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Every Fangirl's Dream

by Rose

Chapter One

Author's Notes: ^_^ Hi all, its me White Rose. Here to bring you another crappy fanfic written by me! lol This is quite different from my normal types of fics. This fic is almost quite personal since this character is me! XD Yeah! okay -.- The age is different and I'm sure as hell I'm never going to be able to charm Kurama's heart like that. lol. But beside that, almost everything is autobiographic. Yes, the first part is a small part from my longest fic "The Tale of a Fox and a Cat". lol Check it out if you want ^_^ RR please! I love getting e-mails. Except hate e-mail and flames, cause then I get to sic Star on you XD Dedicated this fic to: Star, Ana and Shiro (Not me! The other Shiro from Ekiou ni Ao -.-)

More Author's Notes: (^_^ Aren't you lucky):This isn't a normal Kurama fic. The main character is not beautiful like a goddess or graceful as anything. She is just a normal girl. She is not a youkai in disguised. She doesn't have any power. She isn't going to fall in love with Hiei. Nor is she Kurama's girlfriend for like 3000 years before. No, she is not the "key" for any doors. O.o But she isn't a weakling that gets captured everytime she is alone. She isn't ugly either >.< (Cause she is based on me and I don't think I'm ugly). lol I know this make it sound boring but I think this fic will be pretty good ^_^

Disclaimer:-.- I own nothing. >.O Yoshihiro Togashi is so lucky. It's not fair, dammit! >.< Wahh! He owns Kurama, while all I own is a piece of lint and 4 nickles. T_T

"You know, I use to hate the rain..", Shiro softly said as she and Kurama sat outside on the porch, watching the rain fall. Shiro was now resting her head on Kurama's chest while he had his arms wrapped around her shoulder.

"Why?" Kurama ask. Removing one of his arm from hugging her.

Shiro was about to protest loudly, but stop once Kurama used his free hand to run through her hair,"Because koibito, it reminds me of how lonely I was".

"Really? What about now?"

"Now? It remind me of how we could sit like this and watch the rain together" Shiro mused. Kurama laugh and leaned in for a kiss. Shiro did the same and at the exact moment they did kiss...

"NE! Perfect!" I yelled happily, typing the rest of my fanfic in before bed.

"Hey! Ready for bed?" my mom called from the living room.

"Hai! Just a few sec, okaasan!" I called back. Proudly presenting my Japanese speaking skills! Hello all, I'm a fanfic writer. A Kurama fanfic writer! I absolutely adore the redhead! Who doesn't?

"Stop using Japanese, dear. We're not Japanese, so try to refrian from using that inside the house," my mom said as she walked inside my study room. Looking over my shoulder, she saw a picture of Kurama and sighed,"Oh god..that guy looks like a girl so much...I don't know what you see in those cartoon characters...."


I yelled back, no one was going to disrespect my Kurama like that!"Mom! We went over this so many time! I'ts not a cartoon. It's ANIME!".

My mom nodded absently,"Right, anything you say dear...turn off your computer now, its time for bed." She reached over to my computer and turned it off while ushering me into the bathroom to change.

So anyway, while I am brushing my teeth, I shall tell you all about myself. I am 15. Young I know, but not stupid. I know what love is by now, and I'll GLADLY tell you! I AM IN LOVE WITH KURAMA!

Uggh...not like he is real though. But if he was..he'll never look my way. I'm short (5'4 is short compare to my friends). I'm not exactly America's next top model. And I'm not all that popular around people.


So what can I do about it really? I draw fanart, I write fanfics, I buy the damn YYH merchandises. I FRICKIN SEE ALL THE MOVIES! But what other than that can I do? Nothing I ever do will get me near that lovely redhead anyway!

Need I tell you that I am single? Yeah, so being in love with a fictional character hasn't really been one of the top qualities that get you a guy. But I don't care! I got Kurama!

"Go to sleep already! Its late!" my dad yelled loudly. After drooling about another 10 minutes at a pic of Kurama, I went to sleep.



I woke up in the middle of the night. WHAT THE HELL?! Are those stupid neighbor of ours having another one of their stupid parties again?! Didn't we call the cops on them a few weeks ago, already?

No...this doesn't sound like anything normal!

Grabbing the kantana I stored high on my shelf, I ran outside. Ha! You think I'm a normal girl? Think again! I been training with swords for about 3 years already, and am semi skilled with one. My parents just don't let me show off my kantana a lot since they think I'm going to poke my eyes out. Silly parents. I'm not going to poke my eyes out! I'm going to poke SOMEONE ELSE'S eyes out! Kidding!

Grabbing a sweater, I took off without a word to my parents. They would get worried about me. I just know it. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself thank you! Most of all, I just KNOW they would freak out so much if they seen what I had saw.



"Shimata!" he cussed quietly. Hands holding tightly to his side while running swiftly under the dark skies.

His hair.

His face.

Oh, god.....

My Kurama...he is here!

Kurama must have finally sense me or something because he turned around and stared right in my direction! Beautifully perfect emerald eyes staring right at me. "Who are you?" he asked.

Upon hearing his voice, my heart stopped for a few seconds. Then it started beating faster and faster. Stupid thing! I could barely think with it droning endlessly in my ear!


I've forgotten my own name now?!

I finally met the guy of my dreams and I frickin forgot my own name?

Oh great...patheticness just had a new name.

"Sakura Kachimoto," I blurted out. Not the smartest thing, I know! But that's was the only thing that was in my head at that moment.

Kurama smiled gently and stepped foward to me,"Ah...Kachimoto-san, ne? Please excuse my rudeness but you need to get out of here! Quickly!"

I just looked at him for a few moment and blinked. What? I don't wanna leave, god damn it! I want to stay with my bishonen!

