsune and sits on him. “Yesh, lots o’ fun!” He’s smiling, though he was just body slammed by Kurama.

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