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Legendary Thorn

by Scorose

Chapter Six: "Last Time"

A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she passed through the fox's door. After closing it, Raine sat down next to Kurama, who was lying on the floor, back against the couch, eyes closed.

" Don't tell me you're tired."

" I am! " he joked, putting up two hands, defeated.

" Yeah, yeah - you gonna order something or what? " She was feeling a bit better now. Kurama nodded, picking up a nearby phone. While making the order of two drinks - one natural, as Raine requested - and some popcorn. Funny, boredom was taking over.. " Now, what're we gonna do? " she said with a pout.

Kurama, who just finished the call, raised a finger, sitting down next to her again. " We'll figure it out." He gestured for her to sit on his lap.

This was getting fun ..

She obeyed. Raine found herself gazing into his emerald green eyes. She started to giggle/laugh a bit. Acting a bit childish, again. Kurama thought. He enjoyed being around her. Softly caressing Raine's tresses, he smiled at her.

" Gah. I feel like time's running out." she said. Kurama gave her a puzzled look. " Really. " She wasn't cheerful anymore. " I don't know were I'm heading. And I know there are so many things I should do before.."

" Before what?"

" I have to go," she frowned. What was she saying? " It's so weird. Kurama, is it possible to..well. Sounds stupid but.. "

" Not it's not. Tell me."

" Everything that I do.. I feel like it's written down. But, there's no need or point for such thing.. " she shrugged. " Seems all.. legendary. Every step I make, becomes a part of a distant legend. And I feel like I'm in a place.. where I'm just a little.. " the girl frowned, thinking.

" Thorn? A reclusive thorn. " the redhead gave Raine a slight smile. She was somewhat right. Her actions -perhaps- will make the densetsunians' future. " Then you're my legendary thorn," he joked, half seriously. " Remember what you said?"

" Depends." Raine said quickly, thinking about what they talked earlier.

" To tell you .. what I think. The -"

" Of course I remember. Truth and Dare game, " she assured him. " Go on," He frowned. " What's on your mind?"

" You know, Raine.. " the redhead said as if pain took over. " I promised that, yes. And I'll keep my promise. But you keep yours as well," he noted. He placed a finger to her cheek, sliding it down and up, slowly, in a tender motion. " I'll be honest with you. All these things you're feeling. And everything you are.. "

Something was wrong. Raine stood up, but Kurama cupped her face, grasping her attention once more. This time, it was obvious something was wrong. Why is he acting this way? " Why are you - " now the pain was in her eyes as well.

" Listen to me, " he said roughly, then his tone softened, " There's a reasonable explanation for all that's happening to you."

" I don't need-"

" You're a densetsunian. That's why you feel like not belonging here. There's this person, Koenma, that was told by your people to bring you, their heir, back. There was given a time limit. And you were right, you are running out of time. But still, I don't know how you knew of this fact." The girl looked as if trying to say something, but was too ... she didn't know what word could describe it. " Koenma sees in you many helpful traits. He said you might be a perfect-" Kurama thought about the word Koenma wanted to use at that time, and which he refused to hear. He shook his head. " and you could and should be trained. All this meaning you won't return to your home."

" Home! " anger was boiling up within her.

" I know it's sudden .. but, I want you to know I'll be here." Now she was looking into his eyes. " Whatever your choice is, to stay with Koenma - stay here, or go home, I'll respect it and help you out. " Raine turned away from his intense gaze that, she could have said, was studying every pixel (if not inch ') in her look. " Raine, all that you are.. you're an open minded person, you're intelligent, ... " He was telling the truth, " I enjoy being around you. "

Now it was really too much. Placing her hands on his, she squeezed them, non-verbally letting him now she had enough. " Who's Koenma? Why would the densetsunians go to him to get me?"

" Koenma is the prince of Spirit World (is he? o'). Since the densetsunians are peaceful creatures, they probably thought it's best to contact him. "

" You're working for him?"

" Somewhat, yes. I, Yusuke and most of the people you saw that Friday night, are working for him. We were told to find out where this heir is, and .. I presumed it was you. I was right ... thus I met you and got to know you better. "

She gave him an emotionless look. So unlike her.. " This was all a mission? From the beginning? You just.. had to find me and get me there like I'm a baggage someone needs transported? " I'm sure they barely waited that, either they got rid of me as soon as possible, or, get me friggin trained like I'm a robot without feelings, needs. " Is that what you wanted to say before? Perfect slave? Perfect emotionless robot? "

" - "

Her untouchable pride took over her. Raine escaped his grip and distanced herself from him, with a 3-4 steps. She turned her back to Kurama, calming herself. She raised her pointing finger, turning to him, her gaze still lowered. Making a guilty gesture as if Kurama was the criminal, and she was the cop, but in a more painful state. Her face blank.