Suddenly, Kurama collasped to the ground. I ran over and checked to see what was wrong and found that the place where he was holding on to earlier, his side was bleeding. WHAT FRICKIN' BASTARD DARE TO EVEN HURT MY KURAMA?!

Ack! What to do? What to do? I can't carry him to my house! I'm pretty sure my mom and dad wouldn't appreciate an unconsious anime bishonen inside the house. I would...but they probably wouldn't. I sighed a bit and tried to carry Kurama to the park. At least there, I have my bandages and stuff. You think getting out of the house practicing the kantana is easy? Hell no, try getting a cut from the thing 20% everytime I touch it. So I stored a case of medicine at the park in my favorite tree just incase.

When I got there, I laid Kurama on the ground and went to the hollow tree that I used as my storage place. Rummaging through all of the crap I stored in there, I pulled out some bandages and a bottle of clean water. Crawling to where Kurama was, I put his head on my lap and began to unbutton his shirt. Ey! I'm not that perverted! I was just trying to clean his wounds! I would never do anything bad to him when he is unconsious. thats a different story.....kidding! Ha! Fooled ya! You really thought I was a sicko there for a minute, didn't you?

Shaking my head lightly to shake myself out of my la la land moment, I looked down at Kurama and immediately blushed. My hand was directly placed on his bare chest. Dreaming of this moment was one thing, actually experiencing it was another! Even though, I was distracted because of the beautiful bishonen who was resting on my lap, I had to bandage up his wound.

After finishing that task, I just sat there holding on to Kurama.


Do you know how much I love you?

I know you will probably never return my feeling but...

"Aishiteru..." I said gently while trying to sweep a few strand of his hair out of his eyes. Damn....getting dramatic again. I can't help it! I love Kurama! And yes, I am totally aware of my insanity.

"Wha....?" Kurama mumbled softly as he stirred. Caught dead with my hand almost touching his face and his head on my lap, I had nowhere to go! I couldn't move! All I could do was just sit there and blush hotly.

Kurama tried to sit up but was too weak and fell back down to my lap with a small oof.

"Don't Kurama! You're still too weak!" I yelled, sounding like my mom for a bit. Kurama stared at me. I'm not completely stupid, you know. I may act like it but I'm not. Even without Hiei's power, I still know what Kurama was probably thinking. He was probably wondering how in the three worlds had a complete stranger know his name. Eek...if only he knew."Long story, Kurama.....extremely long story....."

Kurama nodded weakly,"Okay..." Then he looked down at his chest and saw it had been bandaged (not too good though) and cleaned. And looked at me with his green eyes, silently thanking me for helping him.

"You're welcome!" I said cheerfully. After a while I realized my hand was still near his face and pulled it back quickly.

One second pass....

Kurama did nothing but stare at the round moon hovering above us.

Five seconds passed...

I began to squirmed quietly. THIS IS TORTURE DAMMIT! I finally get to see the man of my dream and I can't do crap.

Ten seconds passed...

Kurama stopped looking at the moon and stared into my eyes.

Fifteen seconds...

I stared back, nervously. Indistincly, my head drooped down toward his.

Twenty seconds...

He held his head up readying for the kiss...oh my...

Twenty-three seconds...

We're inches away from each other!




"What the hell?!" I yelled outloud. Jerking my face from Kurama. Sorry, Kurama-sama! But if this is something bad then I really have to take care of it! I can't kiss you if you're dead, you know.

Then, the whole ground started to shake and everything in the park started to fall down. I leaned over to protect Kurama by covering him with my body. chest was kinda.....sorta..... near his face so we once again moved from each other blushing madly. My face was about three shades away from becoming as red as his hair, I swear!

Then, a most foul stench quickly filled the place. I turned around quickly and saw a demon coming toward us. Oh gah! A demon?!?!

I may be able to fight a few guys. Injure a few bullies. BUT I CAN'T FIGHT A DEMON!!!!

But still....

If I don't get rid of this thing then it'll probably attack Kurama next!

Kurama is injured. He won't survive another attack on his body! Oh crap! I hate it when I have to make these choices!

I moved gently so that Kurama's head was now resting on the ground instead of my lap. Crap! Just when stuff was getting good, too! If I die from this then at least I know I have met him once.

"You are not going to face him alone..." a soft voice behind me mummured.

"But I have to!" I yelled back at Kurama. Not wanting to look at him. Of all these years of staring at his pictures everyday, there was this strange moment where I don't wanna see his face anymore. Cause....if I see that red hair and green eyes before this...I might not want to go through it...

"But why....? Why would you do it? I don't even know who you are..." Kurama said. Poor Kurama-sama, he was so confussed. Well, I'd be too, if a total stranger had been acting around me as if I was their life partner.

I shrugged, trying to laugh off his question, "Personal reason."

"Where is Youko now?", the demon growled at me menacingly. Eww. The demon was paractically a pre-chewed wad of bubblegum that been rolling around in the mud too long."I could smell his stench all over you, human! Tell me where he is and I won't hurt you!"

I sniffed in disgust. Like I be that shallow! Holding firmly onto my kantana, I said bravely,"If you want got to get through me first". Sound like a line in a movie, ne? Sound like something that Kurama's "girlfriend" would say in fanfics. But face it, this is real and I am not Kurama's girlfriend. And even though, on the outside, I appear to be brave. On the inside all I could say over is 'Crap! WHY DID I PROVOKE THE THING?!'

"Brave little human, aren't you? Fine, I'll kill you off and then I'll kill Youko after", the demon laugh. DO I LOOKED THAT VULNERABLE?! Usually speaking tough like that make people ignore you...oh wait...crap. I'm a human 15 year old girls. I AM VULNERABLE! ACK! Curse my body!

