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Left in the Shadows

by Hieinokoishi

Chapter 3: "Going to Genkai's"

/thought speech/

HNK a.k.a. Danielle: okay, I’m being lazy and I don’t feel like saying the disclaimer. So I brought the one and only Hiei Jaganshi to say it!

Hiei: Hn.


Hiei: …

Danielle: Come on! Say it!

Hiei: Hn. I don’t take orders onna.

Danielle: But… but…

Kurama: (comes in w/ Yusuke & Kuwabara) What’s going on?

Danielle: If you don’t say it… I’ll… I’ll tell Yukina you’re her brother!

Hiei: You wouldn’t dare.

Kuwabara: Yukina’s related to shorty! (Yusuke knocks him out) XX

Danielle: (Takes deep breath) OH YUKI… (Hiei brings katana to her throat)

Hiei:Don’t you dare, onna

Danielle: (brings out own katana) Not so fast!

-two start fighting-

Yusuke: (sweatdrop) Wouldn’t it be easier for HER to just say it?

Kurama: They’re both stubborn. They fight like a married couple.

Yusuke: why don’t they just GET married then (Hiei & Danielle glare) n-never mind…

Kurama: (sighs) I’ll say it… Danielle doesn’t own YYH, only this story, the plot and the characters (looks at list) Amanda and Tora Akuma.

Danielle: (Dodges katana) Now… on with the fic!

(A/n: everybody can communicate in thought speech except Amanda because she doesn’t know how to yet)

Amanda cursed herself silently. She had been caught and was now burning with questions about her past and her “powers.” Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara looked shocked to see her while Hiei looked angry.

“Um…” was all she could bring herself to say. She was kind of frightened at being caught hearing something she obviously wasn’t supposed to hear.

“How much did you hear?” Kurama asked a little more sharply than he intended. Amanda flinched at the tone of his voice but she spoke as strong as she could.

“E-everything,” it quivered a bit. An uncomfortable silence followed broken only when Yusuke coughed.

“Well,” he said kind of awkwardly, “I guess there’s no need to explain anything.”

/We explained everything a little too well, Yusuke/ Kurama pointed out.

Amanda just stood there, her head swimming with all this newfound information. This entire time, her mother had kept it from her. ‘Wait. Did mom even know?’ she asked herself. Taking a deep breath, she was interrupted by Kurama.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions but they can be answered when we get to Master Genkai’s. You should get your stuff.”

/We must make haste, Kurama/ Hiei told him.

/Why? What happened/ the kitsune asked, concerned.

/Hn. I’ll tell you later/

“My sister will be here any minute” Kuwabara told Amanda who nodded and disappeared into her room.

The boys were suddenly aware of a very loud honking outside the house, which was immediately followed by several rings of the doorbell. Kurama opened the front door revealing the blue-haired, bubbly grim reaper, Botan. Out on the street was an old beat up dark blue van with two girls inside. The girl at the wheel had light, straight brown hair and eyes while the girl in the middle seats had light mint green hair tied up in a red ribbon, which matched her eyes.

“Yukina! My love you’re here!” Kuwabara cried and ran out the door pushing the ferry girl out of the way and causing them both to fall on the ground.

“Are you okay, Botan?” Kurama asked holding out his hand (like the gentleman he is) to help her up.

“I’m okay, she replied, giggling and looking at Yukina who was laughing softly as Kuwabara pulled his face off the ground.

“Oh my love…” he began, taking her hands into his “It has been so long since I have seen your beautiful eyes, your loving smile…”

“Okay that’s enough, bro” Shizuru declared from the front seat, taking a glance at Hiei who was clenching his teeth and touching the hilt of his katana. (A/n: Shizuru knows the relationship between Yukina and Hiei)

Shizuru wasn’t the only one who saw Hiei ticked off. Amanda had been watching from her bedroom window, which overlooked the street. She went back to packing her clothes, and didn’t notice Yusuke sneak up behind her. He raised his arms and grabbed her around her stomach, causing her to yelp and jump in the air. She turned around and saw Yusuke sitting on her bed, laughing his head off.

“I got you good this time” he laughed.

“How many times to I have to tell you, that’s NOT funny, Yusuke!” she scolded with a small smile and whacked him with a shirt she was packing.

“Awww… don’t be like that, Mandy.” Yusuke teased, using his and Kuwabara’s nickname for her. (A/n: remember they are her only friends as of now) “ Anyway, are you almost done? Shizuru’s out front and has borrowed your neighbor’s van until sundown. That’s in...” he looked at the clock in her room, “ …Three and a half hours roughly. C’mon we have to go!”

“Ok, ok, ok! Hold on a minute!” Amanda ran into the bathroom and got a few supplies before running out to the door where Yusuke was already waiting.

“Jeez who knew it would take a girl so long to pack” Yusuke muttered. She whacked him with her large duffel bag and walked out to the van. “ What is this, PMS?” he yelled, running after her.

