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Every Fangirl's Dream

by Rose

Chapter Two

Early the next morning, I woke up long before the sun is up. WHAT IS WITH ME AND MY FREAKY SLEEPING HABIT ANYWAY!

Oh great...its the usual morning all over again. Waking up, go to school, go home, try not to get yelled at.

Wait...something is not so usual this morning...

"What the...", I mutter quietly looking up. Kurama was still sleeping peacefully with his arm tightly around me. On his perfect face was a small smile of happiness. HE IS SO CUTE LIKE THAT!

I am probably the luckiest girl in the world right now! This beautiful bishonen is now mine! All mine.

I leaned over, trying to kiss Kurama on the forehead to wake him up. Yeah, sound romantic doesn't it? Well, it'd be even more romantic if I had actually gotten to kiss him! KURAMA WAS HOLDING ON TO ME TOO TIGHT! I was unable to move at all! His arms was wrapped tightly around my waist as if I'll disappear from him any second. Silly Kurama! Why would I give up this!

"Kurama? Wakey wakey", I said, not really that softly while poking Kurama hard on the chest.

"Huh", Kurama mumble sleepily, opening one green eye looking at me. He turned over and look at the clock."Why are we up at 5:00 in the morning, Sakura-dear".

"Because I'm special", I laughed, sticking my tounge out. Now that he is awake, I could FINALLY try to slip out of his embrace and kiss him on the forehead.

Kurama mock groaned and get off from the bed. He went to the closet for a while and went back with something in his arm"Oh yes, the school sent your uniform and PE clothes in yesterday".

I looked up from the bed and saw my uniform. OH MY GOD! IT WAS PINK!


"Are you serious", I yelled."I HAVE to wear THAT". My face twist in disgust as I look at the uniform. It was a pink jacket and a skirt. Oh great! A double wammy! Its a skirt and its pink!

Kurama looked at my expression and laugh"Oh come on. Everyone there will look the same. Most of all, I'm sure you'll be beautiful in that".

I blushed. I'm still not used to the idea of Kurama and me as an item! Even though it was clearly obvious now! And thanks to Kuwabara and Yusuke, there was dozens of the pictures from last night. Stupid bastards...

Snapping from a very lovely image of a chibi Yusuke and Kuwabara dangling over a hoard of Karasus, I started to examine my P.E. clothes...


"K-k-k-k-kurama...", I said shakily, pointing to what seem lke my gym clothes"I got to wear...THAT in public".

Kurama looked down to my gym clothes and nodded. GYM CLOTHES, MY BUTT! What clothes! The outfit that Kurama was currently holding in his hand looked like a pretty lose white sweater with poofy sleeves and a swimsuit bottom."Every single girl gym clothes look like this in Japan, Sakura", Kurama said.

"Kurama! I'm fat! I can't wear that! I'll look stupid", I said, not really being self confidence at the moment.

Kurama put down the clothing on a chair and sat down next to me"You're not fat. Whoever said that you were fat".

"Hiei...", I mutter.

Kurama laughed at my respond. WHAT! He did said it"Who care what Hiei has said", Kurama whispered in my ear. His hot breath tickling my ear.


Calm down! Sakura! Calm down!

"O-o-okay", I stutter. Face turning redder then Kurama's hair. HOW THE HECK DOES HE KEEP DOING THIS!

Kurama smile and get up, walking out of the door"Well, your clothes is right there. Go take a shower and get dressed".

I nodded quickly and step inside the bathroom that was next door to Kurama's...ehehe our room. Pulling the clothes that I needed, I went inside the shower and turn on the water. OH MY GOD! ITS COLD!

Quickly turn back the water so thats its warm, I started to sing.

Yes, I cannot sing and is tone deaf, do you mind? If you are wondering what song I'm singing, its Kuchibue ga Kikoeru. Lovely song! Maybe I'll try to drug Hiei one day and make him sing that song to me or something. After my brilliant performance, no applause though, I got out of the shower and put on my uniform...

I look like a PREP! OH JESUS! I look like SUCH a prep!

Oh well, atleast every one else will look like this too...

Pulling my hair into a quick braid, I skipped down the stair and went to the kitchen. There Yusuke and Kuwabara was eating like pigs as usual, and Hiei was sitting in the livingroom munching on a waffle.

"'Wello 'Wakura", Yusuke waved, smiling. In his mouth stuffed with food. Eww.

I smiled back, trying to hide my disgust"Hey Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hiei".

Kuwabara, unlike Urameshi had WAAAY too much food in his mouth to even talk and Hiei just gave me his infamous"Hn".