I held on to my kantana as if it were a lifesaver cause frankly, taken in the situation, it is a life saver. As the demon charged at me, I tried lamely to dodge the attack. But it still brush by my shoulder in the end, leaving a huge, angry wound. Fine...I lied.It wasn't huge or angry, it was just a scratch. But it still hurt like hell.

"Why don't you just give up and I'll give you a fast and painless death?", the demon laughed again. Damn the thing! The stupid prechewed bubble gum could morph his body into sharp weapons like a sword, knife, lance, and crap like that. I didn't notice it before! Thats how he was able to injure me.

This time, the demon morph itself into this HUGE sword thing! And it was charging at me! I know that you who are out there is screaming 'MOVE YOU MORON! MOVE!'. Well you know what? Something is wrong cause I CAN'T MOVE AT ALL! I am serious. Crap, maybe the demon's attack had posoin on it or something. Oh crap, I'm gonna die!

"Pick on someone that is your own species!", a voice yelled out while blocking the demon from attacking me. I opened my eyes and saw standing in front of me Yusuke!

"..Yusuke Urameshi....?", I mutter. Disbelieving.

Yusuke grin and turned to me,"I got a fan! Cool! Wait a second okay? After I deal with this thing I'll give you an autograph". And with that he turn to the demon and Rei Gun it out of existence.

I looked at him again. I got TWO people from Yu Yu Hakusho to go to the real world now? This is freaky!

"Hey! Urameshi! I got the fox boy! Could we go yet?". I know that bad voice anywhere. I know it! Turning my head slowly, I saw Kuwabara carrying Kurama. And next to him was...Hiei?! WHAT?! THE ENTIRE RENKAI TAITEN JUST DECIDE TO SHOW UP NOW?!

"Are you okay?", Kurama asked gently once Kuwabara carried him to where I was.

I blushed a bit and look toward the ground,"...Yeah, I am."

"Beside the fact that you can't move at all?", Hiei smirked. I glared at him quickly and was return with one from him.

Kurama touched the wound that was on my arm and smile,"You got posioned, but not too much. I should be able to remove it". Kurama started to pick me up when Hiei stop him.

"Baka kitsune. You want your injury to get even worst? I'll carry the stupid nigen to Koenma. She look a bit too heavy for you anyway."

Damn you, Hiei! I wanted to be carry by Kurama! And what was with the FAT COMMENT?!!?!?!

Kurama shook his head,"No, its quite alright, Hiei. And please don't talk to a young lady like that. I think she is perfect, not heavy."

And that comment was the end to all comments on the way to Koenma. All I could do was blushed the entire time with Kurama. He carried me so that one of his hand was under my back and the other under the crook of my knee. Did you know, that was how the groom carry his bridge. as Kurama's bridge. Mrs.Minamino. It have a nice ring to it!


"Eek. Who turned on the light....?", I mumble sleepily. Rubbing one of my eyes witht the back of my hands, I slowly sat up in bed. In bed?!

Oh yeah...I fell asleep during the way from my house to Koenma's world.

Looking around, I could see that I am in a white room with a soft Queen size bed. On the walls was a few pictures and off to the side was a desk and a chair, a small T.V. and a book case. Next to me, fast asleep, was...Kurama?!

Kurama must have taken me here and cleaned my wound since now my shoulder have been bandaged neatly. Yeah I know. He could bandage a hell lot better then me. Scared to even touch the figure next to me, I stagger quietly out of the bed.

I am still in my pajama. Perfect...I was wearing my faviorate one too and now its covered with blood, dirt, mud, and god know what.

"Sakura....? Where are you?", Kurama said softly as he woke up.

I blushed and turned quickly to him,"....I'm right here. Thank you for taking care of my wound."

Kurama get off the bed and smile, oh god, the smile! I think I'm going to be hysterical here!"I'm just returning the favor."

I nodded once more and thank him again anyway. gotten quiet again...

And once again, I am exactly where I dreamed to be and I can't do crap.

Life work in a really strange and scary way....

Kurama walked toward me and asked quietly, almost whispering,"Sakura, you know who I am. How?"

I just looked at those green eyes and almost got lost in them again until he grab one of my hand. This would be a big suprise to anyone that know me, but at that moment, I was speechless. What should I tell him?!

That in my world he isn't real?

That he was a fictional character created from another person's mind?

"Kurama....I.....I can't tell you. Not yet", I sigh sadly. This suck. Keeping secrets is not a good way to build a relationship, dammit! Oh wait...I don't have a relationship. Is that a good thing?!

Kurama nodded,"Okay. I won't ask you anymore. Do you want to go and meet Koenma now?". I nodded and ask him where Koenma's office is. Suprisingly, he took my hand a lead me there.

Don't blush, dammit!

I'm blushing!


You know, it is extremely hard to not blush when Kurama is holding your hand! HIS HAND IS HOLDING MY HAND!!! I could die now and be happy!

"Here we are", Kurama said as he open a big door that lead into Koenma's office.

When I saw Koenma in his teenage form, I bowed politely, not wanting to piss off the prince of the Spirit World,"Koenma, sir."

Koenma was very suprise. I blame Yusuke and Kuwabara. Poor Koenma, guess he haven't have that many human being polite around him. But he smile warmly at me,"Hello Sakura. Please. Sit down."

Eek! This would be the part where I get to hear some thing important!

I'm a demon in disguised aren't I?!

Ooh! I could be goddess that lost her memory too!

I could even be Youko's girlfriend from a long time ago!

My brother could even be Yusuke or Hiei!

Wait. I'm just rambling. I'm not special enough for that, dammit. This is real! Not a fanfic!