" You .. " she almost choked. " Listen to me. " She said in a deadly, low tone, walking up to him. Raine suddenly grabbed his shirt, clutching at the material in her hands, staring into Kurama's green orbs with a, yet again, emotionless face. " I am not going to act childish. I'm not gonna say I hate you. Saying I hate you is saying I hate myself (note what she thought about the 'hate myself' thing - chapter 5). I refuse to act that way." She glanced away, her face almost touching his.

" Raine.. " he found himself speechless. Find an excuse? Tell his feelings? Say something else? Grab her and comfort her?

" I've had enough! One may only take such truth by perceiving it for a time! Now it's all worse!" What the heck am I gonna do? You tell me! "I had so many hopes, dreams, ... things I wanted to do. Achieve .." There's no way I can do that now! " What if I end up with.. Koenma? And there ain't gonna be no turning back? What if I'll never meet you again? Your .." she caught her breath. Her heavy breathing hot on his skin, her yells almost pleas inside his mind. She as angry, yes. But she would be damned if she would act stupid and do things she'd regret later.

I shouldn't have pressured her so much. Now, why do I feel this way? Kurama thought. It broke his heart seeing her in this state. She was clearly very touched by this truth. Was it necessary to tell her all those things? Maybe a few lies would have eased the pain.

His thoughts disappeared when she suddenly let go of him, turned her back again in a raging state. Raine fell to her knees, closing her eyes, refusing to let any emotions visible.

Soft, low toned thoughts took over her:

What happened? ...

I let my feelings visible. Is that wrong?

Why would it be?

Come on!

I failed again!

I put down my guard. I trusted him. But..

Dammit, I'm acting childish! I should know better.

What's with these yells and frustration? ..

Doesn't matter. Nothing matters. If there will be a thing that matters from now on, that's my home.

The first thing Kurama did after she fell to her knees was .. well. He wasn't going to just stay there and stare. In a second, he was in front of her (a little distance though), on his knees as well. Everything was happening quick. The first thing Raine did was embrace him with all the strength she could. Then, with the softest, kindest voice, she said,

" Thank you, Kurama. For telling me the truth. Someone else would have kept it to himself, and .. it would have only been worse."

Someone else in your place would have called me names, and would have run away. You're a densetsunian. He thought.

As they sat down, in the arms of each other, he held her as tight as he could. She did the same.

Then, Raine looked straight into his eyes. Without hesitation, and with determination, she leaned closer, her lips meeting with his, in a tender kiss. Both closed their eyes, her hands still on his back.

Seconds later, she let go, only earning a confused fox.

" Forgive me." she said softly.

In the blink of an eye, she left, leaving the door open. There was the guy that brought the meal they ordered ten minutes ago. He looked confused. Of course he was confused. He was just about to knock on the door when this pale, brown-haired, furios-looking girl burst out, running so fast he barely saw her. He gestured a 'what-happened?' to Kurama, who thought time had left for a few minutes. Dazzled, he shot up, but when he reached the door, he somewhat froze.

What ... !

He couldn't move. Why?

Is it.. because of Raine?

How could it be possible?

He recovered after a few seconds. What the heck happened? Everything was happening so quick. For a moment, Raine was acting very odd - when he expected her to call him names, tell him she hates him, something like that - but she surprised him again. As always. How did she manage to be so unpredictable?


Kurama had send Hiei a mental message, telling him to lead the others, Yusuke & Kuwabara, to wherever he might be (follow his ki). Then, he tried to get a hold of Raine's ki, so he could find her.

Raine was at the entrance of the building Kurama lived in, catching her breath, her hands on her knees. Just as he spotted her from within the building, she already started running again.

Where was she going? Surely she wasn't acting like a kid, running when told about such truth. No, she wasn't. Raine was heading somewhere. In the back of her mind, perhaps she knew of this place. Maybe not.

Kurama shouted out her name many times. But nothing. She was either A fast runner (faster than Kurama oO? That's of a low probability ".";) or B she was sneaky enough to just hide from him.


Dammit, the fox cursed, This is getting too stretched. I need to talk to her, calm her down. Who knows what she will do? Wait. She's smarter then to do anything dangerous.

That somewhat calmed him down.

