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Sake and Karaoke Mixture

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Two

As mentioned, the sake was brought out, the music was cranked up to the max, and the party started. It got wild at the beginning, seeing as how mostly everyone never drank a lot before. But after a while, it got pretty relaxing and very, very weird.

“Yuusuke, perhaps you should stop now. Too much sake cannot be good for you.” Kurama sounded somewhat concerned. He was sitting down with an irritated Hiei on his lap. He held him tight while resting his head atop Hiei’s. He himself has had a couple drinks, but not enough to become totally drunk like Yuusuke was.

“Yes Yuusuke, Kurama’s right. You should stop.” Keiko, however, was concerned.

The former spirit detective didn’t listen to either of their suggestions. “What are you talking about? I’m fiiiiiine…” He spoke in a very drunken tone.

“Does sound like it to me,” said Botan, sounding pretty bothered.

Yuusuke glances at Botan. Upon that glance, he starts to blush madly, even more than what he got from the drunkenness. Completely forgetting everything else, he approaches Botan and sits in front of her. He stares at her very intensely.

Botan stares back in confusion. “Uh…yes Yuusuke?” She has no idea what to expect.

“Your hair…it’s so…” He attempts to touch her hair but she back away. “…blue…”

“Yuusuke…” Keiko sounded depressed as well as very annoyed.

Yuusuke, still ignoring Keiko, continues to speak to Botan in a loving voice. “And your face…it’s so…young…” He tries to touch her cheek but once again, she backs away.

“Uh…perhaps you should stop Yuusuke.” Botan tries to get him off of her but he just insists on staying.

“Yuu…Yuusuke…” Now Keiko was really depressed.

The drunken Yuusuke’s attention drifts from Botan’s face to her lower area, her chest area to be exact.“And your boobs…” He moves his hands towards them and touches them, squeezing them. “so nice…and firm…”

When Keiko sees this, she goes from extremely depressed to storming mad.“Yuusuke!!! What are you doing?!” Her features bore the look of anger and frustration.

Botan pushes him off of her, leaving him hazily passed out on the floor. “You disgusting pervert!! How dare you touch me like that!” She’s left with her arms crossed and very annoyed.

Genkai sighs. “Baka.”

Hiei, too, sighs. “I agree.”

Though Yuusuke may look passed out, he wasn’t. He heard everything. “I heard that you little bastard! Don’t think I didn’t cause I did.” He points at Hiei, though he’s not eye-to-eye with him.

“And I care, why?” Hiei was unaffected by Yuusuke’s little insult.

“Shut up!!!” He sits up, half sleepy and half intoxicated. “I bet…you can’t down that whole bottle of sake…in less than an…hour!” That emphasis on ‘hour’ was Yuusuke trying to be all dramatic but it ended up making him sound like an idiot.

Hiei just smirks. “Is that a challenge?”

Kurama holds Hiei tighter. “No it is not. Sake is not good for you, especially when drank in one sitting.” He sounded worried.

Yuusuke ignores the kitsune’s attempt to stop Hiei and eggs him on. “Your teeny weenie little body can’t handle the full power of the sake. You’re too weak.”

“How dare you call me weak!” The little koorime seizes a nearby bottle of sake.

Yukina, for the first time throughout the party, speaks with her sweet, angelic voice. “Hiei-sama, you should really listen to Kurama’s suggestion. He does know what is best for you.”

Sitting beside her, Shizuru agrees. “Yes Hiei, don’t be an idiot like my brother.”

Everyone looks at Kuwabara. He’s already passed out. He lies face up with his gapping mouth open, drooling on the side. It’s not a pretty sight.

“I am not a weakling.” With that said, Hiei guzzles down the bottle of sake. Kurama, who’s right behind him, makes no attempt to stop him.

He will learn how sake can affect you. Let’s just hope he can handle it and/or does not do anything…stupid. (And so it’s Hiei’s turn to get drunk. Oh how fun this will me.)

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