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Legendary Thorn

by Scorose

Chapter Three: "Intense"

The next day Kurama and Yusuke went to Genkai's, as she requested.

"What information have you gathered about her?" She was taking Raine directly as the densetsunian. She was indeed, but Genkai took Kurama's idea of a high probability.

"Not too much. She seems a naturally reserved person," Kurama stated. "I understand what she's going through," he said bitterly, "If she truly is the heir, then it's only natural for her to feel as if an outcast .. feel of not belonging here. Which only leads to comprehensive awkwardness."

Yusuke was listening to their conversation, his thoughts tracing to the day before.

"These sorts of-"

"Problems? Issues?" Yusuke shot in curiously.

"... things should be dealt with delicacy" A sudden word rose within his mind: tenderness.

"Alright then. Inform me if you find out more."


A door knock was heard Kurama glanced towards the table of food in front of him. He left the kitchen and opened the door. There she was, Raine, a little upset, frowning as she looked around only to seen him.

"Where's e-" she started, then stopped. "Hey. Where's everyone else? Am I early?" Gazing nervously at her watch, she realized she was on time.

On the time Kurama asked her to come. He was just staring at her, and didn't realize it was for so long - 5 full seconds. He earned a pout from the porcelain doll, as he liked to call her - mentally - ; he smirked at this. "Come in."

Raine sighed and waited for an answer as she looked at his nice apartment. It was not big, neither small. A couple of rooms, another 2 for spare, a kitchen, and the other miscellaneous ones. The main room, the living room, was the first one after entering the place. On the left was the kitchen, that had an open way - without doors - . On the right were the 2 spare rooms; in front was the living room, and from there to the left, was Kurama's. It had a nice and creative design. Typical for Kurama.

"You're on time," he finally answered. "The others will only arrive after 5 minutes according to their schedule."

"So what now?" she said with a bored tone.


Her face brightened, he led her to the kitchen. She looked at the surroundings and frowned when she saw there were only a few sandwiches done, as the resources laid there, waiting for more to be done. "Can I help?"

Kurama raised an eyebrow. He wanted to talk to her openly in this short time, maybe get to know her better. It was a good idea to gather this Friday and have some quality time. He and Raine decided to spend some time together, he was unsure of how it sounded, but she wasn't surprised. His offer was easily accepted, though Raine warned him she doesn't know. Still, he didn't get an answer to what she was referring to. Doesn't know .. what will be of the relationship, he thought.

She earned a smile from the redhead, which encouraged her to help. Raine took her time, nicely making the sandwiches; Kurama was preparing the drinks. Nothing too fancy, they agreed.

"Now. How about some pizza?"

"I already ordered some. Here they are," he pointed to a white box that had more underneath. Each one was labeled with a red text, Toni's Pizza. She's very bright today. he noted. That's weird.. Yes, she was optimistic, but wasn't that happy and smilie & everything. "Though, they need a bit of sauce," he chuckled. "I was so preoccupied about everything, I forgot to mention that."

"But they should automatically put sauce," she said, dumbfounded, furrowing her brows.

:Yes, but they're smarter. They have many choices, if you'd take a look at their list of pizza types, you'd be amazed how many they have."

"Alright! Let's put some then-"

The door bell rang.

"They're here. Let me get the door. I'll be right back."

>Botan's chirpy voice was heard, as everyone greeted each other and sat down on the big couch. (The big-sized couch was in front of the door. The tv was in front of the couch.)

Yusuke wasn't so happy, and you can guess why. Kuwabara's voice echoed, but was soon replaced by Yusuke, who shouted.

"Keiko made me do it!"

The detective took 2 DVD's from a bag; one of them labeled 'Titanic'. Hiei almost jaw-dropped but soon shrugged as he sat down on the left side of the couch. Keiko giggled and dragged the murming Yusuke to get the first movie going.

"Hey, Kurama, 2 more minutes, then it's starting!" Yusuke said towards the redhead that was in the kitchen dealing with the sauce-issue.

For the first time, Raine's soft, childish laugh was heard, which Kurama carefully observed, and considered her as a sweet child. The reason for her giggle was the tooth-paste-like shape of the sauce.