"Hey", Kurama said, Setting a plate of food on the table"Breakfast is ready. By the way, you look lovely in that uniform". He winked.

Blushing again for the 2nd time that day, I sat down. Damn you, you adorable red headed bishonen! I'm going to pop a vein one day because of all this blushing!

"FINISH", Yusuke and Kuwabara yelled at the same time. In front of them were huge piles of dishes, bowls and eating untensils.

I stared at the piles in disbelifes"You are cleaning that up yourself, right".

Yusuke grin"Can't! Got school to go to". And with that, he and Kuwabara dashed out of the door.

"Its only 6 in the morning...", I mumble, confused. I never thought Yusuke and Kuwabara to be the type to go to school at 6 in the morning.

"Stupid humans. Probably off to look at the females again", Hiei snorted. He finished his waffle and started to go outside also"I'm going to be with Koenma today for personal matter. I trust the house not to be a mess when I come back". And then he leave.

WHAT THE HELL! Do I look like your personal maid!

Kurama saw my facial expression and laugh slightly and started to haul all of the dirty dishes on the table to the sink.

"Kurama. Wait, I want to do the dishes", I smile warmly at him.

"Are you sure? Its no problem if I do it, you know", Kurama smiles back.

"Yeah. I'm sure. Washing dishes won't kill me at all, you know", I said, grabbing one of the dirty dishes and started to run it under the water. Kurama just shrugged and sat down at the table and read the newspaper that was brought this morning.



Mrs. Sakura Minamino! Thats have such an AWESOME ring to it! He he. We'll have 2 kids! One boy and one girl! And a cat too! Or a dog! Or...uh...a FOX! YEAH!

"Ne, Sakura", Kurama's voice rang out, snapping me out of my future plans with Kurama.

"Nani", I said, turning to him.

Kurama smile and motioned the dishes"You been running the same dish under the water for the last 5 minutes".

I glance at the dish and saw that it indeed been soaked in water while the rest of the piles of stuff that I was suppose to wash is still caked with scraps and saliva. I blushed and looked down.

So much for being a good wife!

Ack! I suck at household stuff like this!

After about 30 minutes of fighting with the dishes, I have finished cleaning them! Yay for me! I looked over to Kurama's shoulder and saw that he is still on the same article as the last time I check. Which as almost 20 minutes ago!

"Wow, you're taking an awfully long time just to read that article", I pointed out. Oh yes, Sakura! Kurama couldn't POSSIBLY figure that out by himself! Go ahead and tell him about it! Oh god, I'm such a moron...

Kurama folded the article and put it away. He turned to me and winked"Thats because I was starring at you the whole time".

I blushed AGAIN! Its only 7 in the morning now and I had blushed ATLEAST 4 or 5 times already. "Oh wow", I said, my voice small"Uhh...that was certainly unexpected".

Kurama laugh gently and leaned in and kiss me"Come on. We have to go to school now".

Dazed by the kiss, all I could do was nod weakly"Uh huh".

This day should prove to be interesting...


"Come on", Kurama urged. Pulling on my hand"We got to get you settle in class before the bell ring".

Okay, so here I was, walking around Meiou HIgh with Kurama holding my hand, or uh, Shuichi to be more correct. This wasn't really what I imagined, dammit! All of the guys didn't look at me at all. They were all just sorta ignoring me. YEAH! I KNOW I'M FAT! YOU MIND!

And there was the girls. Oh yes. Perfect. On the first day of school too. As I walked by, hand in hand with Shuichi, all of the girls were glaring at me with dagger like eyes or were whispering to each other about something and started to snicker about something. Bitches! God...really.

"Shuichi", I said, actually remembering to use his human name"I don't really think your classmates like me very much".

Kurama laugh gently"Ignore them. They're just jealous".

Yeah...jealous cause I have you...

I'll be lucky if I get through today without a lost limb or something...

Once I was in class, Kurama went to the teacher and said something to him and walked back to me"Okay Sakura, I talked to Takawa-sensei. From now, I will be the person that will tutor you, okay? You have quite a bit of work to catch up to anyway".

I nodded while looking at my schedule for a while then looked up at him with pleading eyes"PLEASE tell me we have the same schedule! PLEASE".

Kurama took a look at my schedule and said"We have almost the same schedule. There is only class we don't have. I have music as my elective while you have English for your".



Kurama's love interest always get to be in everyone of his class, dammit! WHAT HAPPEN!

"What", I asked, disbelieving.

