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Sake and Karaoke Mixture

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Four

Kurama, the studly kitsune demon, gave up trying to resist and accepted Hiei’s proposal of singing. It was appropriate to sing. After all, it was a karaoke party.

The karaoke machine was brought out and ready. This was no typical karaoke. Instead of a TV in front of them spitting out the lyrics, it was just a machine that plays wordless music. Hiei and Kurama would be the ones singing by themselves with no assistance, aside from the music.

Just minutes before the music will start, Kurama starts to get cold feet. “I don’t think I want to do this anymore.” He looks down at his half sleepy friend.

The half sleepy Hiei looks up at the kitsune. That sleepy look was soon changed to happiness. A joyful smile occupied his face. “Nonsense. The great Youko Kurama fears nothing.”

Kurama stares at the stupid grin on Hiei’s face. He’s really enjoying this, isn’t he? He actually wants to sing with me and make a fool out of both of us?

A microphone flies through the air, followed shortly after with a “Hey Kurama! Catch!”

The kitsune senses the mic approach him and catches it swiftly. He turns his head to its source, only to find Koenma leaning on the karaoke machine with a smug grin on his face. Koenma…not you too. He shoots him a quick cold stare, though it completely unaffected him.

Everyone mumbles some things to each other as Hiei and Kurama stand in the middle of them. The kitsune quickly averts his gaze to his little companion who’s tapping at his mic so cute-like to make sure it works. “Are you sure you want to do this Hiei?”

Hiei looks up from his tapping and at his partner in plain confusion. His face was so cute you just wanted to hug him to death. “Of course! Just relax kitsune. It’ll all be over soon.”

That last comment made by Hiei must have been the cue for Koenma to start the music. He presses a button a machine, causing it to play out a loud, speechless melody.

Fear flashes through the red-haired kitsune’s eyes once again. He’s stuck staring at Hiei while he’s beginning his singing. It’s the longest 35 seconds Kurama has gone through in all his years of life.

“Kaze ga hashiru ore wo yobu mugon no harikeen
Are wa sain kessen no aizu darou.”

The end of that lyric is the cue for Kurama’s part to begin. He forgets all about his fear and just goes along with it. “Sou kono inochi yori aa omoi yume wo
Kanaeru tame no hi ga kita saa.”

Both sing together, back to back. “Kokoro no mama ni tada fighting to dream
Dare ni mo jama sasenai
Unmei nado jibun de kimete yaru
Kaze no you ni tada shooting to dream
Kako no itami tachikitte
Kono te de ima mirai mo kimete yaru
Getta chance.”

Hiei and Kurama dance around until the next part of the song. Both had big smiles on their face.

It’s Hiei’s turn again. “Kizu darake no yume ga ore wo karitateta
Hieta mune ni nokuru hi wo aoru you ni.”

Immediately after that last bit, Kurama does something daring. He stands upon the nearby table and moves and sings so exotic and sexy.“Sou atsui omoi ga aa mune wo tataku
Marude kienai arashi no you ni.”

Hiei joins him on the table and they both sing together once again. “Yasei no mama de ima fighting to dream
Zetsubou nado houmutte
Kemonomichi wo hageshiku hitabashiru
Kaze ni natte ima shooting to dream
Hoshii mono wa jiyuu sa
Ore-tachi kono kokoro wa damesenai
It's truth.”

A long flow of music plays and the couple of boys dance to it. Never in all of any of their loves had they had so much fun without causing pain to another to themselves.

The others around them were enjoying their performance. They were clapping to the beat and dancing as well.

The long solo guitar act was soon over and Hiei and Kurama come face to face with each other, so close they could kiss. They have their mics to their faces and are snapping to the melody of the music. “Kokoro no mama ni tada
fighting to dream
Dare ni mo jama sasenai
Unmei nado jibun de kimete yaru
Kaze no you ni tada shooting to dream
Kako no itami tachikitte Kono te de ima mirai mo kimete yaru
Getta chance.”

They both dance around to the remaining music.


The song has ended and everyone was at ease. They were all laughing with each other. They all enjoyed the performance put on by Hiei and Kurama.

“See…wash that sho bad Kura-chan?” Hiei rubs his face against the kitsune’s. He seemed to take pleasure in it.

Kurama however, was not. He was still annoyed that he had to sing though he didn’t do a bad job. In all actuality, he did excellent. “Sake please!” He exclaimed, as though he was desperate for it.

Yuusuke never moved throughout the whole performance. He’s still lying down on Keiko’s lap, just on the brink of passing out. “Alright! Give the man shome booze!” He looks up at Keiko and smiles a flirtatious smile. Keiko just brushes it off.

Shizuru, who has become like a bartender, tosses a full bottle of sake towards the kitsune. “Here ya are sweetheart.” She’s still hazily drunk but not as much as Hiei, Yuusuke, and what Kurama is going to be.

(aww how cute!! Did u like that duet? I did! Oh btw, that song was called Wild Wind and tis one of my faves. Listen to it, it rocks!)

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