"We got a big problem", Koenma started,"Its seem that the demon that went to your world have some special power that allow it to tear through the line dividing worlds. And since Yusuke killed it already, we have no way of returning you to your home at the moment."

"I can't get home....?", I asked lamely. Uh! Hello?! Big duh! Didn't he just EXPLAINED that you can't get home?!

"I'm sorry Sakura. Maybe one of the guy could take you in. You could enroll in one of the school here too", Koenma said, his voice filled with sympathetic.


I don't have to go home!


Yay! No more nagging parents! No more bitchy grandma! No more annoying brother!

"I'll take care of her at the time Koenma-sama. Until you find a way to bring her home atleast"

I turned to the person who said that and it was...tada...Kurama! Ok! A bit obvious since only Ogre, Koenma, me and Kurama was in the room but....yeah, I'm slow.

Koenma thought for a bit before going off into his computer to enter a few things in,"Fine, since you have your own place now, Kurama, I guess it would be okay. I am also enrolling her into your school, is that alright with the two of you?"

I nodded. Since when did Kurama have his own place? I didn't remember reading about this. As if reading my mind, Kurama just smile at me and said,"I'm sharing the house with everyone else so you'll see them there too. Kuwabara moved out of his house for about a year already. And Yusuke and Keiko is having a pretty on and off relationship so sometime they live together and sometime Keiko go to her own house. And Hiei....he just stay there for free."

"Since he is a demon with no job?", I added.

Kurama laugh,"Yes, exactly."


"Its so good to be home!", Kuwabara yelled happily while throwing his hand over his head and went up the stair.

I just stood at the doorway gasping. Oh my god. I'm going to be living in here! The house was a beautiful Victoria inspired house that must ATLEAST cost over 700,000 US dollars or more! Ack! Better not break anything in here!

As Yusuke carried the HUGE carry out boxes into the kitchen and Hiei went to God know where. I just stood there lamely not knowing where to go."Are you lost?", Kurama ask as he came up from behind me.


"Yeah, I don't know where to go", I said sheepishly.

Kurama look around,"Its no problem. This house is pretty big after all. I got lost here the first time I saw it". He laugh and pulled on my hand, signaling me to follow him.

You don't have to even pulled my hand, Kurama-sama! I'll follow you to the end of the Earth!

But then again, the hand holding is a nice added bonus.

Once we reach a door on the second floor, Kurama gently turn the knob and open the door. Inside was a beautiful room with fresh roses and candles everywhere. In the middle was a comfortable looking bed. On the far side was a window, slightly open with a great view to the garden.

Wait....a room filled with roses? This look like something that would be Kurama's room.

Once again, as if reading my mind, Kurama said,"We haven't have time to prepare a room for you yet, I'm afraid. So you'll be using my room till then."

This is scary. If Kurama read minds then staying near him will be pretty strange. SInce I think of Kurama like 24/7 and I don't want him to be freaked out by that!

"But where will you sleep?", I ask. Silently in my head, the only thing it was screaming was 'Say you'll stay with me! Say it! Say it!!'

"I'll sleep on the couch downstair", Kurama answered calmly.

I almost scream. Almost! I didn't embaress myself that much!"No! Don't!". Kurama just stared blankly at me. I just blushed and look at the ground."I won't be good if you lose your bed because of me.."

"So you want me to sleep with you?"

Crap! How was I suppose to answer THAT?!?!

This time, I felt my face growing hotter and hotter with each words that stumble out of my mouth,"No...I didn't mean it like that.....I mean.........I don't know what I mean. I just really don't feel comfortable...if you have to sleep on the couch instead of in your own bed."

Kurama just laugh slightly,"Fine, I'll stay in here. But you're staying too. It would be very much rude of me to let a young lady like yourself to sleep on the couch."


"Goodnight everyone!", Yusuke yelled sleepily.

"Goodnight all", Kuwabara mutter. Already half asleep before he reached the door.

And of course, Hiei just said,"Hn" as his replies.

"Sweetdream guys!", I smile. Jumping around as if I'm not even sleepy. I was dressed in one of Kurama's old pajama since I don't have any of my clothes with me. Ahh! The outfit smell just like him!

Once I'm inside the room, I got 2 rubberbands and started to braid my hair. I know its strange but I always braid my hair befor I go to sleep, that way, once I wake up, I don't have to brush it for too long.

"Ready for bed?", Kurama ask. Placing a hand on my shoulder. Crap! How is he able to keep doing that?! I didn't even hear him coming inside the room. I turn around once I was finish and nodded, trying not to drool too much. Kurama was dressed in a big white shirt and pajamas pant. That look comfortable, and in Kurama's case snuggable. He he.

I climbed on the bed and stayed on the far left side of the bed, trying not to make any contacts with Kurama at all. Unsucessfully though since the bed wasn't all that big. When Kurama got in the bed, I could feel his warmth right next to my body and start to blush like crazy.

"Aren't you going to be cold like that?", Kurama said, reaching over me to turn off the light. While he was doing that, I could feel his chest pressing on my arm a bit.

Blushing from just being next to him, I stamper," fine."

But of course, I lied. It was freezzing! And I didn't have a blanket on me since I didn't want to get in the blanket with Kurama. It was also like 35 degree at night too!

In the middle of the night, I start to shiver slightly. But then I feel warm hands warping over me. OH JESUS!!!!!!!!!!! KURAMA IS HOLDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I was suddenly pulled toward Kurama's chest and had the blanket pulled over the both of us. His hot breath was coming steadily at my neck. I think I just died and went to heaven! Oh god. Maybe I'm dreaming. Yeah. I'm just dreaming! So might as well make the rest of the dream work! Sighing contently, I snuggle closer to Kurama so that my back was practically pressing against his chest. His arm was now moving toward my waist and holding on to it tightly. I also felt a light kiss on my neck with a small,"Aishiteru, Sakura...."