Kurama smile gently, patting my head as if in sympathy"Oh come on now. Its only your elective, we'll still be together for every other class. Most of all, you'll be able to make some new friends".


Try new enemies, Kurama! You saw what those bitches outside the classroom was whispering about!


Oh no! 4th period! Oh god! ENGLISH!

I sat nervously in my seat, dreading the stupid bell!

Don't ring! Don't ring! Don't you dare ring!



As the students were piling in, I saw that most of the girls in here were the one that were looking at me and Kurama with jealous eyes. Oh perfect...

In the middle of the pack, I saw a girl that probably here from the States. Her hair was dark brown with cheap blonde highlight. Her eyes had WAY too much cheap eyeliners and eye shadows on. Her lip was also covered with prositude lipstick.

She saw me looking at her and got up, her Japanese was atrocious"You and Shuichi is together, no? You not worthy of Shuichi ever". The other girls behind her didn't even say anything about her bad Japanese. What the hell! If I was one of her friend at that moment, I would have scream at her to correct her Japanese a bit. Stupid bitch...What did she think I was? I'm not just some stupid bumpkin that know nothing about Enlish!

"What is it to you", I said, pronoucing my English clearly. Enjoying the look plastered on the girl's face"Last time I checked, relationships are something pretty private".

"You could speak English", the girl finally asked, after blinking several extra time. She smile menacingly"Oh perfect then. Atleast now when I insult you, you could actually understand it."

"I welcome the chalenges", I retorted. Not even wasting any more comments on her. Well, English class should prove to be interesting from now on.


"Enjoying your classes so far", Kurama asked once we were dismissed for a lunch break. After my verbal fight with the bitch in English, who name is Melissa Alverez, I was now quite hungry and tired.

"Not really. There is this girl who bugged me during English", I mutter.

And bugging she did.

Oh god! She is stupid, vain, preppy AND is a bitch! 'Oh Ms.Naoko! I was wondering if Sakura should be moved to the back! Her body is too big! I can't see the board!' or 'Ms.Naoko! Maybe you should give Sakura extra homework. She need to catch up with the class after all'. All of this was ofcourse in English. I doubted that Melissa could even utter that long and complicated of a sentence in Japanese.

Stupid thing...

Why am I being so jealous about her anyway! As if Kurama is going to leave me for that slut! Uhh...but then again. She is pretty and skinny when I'm...not.

I shaked my head violently before the image of Kurama kissing Melissa could come to mind. Eww.

"Oh puu! I forgot to pack a lunch today", I exclaimed. What was I doing this morning to forget to make my own lunch anyway!

Oh yeah...I was too busy blushing about Kurama.

Kurama shook his head"No, I packed a lunch for the both of us. See". He showed me a big box stuff with delicous food in it. I smile in gratidtude at him and took an onigiri and started to eat it.

"Oh Shuichi. Lunch is good, yes? You doing good this day", a whiny voice with hillariously bad Japanese began to approach us. I sigh, not really trying to hide my disgust. Damn it all! I was beganing to enjoy my lunch too! WHY WON'T YOU LEAVE US ALONE, MELISSA!

Kurama smile warmly, hand moving onto mine as if trying to keep me from lunging at the bitch and snap her neck in half"Why hello Melissa-san. Yes, I am really enjoying my lunch. I trust you have met my good friend, Sakura".

Melissa's fake smile turned into a scowl fast. She glared at me"Friend? Yes, I meet her today".

I return the glare at her while look that even Hiei would be jealous of. Finally! An idea came to me! Which is quite strange, since I'm usually just the one that sit there and go duh...but yeah...

"Yes, Shuichi and I are great friends", I said, smiling mischeviously. I got up and cupped Kurama's cheek and kissed him fully on the lip. Kurama froze when I made my contact but after a while he kissed me back too. After about 30 second or so, we parted. I turned to look at Melissa's face, and see her jaw pratically touching the ground! It was hillarious"He is also such a great kisser", I added, grinning at Kurama.

Kurama blushed deeply and mumble a small"Thank you..." and went back to his lunch silently. I just sat there smiling victoriously at Melissa who just huffed angrily at me and walked away. He he. I must have touch a nerve.


"FINALLY HOME! WOO", I exclaimed. There is no where I rather be now then here! Oh god, I thought I saw the last of Melissa but nooooooooooooo...she had to be in my ART CLASS TOO! Ugh! Stupid bitch! Keep following me everywhere!

Throwing my stuff on the ground, I ran upstair to change. I took off my uniform and started to go around to find my normal clothes. Damn! Where the hell is it!