Suddenly, a mental message approached Kurama.

" Fox. "

" Hiei? "

He shot up. Looking back, the fox glanced at the gang. Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hiei. All of them have come. Kurama would have expected this. After all, they were all involved in this mission. Which turned out ... strange.

" What's going on ?" the detective spoke up. He didn't know much about the latest news. How could he, when the 'latest news' happened within 10 minutes.

" I had to tell her Yusuke," He gave him a confused look. " The truth about us and her being a densetsunian. I couldn't just pretend like I don't know her anymore," he explained.

" Why would you do that?" even more confused. What is Kurama talking about? the detective thought.

Kurama frowned. Of course. Koenma only told him about his plans. " Koenma. He told me it's for my best. He was somewhat right," he the fox admitted, " I was getting too involved."

" Oh, man! "

" What is it, Yusuke?"

" I told Koenma to meet us too! I blew it then, didn't I? " he slightly slapped his forehead at that. Hiei shook his head, while Kuwabara was a bit left behind.

" Let's hurry then," Kurama said, speeding up his pace.

Still running after her, Kurama sensed Raine's ki, entering the forest.


Heavy breathing.

Heavy thoughts.

Tired ... A cry from within her mind shouted out.

That wasn't the only cry of pain that escaped from her. Now it was from her body.

Raine had been so insistent she wouldn't meet Kurama anymore, at least not today, that her legs were almost working without her. She was tired, and along with numbing thoughts, she barely knew what to do.

Impulsive actions lead to unexpected consequences, which only take me to .. things I haven't experienced before.

There was no time for such logic. If the boys would have found her, what would she do?

Continue running?

Stop and cry out to be left alone?

Scream in Kurama's face for all the reasons I didn't do all the things I wanted to..

.. show my affections towards him

.. I'm not afraid to admit, I have special feelings for him.

.. which I - hope - will not fade away.

Just softly tell him to hold me and take me away?

Or .. go home.

Her conscience was telling her to choose the third. Or the fourth, which, would only lead her to .. never see him again?

Was it all that bad?

Not ever seeing him?

Why did she assume she would never see him again?

After all, she didn't know about the world her 'home' was in..

The awkward silence only to be broken by the reflection of a once-lost innocent child, was now stopped. As everything darkened, a slight headache took over, reminding her she had bumped in into a tree or a bush.


I have to be more careful, she thought rubbing her head. Her lowered gaze, slowly looking up as she saw a person in front of her.

She gasped.

Then, furiously, she raged towards him, clutching at the cloth from his chest, giving him the deadliest glare she could, which sent shivers down Koenma's spine.

" Koenma! What do you want! "

She knew it was him. Who else would be right there, in front of her, looking at her with such eyes?

" Raine, it's alright .. -"

" It is not ! Give me a damn good reason why it should be! "

" I'm not a bad person. I don't want you to think I am, " he raised his hands, defeated." I presume you already know," she nodded her head at that. " Well, then. Let me tell you that it wasn't my decision. I'm only the prince. My father takes the heavy decisions, and this is what he decided. "

She suddenly let go.

" I'm not buying it. " she said carelessly, emotionlessly;

" I'm not asking you to be an assassin, Raine ! It's for the good of humans. You could help with .. just about anything. There's nothing bad in it. Why don't you consider? "

Shut up!

" I .. " don't want to hear it. Yet.. it's for their best right .. ? " I don't want to." She said softly, her body somewhat trembling.

" Raine! Koenma .. ! "

A pained voice awakened her from her weak state, suddenly strengthening her.

" Kurama, " she whispered. The red head gazed her face as if looking for something. All he could find, though, was sorrow. And the last word she said, -forgive me- all over her silent features. She turned her back from him, her gaze lowering. " I have to go." she said, almost crying, her voice shaky.

" Raine, don- " he stopped himself before he broke his promise. I'm the one that should be sorry.. Not you ... ! Why on earth would you want me to forgive you? What for? What have you done bad? Nothing! You do everything on inverse. Don't you.. " ... " Kurama glanced at her in awe, as if seeing her for the first time. Was he .. unconsciously preparing to say good-bye?

" This is it, " Yusuke spoke, " You're going? "

Raine's features brightened a bit, she looked at Yusuke, giving him a determined answer, that also replied to her earlier struggle of questions, " Yes. I know the feeling, " she walked closer to him. Yusuke glanced at her curiously. " You expected more, didn't you? You thought it was going to be a big ... something, " she chuckled at what she said, placing a hand on her forehead. " You thought that, by disobeying the densetsunians' orders, they'd come bunsin' over you guys, and .. a battle would have been of it. That somehow, they'd end up being the bad guys. And you, the good guys. You expected action, didn't you?"