When they got into the van, Yusuke pushed himself ahead of Amanda and took up two seats for himself in the front of the van. Amanda sighed and walked to the back, where the only other available seat left was next to Hiei.

“He’s not as bad as he looks” Kurama told her as she passed. Kuwabara snorted but was silenced with a look from Kurama.

“Do you mind?” she asked Hiei. He didn’t reply but merely shifted over so she could have more room. “Thanks…”

As the van rolled out of the driveway, Amanda heard the quiet chatter of the people ahead of her. Suddenly, the blue-haired girl turned around from the seat in front of her with a huge smile.

“Hiya! I’m Botan, your cute and popular grim reaper and messenger of Reikai!” She grinned. Amanda gave a weak smile and faced the window. Botan frowned.

“What’s wrong with her?” she whispered to Kurama who was sitting next to her.

“Her mother…” Botan’s eyes widened.

“Ohh…” so that’s who Hinageshi was…” she decided to change the subject. “So how did you meet Amanda?” She asked, turning to Kuwabara and Yusuke.

“Well… it was about two months ago when she first moved here; before you asked Hiei to… he coughed not wanting to tell Amanda why she had been on edge for awhile.

“Anyway, I was complaining about my mom and Keiko forcing me to go to school one day…


(Yusuke’s POV) Stupid mom. Stupid Keiko. I save the world on practically a monthly basis and I still have to go to school. This time I’d have to agree with Hiei on this one. School is pointless, I’d rather play hooky.

Great. We have a new student today. Wow… she’s not all that bad looking. She’s pretty slim looking, about Hiei’s height (a little shorter mind you) with black hair that goes to her middle back and emerald eyes like Kurama’s. Taking a glance over at Kuwabara, his mouth was slightly ajar so I nudged him in the ribs to bring him back to reality.

“Class, this is Amanda Kazehito. She moved here from the U.S so I want you to give her a warm welcome.” The teacher said. There were a few mumbles and Mr. Okawa coughed.

“ Amanda, there’s an empty seat next to Yusuke. He’s the boy out of uniform in the back corner.” My eyes narrowed a bit as he emphasized my attire.

“Awww, C’mon Okawa. You know I look better in green.” A few kids giggled but stopped with the cold glare from the teacher.

“That’s Mr. Okawa to you young man.” He said as Amanda came to sit next to Kuwabara and me.

“Um… hi.” She said quietly as she got out her notebook and pencil. I merely let out a “hey” as the teacher started droning on and on about some stupid dead guy.

“Wha… what are you doing here?” I asked. The girl had come to my place on the roof of the school where Kuwabara and I had been talking about the newest game at the arcade.

“Oh… I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was up here.” She apologized.

“Nah, it’s ok. We weren’t doing anything important. So what brings you up here?” I asked.

“Well… I just wanted to get away from everyone.” Kuwabara and I raised a brow.

“Everybody won’t leave me alone and they keep harassing me.” She said “ I know it sounds weak but…”

“Hey, if anyone tries to mess with you I, the great Kazuma Kuwabara shall stop them for you!” He said clasping her hands into his. She looked a little surprised at the gesture but smiled.

“Thank you Kuwabara.” She told him. A bell rung, signaling for us to go inside.

“She seems okay” I told Kuwabara as we walked down the stairs to our classroom. He nodded.

“Hey, what are they doing to Amanda?” Kuwabara asked. It was after school and there was a group of people clustered around her and it didn’t look like it was for a good reason.

“Why don’t you go back to the brainiac school? You don’t belong here!” one girl yelled. Oh boy. Exchange students were very rare at Sarayashiki, they usually came to go to a cram school so my guess is that they thought she came to make a fool of everybody else.

“Hey!” Kuwabara yelled. “Leave her alone!” Everybody stopped and turned. Some of the boys faces paled when they saw who it was.

“Just because she is an exchange doesn’t mean she came to make you people look bad.” I told them. I felt the need to insult so I added, “As if anyone could make you look any worse.”

Everybody scattered with glares on their faces but they didn’t dare speak of what was on their minds. Sometimes having a bad rep is a good thing I guess. Amanda came over to us with an expression of relief and slight embarrassment.

“I’m sorry that I can’t stick up for myself but I also thank you for helping me.” She said softly, her head tilted downward so her eyes were covered.

“Hey, it’s only your first day, don’t sweat it, Amanda.” I said. “We should go home now. I have to go to Kuwabara’s so I could attempt to do this homework that our teachers gave us. Where do you live?” She looked up, smiling.

“Thank you Yusuke.” She said. “I live in the houses over there.” She said pointing.

“Hey, you don’t happen to live on Kasane Dr. do you?” Kuwabara asked. Amanda nodded. “OH! Then you’re the person who moved in next door! We can all study together!” I snickered a little at his corny remark.

“So anyway,” Yusuke continued “We’ve all become good friends since. We took her to arcades and all sorts of other places.”