Raine rubbed her head and stated, "Well, you can bet that's from a different origin."

"Yes.." he admitted.

As Kurama squeezed it, a drop of the sweet taste was splashed across his cheek and a bit on his lips. He left a bit stupid by now.

Raine only grinned at the display.

Something took over her then, or rather, she was acting more like herself due to something. That hidden part she never wanted to show.. the porcelain doll seductively leaned across Kurama, as he stared at her in surprise, - she had a calm, serene look on her face that wasn't changing - she softly smirked under her breath and licked the crimson drops on his face. So enjoyable. Her hot breath was teasing his skin, as her tongue erased any of the sweetness. She was enjoying it very much.

So was he..

He closed his eyes, also enjoying her little act. Kurama was wondering what the heck had gotten into her. Not that it bothered him. But.. he rather thought of her as a sister. Close friend. Nothing else. But for a moment she changed all that. Raine didn't seem herself anymore, she was.. more happy. In fact, radiant, all since she arrived. Positivity gloomed from her, she was being helpful, and maybe more.. Why is she ... was all he could think about. Of course that's all he could think about. Imagine having someone do something similar to Raine's actions, then try thinking of something. Anything.

This was one of her deepest desires, at least one of them, which she wanted to do with - or to - her life mate: interact, in her own ways. Without sounds. Just deeds. Never would have she done this normally, in fact, she was surprised of her actions when 5 seconds past from her seductive little act. She was awfully flustered, not to mention feeling stupid and awkward of what had just happened.

Raine finally put up her sweet girl trademark and found a good excuse again, "I-I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself," she cleared her throat and pointed to the awaiting pizza in front of them. A constant whistle snapped Kurama back to reality, only to rewind what happened, and that the whistle he had just heard wasn't from the girl in front of him - Yusuke.

Kurama blinked. He was thinking about a polite answer, but he couldn't get himself to find a good one. He was suddenly preoccupied of how it might sound. Instead, he just nodded, then looked at Raine who had finished slicing up the pizza. She was taking the pile of food and drinks, but when she turned around, a staring fellowship blinked, mentally giggling at what she had just did - Yusuke noting she's definitely a densetsunian, she was being a little seductive prick a moment ago. He smirked at the though of what she'd do to Kurama if they were more than friends ..

Raine broke his thoughts by nicely giving him and the others slices of pizza, chips, drinks and other goods. Yusuke only grinned and started munching his favorite chips right away.

They soon sat down around the couch: Hiei was on the left side, barely occupying any space on the couch, Kuwabara was in the middle, Yukina sweetly laying her head on his lap - which Hiei glared at and threatened Kuwabara every once in a while.

Keiko was just intending to sit down somewhere, when Yusuke softly grabbed her by the waist, placing her on his lap, his right arm wrapped around her slim body, as he kept the plate of food in his other arm - they were sitting on the floor, in front of Hiei, who was emotionlessly watching the screen. Botan was against the left side of the couch.

Raine supposedly was going to sit down somewhere. Anywhere. Not in anyone's arms or lap for sure. She pouted at the cuddling girls and boys. While her childish action, Kurama sat down on the floor in front of the right side of the couch, gesturing Raine to sit beside him.

So she did. They were next each other.

Throughout the movie, Hiei was emotionless as ever, Botan was completely in the movie, as if she was Kate; Yusuke and Keiko seemed in a different world, Yukina and Kuwabara couldn't have gotten more peaceful and adorable. And as for Kurama and Raine, they were just watching. She was hardly trying to erase any indecent thought from her mind. Then, her thoughts traced to the letter she red. For now, she was going to put that aside. At least for this night. For a week since she had gotten that letter, there's no night she hadn't shed a tear because of it. Damn that letter. She stated simply.

As the movie ended, there was no point in continuing watching the next one - whatever movie Yusuke had intended to watch in the first place, surely something not boring.. - since everyone fell asleep. After all, it was the end of the weekend and everyone was tired. Especially after such munching. So much for watching-horror-movies-non-stop, Yusuke's dreadful suggestion.

