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Sake and Karaoke Mixture

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Three

Kurama’s thoughts were not fulfilled. Hiei did get drunk from just that one bottle of sake. He and Yuusuke had been dancing around on the table like they were a couple of fools. For the first time, Hiei had actually started smiling and laughing, like he was having such a great time.

The kitsune noticed this and couldn’t help but smile. Hiei looks so cute when he’s smiling. It’s a shame that he does not do it often.

As Kurama is thinking, he is unknowing that Hiei is very close to him. He has gotten off the table and is now standing behind the sitting kitsune. His eyes were glazed but were still clearly crimson. His face was expressionless “Kurama…” he says in a somewhat evil tone.

Kurama’s expression on his face was shocked. The tone in Hiei’s voice sounded as though he were really pissed. The kitsune slowly looks behind him and up at Hiei. Fear flashes before his eyes. “Yes?”

Oh my god! What if Hiei’d somehow read my mind and saw that I called him ‘cute’? He’d be furious at me. He hates comments like that.

The emotionless face of Hiei’s was cracked by a smile. It wasn’t a happy smile or a smirk. It was a fool’s smile. “Sing with me Kurama!!!” Hiei falls atop his kitsune friend and hugs him. He is so drunk; he’s completely unaware of his actions and the cause of a few raised eyebrows.

“Gah!” Kurama was taken completely by surprise. Never had he thought Hiei would hug him, let alone ask him to sing. It was totally unlike him. Kurama makes no attempt to hug the koorime back. He leaves his arms in the air with a baffled look on his face.

“Oh dear, what has gotten into Hiei-sama?” Yukina stares in concern.

Shizuru, who sits beside the koorime girl, replies to her question while taking a shot of sake.“He’sh just drunk, that’sh all.” Her impaired speech was proof that she herself was a little drunk.

Everyone’s attention diverted to the wonder couple Hiei and Kurama. There sits Hiei, drunk as ever and Kurama, confused as ever.

Koenma makes his own comment. “Think Hiei likes Kurama a little bit too much?”

Botan answers, as though the question was directed towards her. “That may be the case Koenma-sama. I mean, look at Kurama. He’s making no attempt to brush him off. It’s as though…”

Drunken Yuusuke still awake interrupts Botan. “It’sh ash though he doeshn’t want him to get off.” He lies on the lap of his love, Keiko.

Everyone besides Hiei, Kurama, and the passed out Kuwabara talk amongst themselves. With Kurama’s extra sensitive hearing, he heard everything they said, including the ones about Hiei and himself. This is wrong. Word cannot get out about this little mishap. If it does, then…people will think weird thoughts about me… Hiei, once again, disrupts the kitsune’s train of thought with his voice. “C’mon Kura-chan! Sing with me!!!” He then gets a better hug from him from the front instead of the side. He now sits directly on top of Kurama’s lap, hugging him from the front.

The others caught wave of the wonder couple’s conversation. Shizuru’s the first one to say anything. “Kura-chan?” She raises an eyebrow, holding a sake cup in her hand close to her mouth.

Kurama looks at everyone who’s just staring back. I cannot let this continue the way it is now. He sighs. “Alright Hiei. I’ll sing with you.”

(how cute! They will now do their duet!! Yatta!!!)

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