" Yeah.. "

" Like I said, I know the feeling. I want that too, you know. I'm a naturally curious being. I want to live in a world where there's all kinds of things. Choices. Diversity. The only way I can know myself, is to answer the easiest question: am I good or evil? And the only way to answer that is to find out what evil and what good is. The difference between them. The only way to know what's good, is to know what's bad, "

She spoke of all the truth. Kurama looked at her, observing her speech and gestures - for the last time - also making a last note of her undiscovered wisdom. I don't want it to be the last time, he thought.

" By braking something," Raine said with a serene look on her face, " Which is bad, will lead to it being repaired - the good thing. By taking an object to be repaired, you help the person that repairs things - makes a life out of it. Good balances evil. Evil balances good. You wouldn't know good if there was no evil. It would be normal. Common. Same goes to evil. See, " she gestured with her hands, " This is the cycle of life. In which we live in, and refuse to live otherwise. Yusuke, you'll have to have fun some other time."

" You're saying you're evil? I mean, in the conclusion-"

" Did I say I'm evil?" she asked, playfully, " Did I say I'm good?" she said seriously. " I'm neither. And I'm both. " She turned her back, gazing at the darken nature before her.

" What-"

" No," she gestured a no with her hands, silently.

This was it.

" Wait .. " Kurama said, almost pleading. Just for the last time, one last word. One last touch.

She turned to him, slowly walking up to him. Leaning closer, she embraced him, sliding a little, ruffled piece of paper in his pocket within his orange jacket. The other hand was caressing the back of his neck, while she whispered in his ears,

" Within, I know

I can't let go,

You should know better

From my day of birth forget me never."

Her voice echoed within his mind as a soft melody, remembering her voice,





4 words bloomed in the fox's mind. Her face, caressing his, as she let go; she was now face-to-face with him. She gave him a tender look. Kurama was utterly confused. What was she doing? This could be called pure seduction. Of course, add a few more things ...

Kurama softly stroked her hair, while she barely noticed.

Her hands, now on his shoulders, fell downwards, until reaching his hands. Raine took his left hand and placed an item there.

Koenma could only stare as the fox was disobeying the orders. Exactly doing what he's not supposed to be doing.

Finally, the girl let go, gently walking away from him. As a distance of 3-4 feet was between them, it began.

Gracefully, she swinged in circles a couple of times, and then with a blowing strike she let go of her strength by hitting the ground (it's how she creates the portal ). A soft combination of purples, reds and blues entwined in a hole that left a gap behind. Slowly, it grew larger, big enough for a person to go through.

For the last time, she turned around. Bluntly, her lips mimed a " Bye.", without sounds. The corner of her eye caught Kurama's, mentally saying goodbye in her own ways.

Phasing through the portal, she was gone.

The first thing Kurama did was look at the item she gave him. It was an 'M' sign with the last line turning up, that looked like a rose. Her symbol? The item was carved out of wood..

The koorime awakened the red head as he let him know she left another item. It was the paper. You're smarter than to act that way, fox. Hiei said.

Kurama didn't care about that. He searched in his pocket, revealing a paper that had a poem written on it, CENTER>

' keep in mind the true things i said

i'm unsure of my kind

erase the morbid portrait

i inflicted in your mind

i've always known this day would come

painfully as it is

all things not done

patiently waiting for this;

now coming to it, i softly shout:

i ask of you the only thing

remember me and emotions never doubt;

the gentle melody of my dreams with you i'll sing

in the garden of my home

if one day you'll be the king

(you'll know where to find me, the dome)

not just in my heart's dream

i'll return your wish.

you're the rose

and i'm your fallen thorn, i'm different, no lie

on this flower, i'm imaginary, my home

is in your garden, so entwine. '

He got the idea. Without a word, he jumped through the portal, leaving the others behind.

A happy, grinning Yusuke behind. Why was he so happy? Things were turning out more interesting than a weird bye-bye and never-see-you-gain. Without hesitation, he jumped through the portal as well. Of course, Kuwabara wouldn't stay behind. Hiei shrugged, just for the heck of it, he joined them.

" This is bad, " Koenma admitted, joining the others. Enma was not going to like this. Nor the densetunians.

After all, they're probably smarter than to simply believe nothing was wrong ...

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