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Left in the Shadows

by Hieinokoishi

Chapter 4: "Intertwined Paths"


(A/N: please excuse my poor descriptiveness as I’m a new author and I’m writing all of this off the top of my head. I could use some pointers though!)

Danielle: Booyah! I’m NOT GROUNDED! Thanx everybody for staying with me! (big anime tears)

Hiei: Hn. Pathetic.

Danielle: (Glares) Anyway, Time for the disclaimer! (clears throat and looks at Hiei)

Hiei: (rolls eyes) Hn. Danielle doesn’t own anything except the baka onna and the demon.

Danielle: (coughs)

Hiei: (exasperated sigh) Except Amanda and Tora Akuma.

-Everybody else: O.o-

Yusuke: WOW how’d you get him to do it?

Danielle: (Smirks) Sweet snow.

Hiei: Hn. Now give it to me, onna.

Danielle: I said I would give you SOME, Hiei. So we’ll share.

Hiei: Hell no! It’s MY sweet snow! (grabs carton)

Danielle: Hey! You gotta share! (grabs it back)

-two start fighting-

Yusuke: Why don’t they just share?

Kurama: Hiei’s not one for sharing.

-Kuwabara grabs sweet snow from both of them and holds it over their heads-

Kuwabara: Just SHARE he stupid ice cream for crying out loud! Jeesh.

Danielle, Hiei: Give it back you baka! (knocks him out)

Hiei: Give me the damn sweet snow, onna!

-Fighting continues-

Kurama: Um… Please ignore them… they’ll see soon enough what happens when you fight over ice cream.

Yusuke: Well, please continue reading “Left in the Shadows.”

Amanda awoke the next morning and at first, she wondered vaguely why she wasn’t in her room. It took her a few seconds to realize what happened and she almost felt like crying again until she remembered the events of last night. As she looked around the guestroom, she suddenly became aware of her blanket draped over her. ‘But…I had…’ she left her thoughts when she saw Hiei sitting in the corner of the room. She opened her mouth to speak but the door suddenly burst open to reveal the rest of the Reikai Tantei. Hiei’s attention turned to his sister and his eyes narrowed dangerously when he saw Kuwabara’s arm around her waist. Amanda looked at him curiously wondering if he happened to be an overprotective brother (lol)

“I hope we didn’t interrupt anything,” Yusuke said, smirking.

“Not at all.” Amanda replied, used to Yusuke’s comments.

“Good” he responded, “Koenma has something to talk to you about.”

“…Who is this Koenma exactly?” Amanda asked.

“Prince of Spirit World” Botan interjected, overriding Yusuke’s rude comment about the toddler lord. They went to the main room and Yusuke pulled out his silver briefcase and opened it up, while Botan busied herself with Amanda’s scratch. The small screen on the inside blinked once and Koenma appeared.

Amanda’s eyes widened “This is the prince of Sprit World? But he’s…a…”

“My first thoughts exactly” Yusuke muttered.

“Wait,” Kuwabara interrupted, “ She can see him so doesn’t that mean she has spirit awareness?”

“No dip, sherlock.” Yusuke said causing Kuwabara to give him a death glare. Koenma coughed a bit to bring everybody’s attention to him.

“Amanda,” he began, “Your mother has just been judged here in spirit world which means the seal on you has been broken. Your true demonic powers will now start to emerge.”

“Seal?” Yusuke inquired.

“What do you mean, ‘demonic powers?’” Amanda asked.

“Well…” Koenma moved his pacifier to the side of his mouth to speak clearer. “Amanda… you’re not human…exactly.” (A/n: I know this is all kinda lame right now but this is my first fic so plz bear w/ me. Thanxies!)

“What are you talking about? My mother was human and so was my father so that must mean I’m human too, right?”

“Well that’s not entirely correct.” Koenma said.


“Your father was actually a wind demon and your mother…” he paused and took a quick glance at Hiei before continuing, “your mother was a koorime or an ice maiden.”

“Like Yukina!” Kuwabara exclaimed. Koenma nodded.

“So… I’m not human at all?” Amanda asked softly. She had turned rather pale as she tried to absorb yet another piece of shocking information.