Oh hell, Why not. As if I'm going to have one of these dreams again anytime soon,"Aishiteru, Kurama".


I woke up earlier then usual in the morning. Okay, must be my usual habits since I always wake up early to go on the web to find Kurama's pictures.

Wait...why do I need the pictures anymore if I got the real thing sleeping soundly, snuggled up next to me?


It wasn't a dream?!

Ack! Its okay. Its okay right? I only SNUGGLED up with someone that barely know me even though I been chasing after that fantasies for about 5 years already. Crap! I also bluntly told him that I love him! Wait...he started this right? Yeah! If anything happen, blame Kurama!

Stupid plan, I know, but it's the only good one I could think of at the moment. Wait, or I could pretend that didn't happen. Maybe Kurama got drunked yesterday or something. Yeah, denials. It'll work......

I hope.

Cautiously, I climbed out of bed and went into the restroom to brush my teeth with the seriously kawaii toothbrush the guys bought for me yesterday! It was a bit childish but I LOVE IT! It was small with a white rose perch on the top and green vines running down.

After brushing my teeth, and squealing at my toothbrush, I went downstair to try to make the guys breakfast.

Try being the keyword here.

I am such a bad cook, its not funny!

It took me almost 20 minutes to just find the stupid stairs to go downstair. It took me another 10 minutes or so to stumble into the kitchen. Who need a house this ridiculously big anyway?!

Opening the cabinets, I almost fell over. In it was a bunch of Chinese herbs, spices and god know whats. The refrigarator was also stocked full.

Okay, now atleast I know if I mess up then they won't starve the rest of the....well...year.

After a bit of fighting, some cussings and A LOT of concentrations. I was able to produce 5 plates of pretty edible blue berry pancakes. He he. If its too bad for human digestion then we could always force feed Kuwabara the whole thing.

"What is that good smell?", a voice said sleepily behind me. I turned and saw Yusuke. Ha, more like Yusuke the walking zombie. His haird was not gel back yet and all he was wearing was boxer and a tank top. Isn't he cold in that?!

"Hello Yusuke! I made pancake for everyone!", I smile a bit. Motioning the food on the table.

Kuwabara turned up a bit after Yusuke arrived and practically ran into poor Yusuke who feel asleep standing up. At the collision, Yusuke snap awake and look around confuse. Kuwabara just snicker and pull out a chair,"Look like Urameshi spent a big too much time apologizing to Keiko last night instead of sleeping."

Yusuke snap back angrily,"Oh quiet you."

Kuwabara ignore him and started to shove pancakes inside his mouth. Oh god. How could he eat like that?! I'm getting headaches just by looking at him!

"THIS IS GOOD!!!!", Kuwabara yelled, his eyes squinting in I guess....happiness after he practically shoved all of his pancakes in at a record breaking time. Hearing Kuwabara's approval, and probably since he is not dead from the food, Yusuke took a bite from the pancakes too and in a while start shoveling it in as well.

".....You guys ever heard of manners...?", I ask, eyes scarily round. I am SOOOO not cleaning after them later.

"What the hell is with you humans in the morning? Some people are sleeping you know", Hiei mumble under his breath as soon as he heard the sound of noisy eating and eating utensil clanking. I really don't blame him at all. They could probably hear Yusuke and Kuwabara all the way from Canada.

And this is AFTER I try to bribe them into being quiet for another plate of pancake....

"Oh come on Hiei! Try some of these pancakes that Sakura made! They are even better then the one made by that American restaraunt!", Yusuke said after he gulped in another stack. WHERE THE HECK DOES THE PANCAKES ALL GO?! Is it like a bottomless pit somewhere that store up his and Kuwabara's foods?

"....I don't trust whatever that she have made to not contain posion it in....", Hiei replied coldly. What the hell?! FINE! BE THAT WAY, YOU ASS!

Didn't have to be so mean about the pancakes, you know....

If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it personally, I wouldn't have to resort to pancakes posioning!

Stupid demon....

"Good morning everyone", a soft voice said at the door as it walk slowly inside the kitchen.


What to say! What to say!


I can't really say,'I don't mind! YOU COULD SLEEP WITH ME ANYTIME, HOTTIE!'. Eww. I feel slutty just thinking about saying that.

But I don't wanna say I don't enjoy being with him either! "Hello, Sakura. How are you this morning?", Kurama smile.





ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUST SAY IT!!!!!

"Would you like some pancakes?", I asked, using the pancakes as shields. What?! They were just laying there begging to be use as an excuse. Either that, or I just set a new record for patheticness.

Maybe he didn't remember anything last night. Because if he did, then he is a hell of a good actor. After I ask my stupid-excuse-for-an-excuse question, all Kurama did was just smile again and said,"Sure". I nodded and walk over to the pancakes and hand him the plate with the littlest burned marks. He he. I already feed Kuwabara and Yusuke all of the burnt pancakes anyway. Kurama cut a piece of with a knife and actually used a fork to eat it. GASP! How could someone so perfect like this could stand living with pigs like the other guys?

"This is delicious!", Kurama exclaim. He look up at me for a moment as if to praise me, but he soon just start staring into my eyes. Why would you wanna stare into my eyes anyway, Kurama?! They are BROWN! Dark, murky, dirty brown. Not pink or purple or any other awesome color. Brown!

My eyes are so boring. So ugly. Unlike yours...

Such beautiful green! Clear emerald eyes that could peer deep inside your souls. What was those green eyes saying to me now as those small seconds pass when you stare into my eyes?

Love? Are you actually falling in love with me?

Or is it just me? Longing for your love so that I imagine that there?

I'm such a moron...