"Hey left your clothes in the bathroom this morning.", Kurama said as he walked in the room with my clothes.


I screamed. Okay! I JUST FREAKIN SCREAMED. I was now only in my bra and underwear! Oh god! Oh god! Kurama SAW EVERYTHING!

Kurama blushed and stampered quite a bit"Oh no! I'm sorry, Sakura! I should have knock first before coming in".

I cough and tried to hide my blush. Keep it cool! Keep it cool" Its alright Kurama. I don't...mind. Thank you for bringing me my clothes...".

Yeah! That'll work! Act like you don't care!


I don't wanna be seen half naked in front of Kurama, dammit all!

I tried to advoid Kurama's face as I walked to him and took the clothes from his hand. I put on my short first and just when I was about to put on my shirt, Kurama touched me gently behind my back"What happen to you". His hand started to trace all of the scars and scabs gently.

"Katana practice", I muttered not really resisting Kurama's touch.

His hand started to trace my back once more. And then it stop for a second and after, a pair of strong arms enveloped me."I love you".

I smile slightly, falling back into the warm embrace"I love you too".

Kurama held on to me for what seem like an enternity. I started to close my eyes, just standing there with Kurama, absolutely enjoying his company. Peace begin to surround the both of us as we stood there, holding on to each other.

Well, peacefulness obviously doesn't really last in this house...


"Catch me if you can! Oh wait, your legs are too stubby for that"



What the? I snapped my eyes open and look at the closed door. That sounded like Keiko and Yusuke argueing...

"Keiko! Calm down", Yusuke's pleading voice was getting louder and closer. HIs voice was now directly outside of the door.

"Oh quiet you! Don't try to beg for forgiveness now", Keiko yelled back harshly. Her footstep was getting closer and closer. Suddenly...Yusuke open the door revealing me and Kurama whle dodging one of her kick!


W W(U)(Y!

"", Keiko mutter, her eyes round. She looked at me and then at Kurama and then back at me. She actually even stop strangling Yusuke for a moment to stare at us.

Yusuke turned to look at what Keiko was so occupied with that she didn't finish killing him. His eyes wander to me and my mostly uncovered chest and blush immediately, looking away.

"W-wait! This really isn't what it look like", Kurama said, somewhat calmly. He let go off me and walked in front, signaling with his hand behind his back for me to get dressed.

I blushed a nice shade of pink and put on my shirt quickly. Walking up to Keiko, I bowed politely and introduce myself"Hello, you must be Keiko. I am Sakura Kachimoto, it is very nice to meet you".

Oh my god! Oh my god! I AM SO GONNA BUST A VEIN TODAY!

Three different people have seen me in my bra today! OH GAH!

What would Keiko think of me now! Crap, I probably gave her the wrong impression from the first moment already!

"Very nice to meet you, Sakura-san", Keiko said, smiling right after she snapped from her ehem...shocked state.

"Um...I hope you didn't get the wrong impression or anything, Keiko-san", I said, still blushing deep red.

Keiko laughed and shaked her head"No. Its quite alright". Keiko started to walk out of the door dragging Yusuke behind her. She turned around, winking"You guys make a very cute couple, you know that".

Kurama coughed a bit and I just stood there, smiling and blushing. Keiko is nice, I guess. I think she is only mean to Yusuke or something because he act like such a moron around her...


"What the hell is this stuff", I exclaimed, staring down at my homework.

Kurama looked over my shoulder and replied calmly"Its just simple Algebra".


I stared at Kurama at disbelife. Oh boyfriend is a genius and I'm pratically an idiot. Kurama smile at me and started to try to explain the problem to me in ways that even I get it.

"So did you get that", Kurama asked, looking at me.

I nodded and mummured a small"Uh huh" and just stared at him. Kurama look so kawaii right now! We decided to changed into our pajamas early since ...well...there was nothing to do from now till night. And now, we were just sitting on Kurama's bed trying to do homework.


The one with actual books and papers...

It was strange. Just being so close now to the person I used to worship everyday. Yeah, I know I'm pathetic. No need to tell me twice bout it...

Suddenly a bump was heard from across the hall. I looked at Yusuke's close door and laugh"They should really be more quiet if they want to do that while other people are in the house".

Kurama smile and gave me a playful swat on the head"You shouldn't really pay attention to those types of thing, you know."

I grin mischeviously when a few more loud noises was heard from Yusuke's room"Its not my fault! They're making so much noise".

Kurama closed his textbook and looked at me"Hey, do you want to stop studying for a bit and watch something on TV".