“That’s not entirely correct,” Koenma told her, “Your father was a wind kitsune and your mother was a koorime but when demon children or demon reincarnates are born in the human world, they gain a human appearance or “counterpart” of some sorts. So right now, you are-“

“½ demon and ½ human,” Kuwabara interrupted.

“Wow, Kuwabara,” Yusuke smirked “I didn’t know you actually paid attention in math class.”

“Aww, shaddup Urameshi! Why I oughta…”

“Hiei,” Koenma said loudly, bringing the boys out of their argument. I need to speak with you privately. He nodded and Botan stood up to take the briefcase to a different room. She came back out to see the others sitting there, Amanda staring at the ground.

“C’mon Mandy.” Yusuke said in an attempt to cheer her up.

“I’m… going outside to think.” She said, standing up. “I’ll be okay.”

(Amanda’s POV)

Of course I wasn’t okay. I’m not human! Sure the other students treated me as an alien but that never mattered. I don’t know what to do… I’m sure as hell not going to nothing about it.

I changed my course and instead of going outside, I walked in the direction where that boy, Hiei I think his name was, and the toddler on the screen were.

“Where are you going?” the blue-haired girl…Botan asked.

“Going to find out more. I’m NOT going to be left in the dark.”

“Well. Be careful. Shorty can sense people coming.” Kuwabara warned. I gave a small smile.

“Don’t worry. I’ve never been caught yet.”

“Well, except yesterday.” Yusuke reminded me.

“Don’t worry, Yusuke.” I repeated. God, he can be such a worrywart sometimes. I proceeded down the hallway until I heard voices.

“As you know, Hiei, Spirit World has records on everybody’s life.” The toddler on the screen, I think Koenma, spoke. “This includes yours, which is how I know that this will be of importance.”

“Get on with it!” Hiei snapped. Boy does he have a short fuse.

“Very well.” Koenma sighed. “Although you may have suspected this yourself,” He took a deep breath; “ Amanda’s mother was Rui, the woman who threw you off the Koorime glacier when-”

“When I was an infant.” Hiei finished, agitated. “I know.”

‘What the hell? Thrown off? Why would my mother do that?’ my thoughts were racing through my head as I tried to comprehend them. Is this why she wouldn’t talk about her past? Well, that’s it. I’m gonna ask them. Like I told Yusuke, there is no way I’m gonna be left in the dark. I straitened myself up and reached for the sliding paper door. But before my hand touched it, It opened, revealing Hiei.

“Shit.” I muttered. That’s twice I’ve gotten caught.

(Normal POV)

“She’s been gone for awhile.” Kuwabara voiced worriedly.

“ Ol’ Three Eyes probably found her.” Yusuke replied although he didn’t believe it. But as those words left his mouth, there was the sound of the sliding door opening and soon closing.

“Eep.” Botan squeaked.

“Uh oh…” Kuwabara voiced.

“She’s screwed.” Yusuke stated dully.

“Yusuke! Don’t be rude!” Keiko reprimanded him.

“I think she’s in trouble. I can hear them and Hiei doesn’t seem to be very angry.” Kurama said, grabbing everybody’s attention.

“How can you tell that he’s not angry?” Kuwabara asked.

“By the way he’s talking stupid!” Yusuke told him impatiently. “Now tell us what’s going on, Kurama! Don’t leave us hanging!” The fox spirit sighed.

“Very well”

“What are you doing here, onna?” Hiei asked Amanda, a slightly aggravated look on his face.

“Uh um…” she was at loss for words. But something welled up inside her and she straightened. “I have a right to know what’s going on too.” She said forcefully; her eyes unafraid, unlike the night before. A look of amusement flitted briefly across the jaganshi’s face. ‘Stubborn, huh?’ he thought.

“Let her in, Hiei.” Koenma called from the screen. “She is right you know.”

“Hn.” He replied, leaving to sit in front of the screen once more.

“Amanda,” Koenma told her, “I will now tell you more about your seal.” He paused a bit before continuing.

“When the koorime glacier began self-destructing due to an unknown cause, your mother, Rui, met a wind kitsune by the name of Kazo. Although she knew that the same thing happened to Hina, she eventually fell in love with him and soon held his child.” he explained.