Why would Kurama ever fall in love with me? He deserve better. He deserve someone who is prettier. Who actually take care of their body. Who doesn't have a back full of scars from training. Who doesn't fall in love with someone knowing that person will never love her back.

Or someone that doesn't frickin talk to herself for this long!!!

".....Um....So what do you want to do today, everyone?", I ask slowly once Kurama stop looking at me and went back quietly to his breakfast.

"HEY! LETS GO SWIMMING!", Yusuke exclaimed. Probably filled with energy now since he just devourded 3 plates of pancakes! And trust me, those were some pretty big plates.

"Ano.....", I mumbled softly. Uhh....This was quite a problem folk. Spending time with the guys would be awesome....but there is one slight problem. I CANNOT SWIM! I know its pathetic! But I seriously cannot swim! I tried taking lessons but it just made me even more scared to go swimming.

"HA!!!! SAKURA CAN'T SWIM!", Kuwabara roared with laughter. Ack! Such an asshole! SO WHAt IF I CAN'T SWIM HUH?!?!

Kurama stop eating and turned to me,"You can't swim?".

I looked to the ground and started to blush furiously,"Iie, I cannot swim".

"I'll help you, Sakura", he said smiling.

Somehow, I still think this is a bad idea.


So now, here I am. Grabbing tightly to my towels as if my life depend on it. I was wearing a brand new black bathing suit that we bought on the way here. Oh god, trust Yusuke and Kuwabara to pick something slutty. My bathing suit was a one piece with a cut out to show off my stomach. MY STOMACH!

Crap monkey....

I do not like showing off my stomach. I think its quite flabby and unatractive really. And showing off my unatractiveness around Kurama isn't really helping! All of the guys already taken their shirt off in in the car, and I was squished in the back with Kurama and Hiei. "DON'T YOU PEOPLE CARE ABOUT MY SAFETY?! If yes, why the hell are you letting KUWABARA drive?!", I yelled angrily after Kuwabara ran yet another red light.

"He wanted to drive today, so we just let him, I guess", Yusuke said nervously while hodling on to his sitbelt for safety.

I sigh. THIS IS CRAZY! We're all gonna die cause of Kuwabara's crazy driving."Kurama, PLEASE tell me you are driving on the trip home!".

Kurama look around a bit,"Are you guys all agreeing on this?".

Everyone, except Kuwabara screamed,"YES!".

Suddenly, Kuwabara ran over something and the whole car jumped up in the air! Eek, and thats not the worst part! When the car jump up and fell down after, it created a slight collision that made me fall face first into Kurama!

My face is touching his chest!

His chest!

His chest that doesn't have a teeshirt on it!!!

Crap, gotta move before Kurama get uncomfortable! But its Kurama's chest, god dammit! I don't wanna move! "Are you okay, Sakura?", Kurama asked gently when he pulled me up right.

Oh puu! Why did you made me go? It was getting pretty comfortable there too!"Yeah, I'm okay".

"Here we are!", Kuwabara announce as he pulled into the parking lot, after hitting about 3 mail boxes on the way. What a moron...

"Okay, lets go everyone", Kurama smile again. Sometime, I just think he smile a little bit waaaaaay too much. He he he. Not saying that I ever would get sick of his smile however.


"Come on, Sakura! You can't swim with a towel around you, you know!", Yusuke said impatiently, wanting to yank off the towel from my grasp.

I glared at him and corrected,"No actually, I can't swim at all".

Yusuke looked at me and shrughed. He and Kuwabara pulled each other to the deep side of the pool and jumped in, screaming lously,"BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Way to make me feel worse, guys.

"Afraid to show your fat, human?", Hiei smirked. I spun around quickly and scowl. WHY YOU LITTLE!!!!! I AM NOT FAT!!!!! MY STOMACH IS JUST OUT OF SHAPE!

"I AM NOT FAT!", I roared, making everyone jumped.

Hiei smirk again. Does this guy ever think about smiling?! Maybe he can't cause he wear Botox or something. Argh."Prove it then. If you just sit there and wrap that thing around you the whole time, I'll just assume you got some fats underneath".

Was that a dare I hear?!


Yanking off the towel, I stood up and crossed my arm,"There, happy?!".

Hiei look away and mummered,"Your stomach is flabby....."



God! Really!

I probably still had steam blowing out of my ears or something when Kurama came out, because he immeadiately look disapprovingly at Hiei,"......Did you make fun of her again, Hiei?".


Aww for Yoshihiro Togashi's sake! Thats not a word!!

"Hiei, don't be so rude to Sakura. She is out guest after all", Kurama said before turning to me. I could feel my face getting hot once again as he saw me in the little black swimsuit. Which is....well.....little."You look beautiful in that, Sakura".

I blushed. WHY CAN'T ALL GUYS BE LIKE KURAMA?!"Thanks Kurama".

Kurama laughed and pulled me into the pool,"Come on. lets go before Yusuke and Kuwabara get all of the fun". Fun?! Yusuke was hitting Kuwabara on the head with a child's innertube!

I walked lamely into the pool and just waited in the shallow end.

"Come on Sakura. This is way too shallow, lets go deeper", Kurama urged. I just did nothing as he pulled me in deeper into the pool.

Waistdeep. The water is waistdeep...

Uhh.....Kurama....the water is reaching my chest....

WHAT THE HELL?! Its reaching my neck now!.

"Kurama! Stop!", I yelled, grabbing tightly to his arm. "This is too deep, please go back!".

I did not like deep water. I have almost drown twice and I do not wish to drown again. Why can't people get that, goddamit?!

Kurama looked at me for a while before grabbing me tightly around my waist,"Don't worry, I got you". His voice was so reassuring!

Reassuringness didn't really help however.

Put 2 morons and a human girl that can't swim together and add water. What do ya get?