Stop studying? Now you're speaking my language"Of course", I said, pratically bouncing off from the bed and running out of the door. I ran downstair in quite a hurried expecting to beat Kurama. But when I got downstair, sitting calmly there on the sofa was of course Kurama, grinning at me.

"You're slow", he commented. I put my noise in the air in a vain sniff and sticked out my tounge at him. He did nothing but keep on grinning and pull me down so that I was now sitting next to him on the huge sofa that we have in the house.

"What are we watching", I asked as Kurama searched through the chanel, looking for something good.

"There is an American movie showing here", Kurama said atlast, stopping at a chanel"Want to watch it"

I looked boredly at the screen"That? Sure, why not".


"Hey Sakura, wake up", Kurama's voice softly rang out. I felt his fingers running through my hair, trying to wake me up.

Wake me up...? When did I fall asleep! Oh crap...yeah...I fell asleep during the movie...


Opening one of my eyes, I look at Kurama's face and mumble"I don't want too. Its comfortable like this". And with that, I snuggle even more into his chest. It was warm, it was comfortable, and it was Kurama! What kind of moron would leave THAT, really?

Kurama laugh and wrap his other hand, the one thats not running through my hair, tighter around my waist"Do you really want to sleep down here like this for today". I mewed a bit and started to REALLY lean into Kurama. He he, he is my pillow! NOT YOUR"Okay...I'll take that as a yes".

Kurama stop combing my hair with his finger and hug me tenderly. I giggled like a moron when his hair starting to tickle my neck but I kept my eyes close. I felt so safe here with Kurama. It was as if danger don't even exist anymore when I'm near him. Oh gah, I sound sappy...

Suddenly, I hear footsteps from coming toward the windows. Then the footsteps stop and a deep voice whispered"Here kitsune. You and your little kanojo might need this". And with that, I felt a bit more weight thrown on me and Kurama.

"Thanks Hiei", Kurama whispered back, sleepily. I felt him putting something that feel like a blanket over the both of us and started to embrace me again and fell asleep.


"HEY! Mr. and Mrs.Kurama! Wake up"


I opened up my eyes in a flash and stared at the person who have dared to disturb my sleep and it was of course Kuwabara...ACK! THE STUPID BASTARD!

"DO YOU MIND", I hissed while glaring at the grinning carrot-top. I would have yelled at him even louder but Kurama was sleeping so soundly next to me! It'd be such a crime to wake him up! I looked at his sleeping face and a goofy grin was stared to form on my face.

Kuwabara saw my face and cooed"Aww look at that.". I glared at him with a look that even Hiei would be proud of and Kuwabara shut up immediately.

"What do you want anyway", I growled softly, trying to ignore the mind image of Kuwabara being run over by a truck driven by me.

"A late early morning snack of course".

What the...A LATE EARLY snack! I looked at him in disbelife"Kuwabara, how many snack has you have ever since last night".

Kuwabara thought for a moment before smiling"Four...give or take".

Oh god...

"Why don't you make yourself something now! Did you do that before anyway", I glared. WHY BOTHER ME NOW, DAMMIT ALL! I was finally making myself comfortable after all!

Kuwabara held up his hand as if I was about to atack him any moment. Bastard...Even if I hit you, you won't die anyway, so why waste my energy...

...oh wait! This is Kuwabara we're talking about! Of course he can't cook anything! Ugh...I'm slow sometime...

"Oh come on Sakura! Make me something to eat! You're an awesome cook."

Uhh...not really. I only know how to make eggs and pancakes...

He he, but thanks for the ego boost.

"I'll make him something...", a voice said softly. I looked up just to see Kurama's two emerald orbs staring down at me.

"I thought you were asleep", I grin widely at him.

"I was", Kurama correct me while leaning down kissing me quickly and get off the couch. I giggle and hug him fast before he could really get off the couch causing Kurama to fall back down.

"Hey! Make me something to eat first, foxboy, before you start making out with your girlfriend", Kuwabara yelled rudely. Kurama blushed and pull away, leaving a really pissed off me on the couch. AGH! STUPID KUWABARA!

I growled loudly while sitting on the the couch with my arms crossed. WOULD have think that that be enough clues to symbolized me being mad and an apology is needed. But then afterall...Kuwabara is too much of a genius to figure that out.

Kuwabara stared"Huh? Did I do something wrong"

And that was the final straw...

"Nope...absolutely nothing..."


Kuwabara's face now will have a lovely imprint of my slipper all through out the day. Isn't he lucky? He he.

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