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Sake and Karaoke Mixture

By Minamino Teku

Chapter One

“Bring out the booze baa-san!!!” The raven-haired boy yelled.

The elderly lady with the pink hair sighs. “I’m not sure you can handle it Yuusuke. You’re still young.”

Yuusuke pouts. “You don’t know that! Besides, you’re like, ten hundred billion years older than me and you drink all the time!”

“…Ten hundred billion is not a number. Baka.” The little creature with the ebony spikey hair with a white starburst in the middle said in an insulting way.

“Shut up Hiei, that’s not the point.” Yuusuke retorted. “The point is that it’s my 21st birthday and it’s my karaoke party. I should be able to drink myself stupid.”

“I agree!” The boy with the orange hair exclaimed. He too wanted to drink.

The young, handsome boy with hair of crimson and eyes of jade places his hand on the carrot top’s shoulder. He closes his eyes, looking as if in deep thought. “Kuwabara, I’m afraid you are too young. You are not permitted to drink until you reach the age of 21.”

Kuwabara sighs in disappointment.

Aside from these four boys and the elder lady, there were five others: four girls and one other guy. None made any kind of comment to the drinking. Neither really cared anyway.

Yuusuke and the others are all at Genkai’s temple. They have gathered for the celebration of Yuusuke’s 21st birthday.

“If you are able to hold your liquor, then I should be able to.” Yuusuke sounded so confident that it seemed no one could talk him out of it.

“Just bring out the damn drinks!” Hiei shifts his dark glare to Yuusuke. “The former detective is starting to piss me off.”

Yuusuke looks at the glare and slightly quivers. How creepy.

But he doesn’t let his little moment of fear affect him. Instead, he replaces it with determination and a little mischief“Relax Hiei. Don’t get all pissy like you usually do. Wouldn’t want the place to go up in flames.”

“Just what are you saying? Are you implying that I cannot control myself?” Hiei asks, as though challenging Yuusuke.

Yuusuke, naturally, accepts the challenge. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” He smirks.

Hiei stood up in anger and defense. “That is not true!”

“It is so!” Yuusuke retorted.

Both boys go into their fighting stances. Demon energy is emitting from both their bodies. Their expressions were sudden hatred and anger.

The red-haired Kurama stands up with a scornful expression on his beautiful face. “Hiei! Stop it!”

Along with Kurama, Keiko, Yuusuke’s lover, stands up. “You too Yuusuke! Don’t be immature!”

“You can’t tell me what to do kitsune!” Hiei charges forward, completely ignoring Kurama’s request.

“He asked for it Keiko.” Yuusuke prepares himself for his battle with Hiei.

Swift hands stops Hiei in his tracks. Arms locking the koorime’s, preventing him from moving any further. Hiei struggles but can’t escape from the grasp. “What are you doing Kurama?! Let me at him! He must pay for what he said to me!”

Kurama’s light, soft voice is whispered in Hiei’s ear. “Relax…it’s alright.” The struggling from the little koorime stops. He just glares at Yuusuke so evil-like.

Keiko walks over to her lover. “You should relax as well Yuusuke.”

The former spirit detective looks at his girlfriend. “Okay, fine.” He then takes one quick glance at the angered Hiei. To piss him off even more, he teases him by sticking out his tongue so child-like.

That little gesture sets Hiei off once again. He struggles to get out of Kurama’s grip. But he cannot get free. He’s left struggling while Kurama holds onto him with an annoyed face.

Botan sighs. “How does Kurama put up with him?”

Koenma beside her responds to her question. “He must have the patience of a god.”

“Maybe it would be a good thing to bring out the liquor. These boys need to feel relaxed.” Genkai said to herself.

(yup, new YYH fanfic. No worries, Teku ish not in this one. Just pure YYH. It may not make that much sense because this was a tough subject to write about. Anyway, enjoy!)

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