Correct! A disaster!


I coughed slightly, dizzy for some reason. I tried opening my eyes, but all I could see was hazeyness.....and Kurama's lip about 3 millimeter away from me....


"Sakura! You're alive!", Kurama yelled once he saw me. Still having his face really close to me, I would have expecting him to pull away but instead, he pull me into an embrace.

".....Why wouldn't I be alive?", I asked, confused. I looked around I saw I was still at the swimming place. Except now, my whole body was wet and smell like chlorine. Yuck. Also, people were staring at me.


"Come on, nigen, say it", Hiei growled softly. I turned my head and saw Yusuke and Kuwabara starring at the ground sheepishly. Uh....telling me about what had happen would be nice by now...

"We're sorry, Sakura-chan", Yusuke and Kuwabara said at the same time. Hiei stood there and smriked at them like a school teacher reprimanding the students.

"Uhh....Kurama....what happen?", I asked. STILL EXTREMELY CONFUSE! What the hell is going on?!

Kurama let go of me and looked at me squarely in the eyes. Green eyes meet brown eyes. What are you trying to tell me again, Kurama? Is that fear in your eyes? Fear? For what?

"You almost drowned to death, Sakura", Kurama said quietly, removing his eyes from mine and stared quietly at the ground.

"These two idiots knocked you into the water", Hiei said, looking accusingly at Yusuke and Kuwabara.

I looked at the guys with wide eyes,"YUSUKE?! KUWABARA?! YOU ALMOST KILLED ME?!"

Yusuke muttered,"We said we were sorry".

"You're okay anyway, Sakura! After you went under the water and didn't went up, Kurama dived in and got you", Kuwabara said,"And when you guys got out of the pool and you didn't breath right, Kurama kissed you to make you okay again".

What the hell?

He had to kiss me because I wasn't breathing right?!

Hiei glared,"Its CPR, you ass. Kurama wasn't kissing her".

Oh I got it now. So thats why he was so close to me when I woke up....

Uhh....wait.....I GOT KISSED BY KURAMA!!!!

I'm spazzing! I'm spazzing! But oh my god! I got kissed by Kurama!

Its technically was just CPR, but hey, if Kurama's and my lips touch then it was a kiss in my book.

He he he. I should really try drowning more often.


So now once again, I am sitting in the car.

Kurama was driving, because he outvotes Kuwabara for the role of designated driver. And I was sitting in the passenger sit. Hiei, Yusuke and Kuwabara was sleeping soundly in the back after a huge argument over......something stupid and useless.

We all been pretty quiet over the fact that I almost died. But Kurama and I were the one that was most uncomfortable about the subject.

Since, well, I almost died...

And for the fact that Kurama had to do CPR for me.

.....Its too quiet!

I can't stand the quietness!

"So....Kurama. Do you have a girlfriend?", I asked suddenly. Almost regreting asking that after it came out of my mouth! Its not my fault! I just accidently spilled that question out.

Kurama seem to blushed a slight pink when he answer calmly,"No, I have yet to have a girlfriend...but my heart does belong to someone special".

I felt like I just been kicked in the stomach...

His heart...? It already belong to someone else? No...

"Oh, thats nice. So, who is the lucky girl, Kurama?", I mannaged to choked out, while forceing a smile to come out.

Kurama still kept his eyes on the road and whispered,"She is beautiful and graceful. Her eyes are always loving. Her face is always grace with a gentle smile like those of the angels. And even though she probably deserve much better, she have chosen me to love".

She sounds beautiful....

I have no chance with you now, Kurama? Have you really found your mate already?

"She is a very lucky girl to have you, Kurama", I said sadly atlast, looking out the window while a warm tear slid slowly down my cheek.


"Whats bugging Sakura?," Kuwabara asked sleepily once we reach our home...

Or more correctly, their home.

I don't belong here. I really don't. I was only thinking that I belong here out of the feelings that I had for Kurama. But now...

He is in love with someone else.

What now?

I'll just go. Yeah. Just go. Just have to get out of here.

Just have to get away from him.

Staggering up to Kurama's room, I saw my my newly bought clothes sitting in a corner. Pulling out a few outfit and stuffing them in a bag, I walked to the door and standing there was....


"What are you doing, human?", Hiei asked, eyeing the bag of clothes.

"Leaving", I said simply. I don't really feel like arguing right now, Hiei.

"Why?". He asked. Red eyes flashing.

"Personal reason".

"'re leaving because the baka kitsune said something about loving another woman, right?", Hiei said calmly.


Could we say rude much?

"You know, listening to other conversation is really a rude habit", I mumble. Glaring manicingly at him.

"Spare me from your preach", Hiei replied."If you love Kurama so much, then tell him before it is too late".

I gasped loudly. WHAT?! I AM THAT OBVIOUS?!?! Uhh....yeah, I probably am. Oh curse you, fangirlness!!

Hiei smirked at my respond and walk out.

Oh god. Life had never gotten so complicated until I turned 15.


"Eh....Kurama", I said softly, pulling his shirt sleeve softly while looking back and forth to see if anyone was looking,"Could I talk to you for a sec?"

"Sure", he smile.

Oh yeah, sure! Smile, why don't you! I just feel like BARFING all over the place at the moment but sure, just smile.

Crap, I sound like a bitch. What give?

Oh yeah, I'm nervous about saying my feeling too Kurama. Ok, those who know me would probably laugh their asses off right now since I'm probably the only one ever crazy enough to go and made a "Mrs. Minamino" teeshirt and wear it to school. But yeah, you know, being all fangirlish is one thing, saying your true feelings to someone is another.

SO NERVOUS! "Uhh...Kurama", I said, looking slightly at the ground once we were safely in his room, face burning up with each seconds pass,".....I don't know how to say this but.....uhh....well...."