Kurama wasn't asleep. As he turned the tv off, the brightness faded into black, only reflecting it's light for a few seconds more.

He stared at the girl beside him, she looked as if in deep trance. Raine seemed emotionless, something she barely looked like normally. There would always be that childish smile and blush whatever she did. The silver silence overwhelming them couldn't be described in words.

This was all I ever wished.

To belong somewhere. Do I belong here?

I feel like I do. Yet, a part of me is whispering a solid no.

Why ... ?

Something, someone is inflicting this feeling within me. Feeling of belonging.. but not here. Just .. right now. This moment.

... Is mine.

And something like this.. no one can take away.

I'll stop being this way. Won't let anyone bring me down anymore.

Those whispers still echo inside my mind. It's actually painful, of course. But I have one comforting thought - It's not my fault. How can something that I can't do anything about be my fault?

I'm just.. the way I am. Can you blame me for that?

How could anyone?

I never judge people. I don't see the ...

The girl broke from her thoughts - known as mediation, or self-evolution in her vocabulary - when the kitsune gently placed her in his arms bridal style and took her in his room, on the bed.

As he closed the door, she was pondering What the heck. No other thoughts, feelings, emotions tied to the sentence. Not even she knew what she meant by that. Raine must have been in one of those really deep ones. She was half-awake as always, when she was sleeping. The girl was perfectly aware of it, and many times it happened that she wondered why other people weren't this way. Was she different? She couldn't be, because everyone is the same. Perhaps in a way she chose her own way? It is true - as many people told her - that she makes her own personality because of her strong will. Not too much thought was shared on that topic by her.

The first thing she noticed was the feeling she felt when Kurama took her in his room. The air, surroundings, everything, made the room seem .. different from the other rooms. Of course, it was something normal, since the bedroom is supposed to be more.. relaxing. But this room, i made her awfully relaxed.

Kurama placed her on his bed, which was straight in front of the windows. They were quite large, but it only added to their beauty. Since this apartment was really high, he couldn't complain about people invading his privacy. In fact, all he could do was admire this preview, so, he didn't need curtains.

The moonlight softly shined upon the bed, where Raine rested. She was lying straight in the bed; Kurama took the covers to erase any issues of being cold, so she could sleep well. When he covered her to the neck, she gently opened her eyes, gazing at his own. She didn't say anything, and was hoping he did. But..

He probably wants to talk to me. He wouldn't have asked me to come earlier if not. It only makes sense. But I feel tired.. not. She corrected herself. I guess I can talk to him now. It's a perfect place. My kind of style of having a deep conversation. Raine mentally chuckled. <

First of all, she blinked; making him notice she's there and listening.

"Hey. Is everyone asleep?"


"Wanna talk?"

"Why don't you go to sleep? I know you're all tired," he gave her a soft smile. "It has been a rough week after all."

Before he could continue his polite suggestion, Raine assured him, "I'm not tired at all." She rolled her eyes playfully. "What is it...?"

That usual smile wasn't on her pretty features anymore. It was replaced with a serious, yet comforting gaze.

"I know it's not easy for you." Raine cocked an eyebrow in confusion. She rose from her sleeping position to meet Kurama's gaze.

"Or for you. You're having trouble telling me something." Like I always do with anyone. Stupid me.. "Remember the Truth and Dare game..." She pointed at him as a cop would to a criminal.

He considered re-choosing his words, to match with his true intentions.

"Raine," he doubtfully said," I know you feel different. You told me so. I also know you're intricate..." Kurama sighed. "I know you for so many years, yet I barely know anything about you."

The girl stared at him in confusion. A shrug was all he received. "So they say about me."

He nodded. All he wanted to say was forgotten. I'll just ask her if she wishes to spend some time together; it's useless to talk about anything now. We're both tired, he thought.

A heavy yawn escaped Raine's lips, as she confessed. "I'm sorry. Looks like I'm way more tired than I thought I was. If you want we can talk tomorrow."

She red my mind.

She fell on her back and didn't bother to move a muscle. He didn't think she was that tired.

Kurama leaned closer, kissing her forehead and whispered a "Goodnight."

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