“But when the elders found out…” Hiei began quietly, strangely out of character.

“They ordered her to be executed so the child would never be born.” Koenma finished bluntly.

“How did my parents escape?” Amanda asked in a strangled sort of voice.

“Luckily, Rui and Kazo fled to the ningenkai through a portal on one of the most remote ends of the island.” He replied.

“But that still doesn’t explain the ‘seal of my powers’.” She told him, in a stronger tone of voice.

“I’m getting there.” Koenma responded. “As I was saying, when you were born in ningenkai, Rui specifically asked me to place a special spell on you to seal away your powers and to keep your koorime heritage a secret. This spell was to stay in effect until her soul was judged in spirit world. She figured that you…”

“…She figured that Amanda would be able to handle the truth then because she would be grown up and also because…” Kurama’s voice trailed off.

“Because of what?” Yusuke asked.

“…Because of a will she had written. A friend that she had given it to would present it to her at the funereal.” The fox spirit finished quietly.

“And it’s time I did give it to her.” Came a voice from behind them all. Everybody turned to see Genkai.

“YOU’RE the one her mom gave the will to!” Yusuke exclaimed. She nodded.

“She was a good friend of mine ever since she came almost 15 years ago.” The hag replied. “Now Kurama, keep us informed.” She told him, closing the subject.

“You two, and Yukina are the last of the koorime race.” Koenma told them soberly. “The glacier self-destructed several years ago and we think it was at the hands of a very powerful S-class apparition. The only information we have on him is that his name is Tora Akuma and that he is out to kill any full or half-koorimes that have fled to the human world. Normally I would assign Yusuke to a case like this but I think that this time you, Hiei, would be the best for this one. Your job is to protect Amanda and of course, your s-” Hiei cut him off with a look that could freeze hell over. “Uh.. ahem well you know. Anyway, tell the others to be on the lookout for him; I’ll send a picture and the meager file we have on him with Botan the next time she comes.” He said as the screen blinked off. Amanda and Hiei sat in silence for a few minutes until Amanda decided to break the ice.

“Um… I’ll try not to be any trouble…” she began meekly. She didn’t know why, but she was so nervous around him. ‘Probably because I know he has a katana hidden underneath that cloak and he looks like he doesn’t care too much about the rules.’ She thought wryly.

Suddenly the door opened revealing the rest of the Reikai Tantei. Yusuke had a shocked look on his face, as did most of the group there. Both Amanda and Hiei instantly knew that they had been listening from outside. Amanda stood up suddenly and grabbed her jacket, preparing to leave.

“Where are you going?” Kuwabara asked.

“Out.” She replied. “I need to think.”

“Before you go, here’s this.” Genkai pulled a letter from her pocket and gave it to the half-koorime.

“What’s this?” Amanda asked.

“You’ll see.” She replied. Amanda merely took it and left the room. The others looked out the window and they saw her trudging out into the forest.

“I’m going after her.” Yusuke declared. “There’s a whole bunch of stupid demons out there and she can’t fight.” He turned to the door to follow her but Hiei stepped in front of him.

“It’s my responsibility to look after her.” He snapped before walking out. (end chapter 4)

Danielle+Hiei: :still fighting:

Kurama: :sweatdrop: um…

Yusuke: why can’t they just share?

Kuwabara: :still passed out:

Danielle: puff puff…truce?

Hiei: …hn. Fine. We’ll share.

Kurama: … :backs away:

Yusuke: …::stays put:

Danielle+Hiei::looks in container: …!

Yusuke::looks: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kuwabara: :wakes up: huh? Wha’ happened?

Danielle+Hiei::starts shaking in anger:

Kur+Yus+Kuwa:all start backing away:

Danielle+Hiei: IT MELTED!

Danielle: IT’S YOUR FAULT!

Hiei: Hn. It is not and you owe me another carton.

Danielle: Like hell I do! If you had just shared, none of this would have happened!

Hiei: rrrg… shut up, onna!

Danielle: make me!

-two begin fighting again-

Yusuke: oh my god…

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.