"I love you".


Tick tock.

Tick tock.

...This is what rejection feel like, ne?

"Sorry", I muttered.

Kurama lift my head up slightly with his finger,"Don't be".

All I could said was a small,"Doushite".

And then it happen!!!! Kurama leaned foward and kissed me softly on the lip.

OH JESUS, BUDDHA, ALLA, OPRAH and any other big important people!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! KURAMA KISSED ME!

I am spazzing SO much! BUT WHO CARE?!?!?!?!

KURAMA KISSED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the kiss ended, Kurama pulled back and smile his sweet loving smile,"Because I love you too".

Ok......rewind! WHAT?! "But what about the person you said you loved?!", I said accusingly. Eyes glaring, looking to see if Kurama was joking or not. HE BETTER NOT, DAMMIT!

"That was you", he answer.

"I'm not beautiful or graceful......", I mumble darkly.

"Yes you are", Kurama said, leaning foward to hug me. I didn't resist his embrace. Hell, who would?!

"Why me, Kurama? Why me?", I questioned, resting my head lightly on his shoulder and closed my eyes,"Why fall in love with me? There are so many girls out there who are prettier then me who would love to be your".

"Because you taught me how to love", he answered and started to stroke my head."Before I met you, I only learned those emotions between friends and family, but never between lovers".

"How?", I asked stubbornly. THAT IS NOT A STRAIGHT ANSWER, DAMMIT!

"You took care of my wounds when I was down and also attempted to protect me from more harm when you went to fight that demon. No one ever showed such strong emotions to me before, not even my mom.",Kurama stop hugging me and pulled away, winking mischeviously,"Also, I heard you when you told me that you loved me the first time".



Kurama laugh,"I had to make sure you weren't an evil demon or something aiming to destroy the world or something. I wasn't really expecting to hear your love confession, you know".

And is my cue to blush feriously while wishing I was somewhere in Mongolia.

Kurama once again, leaned in and kissed me fully on the lip. But this time, it was deeper, longer, as if trying to prove his love to me.

I was almost going to topple over because of the force of the kiss but I felt strong arms around my waist supporting me. I closed my eyes and melt into the kiss.

Kurama was so perfect. So wonderful. And now he was mine. And I am now his.


Well, the kiss would have gone on longer and I would have more stuff to gloat if the door didn't fly open with Yusuke and Kuwabara taking pictures feriously with a camera.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?! IS EVERYONE USE EVESDROPPING AS A HOBBY OR SOMETHING?!?!?!?!", I yelled, trying to hide my total embaressment.

Yusuke grin while taking a closeup at my burning red face,"But you were having such a nice moment, it'd be such a shame to not preserve the memory".

I growled and punch him squarely in the face. But of course, it wasn't hard enough to knock him out. I REALLY WANTED SUPER STRENGTH AT THE MOMENT!!! ARGH! Yusuke just start grinning like an ass again and took another picture and scamper out of the room.

And behind me, Kuwabara were tormenting Kurama much like Yusuke were doing with me. When he saw Yusuke running out of the room, he got out of the door also while winking while at Kurama and me,"Try not to make to much noises at night, okay guys?".

WHAT?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! THAT LITTLE.....!!!!!!!!

Kurama just started to blush and tried to grab my shoulder before I could run out and beat the 7 hells out of Kuwabara. "Try to ignore them, Sakura".

"But its so hard to ignore those.....pigs!". What?! I couldn't think of anything except pigs to insult Yusuke and Kuwabara at the moment!

Kurama chuckled softly and went to close the door. He walked back, grabbing me by the waist and place a soft kiss on my lip while muttering,"You want me to help you ignore Yusuke and Kuwabara?".

Ehehehe. Yusuke and Kuwabara who?


"I don't wanna go to school", I whined. Trying to snuggle closer to Kurama as if that was going to make him reconsider.

Kurama chuckled slightly while placing a small kiss on my forehead,"Nice try. But you're coming with me to school tomorrow and that is final". Oh perfect. As if my American school wasn't enough. I get to go to Japanese school to embaress myself now. Lovely....

He he. At least I got Kurama!

I remembered 3 hours before, I was still nervous about confessing my feelings to him. Well, he knew all along anyway. Stupid sneaky fox....

Anyways, after kicking Yusuke and Kuwabara out of the room. All Kurama and me did was kissing and hugging! I swear! I didn't go any farther!

Okay....I lied. There was some nibblings too! COULD YOU BLAME ME?! ITS KURAMA!

But overall, nothing too physical happen. I'm only 15. It would be pretty wrong to lose my virginty right now.

Even if its to Kurama.

"Oh puu! Meanie!", I said teasingly, sticking out my tounge.

Kurama laughed and went to get ready for bed. Since I had already before him, all I did was just sitting there staring at the ceilings. About 10 minutes passed when I saw something horrible that made me scream loudly!

"What happen, Sakura?", Kurama asked, face full of concern, as he rushed out, fully dressed in his pajama.

"There...there...there is a SPIDER there! Ahh!", I yelled, pointing shakily at the wall. WHAT?!?!?!?! I DON'T LIKE SPIDERS!!!

Kurama went to the place where I pointed and laugh outloud,"Sakura, thats not a spider. Its just a shadow on the wall".

I blushed and look down and mumble weakly,"Oh...".

Kurama smile and get on the bed and hug me,"Come on, lets go to sleep. I promise I won't let any spiders near you".

I grinned while crawling under the blanket. Kurama got in too and hug me so that my head was right under his chin. I started to snuggle in closer for warmth and the next thing you know, I was sleeping like a log! Wait...that bring me to another question....HOW THE HECK DOES LOGS SLEEP?!

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