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Sake and Karaoke Mixture

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Five

Yet another empty bottle of sake lies with the many others. Kurama became just as drunk as the other boys, even Koenma. The girls sit…somewhat sober. Excluding Shizuru, Genkai, and oddly enough, Yukina, the other girls were clean.

On and off, the drunken guests have been singing on the karaoke machine. Amazingly, all did a very good job, despite the fact that they were wasted. They all sang their image songs and with Yuusuke and Keiko, they did one of their duets, though Keiko was not drunk.

Hiei and Kurama sit to the side together. Hiei’s enjoying another bottle of sake and Kurama’s just dazed. In the background of them, Yuusuke sings his other image, ALL RIGHT!

Hiei sits watching Yuusuke with Kurama beside him. But Kurama’s the first one to speak. “Ya know Hiei, I’ve been thinkin’, this partnership we have…we should take it to the next level.”

The koorime averts his attention to the kitsune. “Huh?” He looked sleepy when in fact, he wasn’t.

“Even since this party started, I have realized how much…I really…care for you.” Kurama’s still dazed but alert.

Hiei stares blankly at the kitsune. He’s so tempted to guzzle down his bottle of sake and have some more fun. He doesn’t answer.

“With that, I want to be with you forever Hiei.” Kurama gets on his hands and knees, like he was in his kitsune form. It was so seductive and sexy that anyone would just want to pounce on him and kiss him all over.

The koorime was so dazed; doubt he was paying any attention to the confession. All he replied was “Ya?”

On all fours, the seductive kitsune leans in to kiss Hiei.

However, Hiei had another thing in mind. He must have been bored because he turns his look away and at the singing Yuusuke. Seeing him made him feel…no different.

Just as Kurama was going to kiss him, Hiei quickly stands up with his bottle in hand. “Booo! You suck detective!!!” He drinks, becoming even more wasted and stupid.

Kurama has yet to notice that Hiei’s face was no longer in front of him. He falls flat on his own face behind Hiei’s feet. In time he sits up and looks up. Since he was so down low, he saw the back of Hiei’s head. But from eye level, he could see his butt. Oh what a nice butt he has.

“Shut up Hiei! Like you could do any better!” Yuusuke, being interrupted, was mad. He was about to go all out on Hiei.

The koorime boy points at him like he was threatening him. “I can do better! All I need is my sister and we could sing the hell outta you!!”

By now, everyone’s looking at the two boys arguing. That sister remark causes Keiko to speak up.“Who’s your sister, Hiei?”

Hiei looks at Keiko. He then smiles. “Why, it’s Yu…” “Ah! Get off me Kurama!” Hiei tries to shake him loose but he was unsuccessful. Besides, if he tried even harder, his pants would have came off.

“But I love you Hiei. You and your cute butt.” Kurama hugs him tighter, assuring that his catch cannot get free.

Everyone’s staring at the wonder couple now. Kurama’s face was so happy and chibi-like and Hiei’s was annoyed and drunk. It was Hiei’s turn to be embarrassed now.

“Hold onto him tight Kurama-san! Don’t let that rascal go!” She sits right next to Shizuru, yet another drunk one. And she too, has a bottle of sake in her hand. But she still looked as cute as ever.

The struggling continues for quite some time. Some cheer for Kurama to hold on, some for Hiei to get free and risk his pants coming off (the girls actually cheered for him. They wanted to see some personal bit of Hiei, wink wink). In time, Kurama gets tired. But after he lets go, he immediately stands up. He stares at Hiei straight. “I know! Instead of holding onto you, I’ll sing for you!” He turns towards Koenma at the karaoke and points at him. “Hit it!”

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