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Legendary Thorn

by Scorose

Chapter Four: "Rise Above"

He woke up gazing into two pools of pink. He blinked and received a smile from the deity.


"Botan-" he said loudly, but was cut by the her.

"The others are still sleeping," she whispered looking brightly in his eyes as he was still laying on the bed.

Kurama nodded and Botan went back to the sleepy-heads in the other room.

The redhead slowly rose, glancing at the girl in front of him, who was in a peaceful slumber.


A couple of hours later, everyone was at their own place. Yusuke entrusted Kurama by finding more about the heir, so he suggested they left, thus Kurama had a little time together with the girl.

Raine had helped cleaning up the remainings around the house, which Kurama took gladly. She was being quiet again. Like always, but now she looked as if she was crying her heart out about something she was trying to say. Or didn't want to say?

I feel so small. So tired. What's wrong with me? that question I've asked so many times. Just -never mind- anymore..

"Raine? You don't look so good."

"I .. didn't get a good sleep," she said, truly. "I mean, usually I don't."

"Wasn't the bed comfortable enough?"

"Oh, it's not that. I have problems sleeping..."

Kurama noticed she was a bit red. Not blush-red, it was as if she caught a cold or something. He leaned closer to her and placed his palm on her forehead. "You're burning."

Raine forced a smile and nodded. She rubbed her head a bit, trying the take away the headache that was lingering there. The sounds around her didn't seem so sharp. They were softened and she couldn't hear that well. She was, indeed, burning; add a headache to that and you're really sick.

"I don't know why."

Kurama gestured for her to sit on the couch he was on. He looked straight in her eyes and asked, "Tell me."

"I'm not feeling okay. Maybe I should just go..." she desperately wanted to go home. Something was bothering her.

"Raine, I'm aware you're not feeling alright. Please let me help you."

"I don't need help!" she blurted. What's gotten into me? A stronger headache was the answer. Why was she acting so vulgar? Usually she just refused to tell what she truly felt and ignored anything else. But she promised Kurama they would talk. In fact, that's what she wanted long ago. Have someone she can trust, and talk about anything. Have a true friend. "Sorry," the girl tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she lowered her gaze, "You want the truth?"

He nodded.

He's only going to think I'm a weirdo. Though it's not going to end up good at all, it's what usually happens. It doesn't matter anymore. I had my moment of purity. "I couldn't sleep because," she said doubtfully, "It's this .. I don't know how to explain. This sharp, yet not loud sound I hear at night. It happens during day too, but barely a couple of times a week. You don't know how much I've wanted someone I can talk to. About these things. Honestly, I'm unsure if I should tell you this. but my theory of only-telling-someone-who's-worthy-enough-to-understand or alike, proved to be .. I don't care about it anymore. You'll probably either think I'm a weirdo, like everyone else I told about these things, or say how could I think you'd feel that way about me, and understand what I'm saying."

The fox gave her a tender smile, letting her know it's the second. "It's alright. Go on," Do denstetsunians hear such sounds?

"I think I need some fresh air. Is it ok with you?"

Her words were confusing. Did she mean -go alone- or -go with him- ? He just nodded, and understood what she said when Raine grabbed him by the arm.


"We shouldn't have come outside. I thought you have a fever or something. You were really sick then."

"Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better now."

The redhead and the girl were walking together to the park, were they sat down on the usual bench.

It was Saturday morning and there were barely a couple of people around. Peacefully the birds chirped, a bit lightening the tranquil display. Raine was just shooking her head, looking regretful.

What's wrong?"

She shook her head again, gesturing 'nothing'. Glancing at Kurama, she realized his gaze. It wasn't a comforting one, as if she was guilty or something. I know what's troubling him.

"I know what you're thinking about. And you're right. Still, right now, I want to hang out." She erased the word with that was threatening to escape from her lips.

" How did you guess?"

She smiled. "I've had enough time to think about things, you know. Also, time to be alone. And I can only blame myself for not doing anything until now."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm probably not making sense, am I? Doesn't matter." Her usual theme. "You know, there were times I'd woke up crying. And I had absolutely no idea why. I was just lying there in my bed, tears streaming from my eyes.. Like a hidden -thing- somewhere, out there.. that makes me feel this way." Kurama's gaze deepened, encouraging her to continue. "So many times I've felt void. Incomplete. Like I miss something terribly! Something old .. and old place.. where time stopped, peace always there, & me .. in that community."

"I've noticed your desire to fit in. Is that due to your anti-social personality?"

He didn't get an answer. Everything was happening a bit quick. Wasn't she hurrying a bit telling him those things? Yet..Why not. After all, he's been giving me so much attention. I so need that. Until now, I've barely every walked out of the house. Only minor things, of course. School, shopping, and alike. Since then, I've created this desire to hang out with someone. To.. get to know the world. Not just imagine it through my dreamy eyes. To actually feel it. And I constantly warned myself not to become somehow desperate, so desperate that I'll jump into anyone's arms and lose everything that I've achieved. And I'm glad you're here Kurama. That you're the first one I can share these things with. Before Raine could continue, Kurama suddenly leaned closer, making her realize she said that out loud. They shared a tender embrace, which comforted Raine. She didn't care if that was all he wanted, or he wanted more, but couldn't get himself to do so. Even if she wished more..

A slight blush crept on the girl's cheeks, the embrace tightening as the fox stroked her silky hair (noting how silky it is). "Thank you, Kurama," she said in a soft way that he barely heard.

A few seconds passed by until they broke apart and Raine stood up.

"I'll see you Monday, Kurama."

"Goodbye." my porcelain doll.

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