Amanda was listening from her seat in the back, smiling a little to herself as Yusuke and Kuwabara started arguing over some meaningless thing. Hiei let out a small huff from next to her. She followed his gaze to Yukina and Kuwabara. His arm was around her waist as he finally calmed down.

“Um… Hiei?” He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “Is that girl-” she was cut off as the van suddenly ran across a dirt road full of rocks. There was a yell indicating that Yusuke fell out seat.(he was lying down on the two seats lol) The van proceeded to drive up the bumpy hill until it came to an abrupt stop. Everybody crashed into their neighbor while Yusuke was thrown to the floor again.(he was trying to get up)

“Well that was fun” Yusuke said cheerfully, dusting himself off as the van rolled across smoother road.

“Sorry, Hiei.” Amanda said quickly getting off of the fire koorime. He merely let out his trademark “hn” and got up after Shizuru announced that they had arrived. As they were all exiting the van (it sounds more like a bus ‘ne?) Yukina turned to Amanda.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, my name is Yukina.” She said sweetly.

“Amanda” she replied. “Are you by any chance H-” Yusuke quickly clamped his hand over her mouth and dragged her to where Kuwabara and Kurama were standing. Amanda was about to protest when an old lady with pale pink hair came out of the huge temple to greet them.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite dimwit and his trusty sidekick, moron.” She said smirking.

“That’s Genkai.” Kuwabara whispered. Amanda tentatively walked up to her and bowed slightly.

“I thank you for taking me in on such short notice” she said. Genkai gave a warm smile.

“Don’t mention it, girl. Your name is Amanda, correct?” she nodded. “Come, I’ll show you two to your rooms.”

“Two?” Kurama inquired.

“Yes. Amanda and Hiei will be-”

“WHAT!” Hiei exclaimed.

“I need someone to stay here and help her train. The others have school and you’re the only reasonable choice. I need at least one of you two to stay with her while she’s here.” Genkai explained.

“Hn” he sounded.

“Kazuma!” Shizuru called from the van, “There’s an hour and a half left! Don’t stay for too long.” Kuwabara nodded as they all went inside. Hiei leaned against the wall in a corner while Yusuke sat next to Amanda in a loveseat, Kuwabara next to Yukina in another one, and Kurama and Genkai sat in their own armchairs. Amanda took a deep breath and faced them.

“Ok, um… what exactly is happening?” she said after a slight pause.

“I think Koenma will tell us that tomorrow but what we can tell you is about us and how it started.” Kurama told her.

“Koenma?” Amanda asked.

“Prince of Reikai.” He answered. He then cleared his throat.

“I’m in fact a demon fox known as Youko Kurama. I was one of the most renowned thieves in all of Makai. But one day my luck ran afoul by a powerful spirit detective and I fled into Ningenkai where I was reborn as Shuichi Minamino. As I said before, you can call me whichever you prefer but when we are around other people, please call me Shuichi.” He said. Amanda nodded. Yusuke then proceeded to tell his story until there was honking from outside.

“What about Hiei?” Amanda asked as they were walking out.

“I think he should be the one to tell you.” Kurama answered. He gave her hand a small squeeze. “Don’t worry about your mother.” He added, seeing her face. “She is in good hands with Koenma. He’ll make sure she is okay.” Amanda gave a small smile and whispered “thank you” under her breath.

“Come on, Kurama!” Yusuke called from the van. We’re gonna be late!” Kurama nodded and turned back to Amanda.

“We’ll be back tomorrow and if you have any questions, ask Hiei. He is not as bad as he looks.”

“Good bye, Kazuma!” Yukina called as the van started up. Kuwabara merely flashed one of his huge grins as they pulled out of the temple grounds.

“I’ll show them to their rooms Master Genkai.” Yukina spoke up. Genkai merely nodded and left for her room muttering something about the next few weeks being hazardous to her health.

Yukina led them down a rather narrow hall away from the main rooms of the temple to a small room at the end. Opening the door, Amanda and Hiei saw two tan sleeping mats along with a side table and a changing stall in the corner.

“I only had time to fix up a changing stall before you came” Yukina explained, “I will set up two rooms for each of you as soon as I can; this is just the guestroom.” With that, she left to her own room. Amanda set her red duffel bag by the mat closest to the window and pulled out a pair of black sweatpants and a gray tanktop. When she came out of the stall, she saw a swish of black as the door slid shut. She sighed. It was going to be a long night.

Hiei sat upon a tree branch, his black cloak shielding him against the chill wind that started sweeping through the clearing. He was absorbed in the thoughts of what had happened earlier that day. ‘Who is this Tora Akuma? He sounds so familiar…’ He thought to himself. He then let his thoughts wander to Amanda’s mother. ‘Was she…her? She had the same energy signature from so long ago.’ Hiei remembered that fateful day… the day he was thrown off the koorime glacier. He remembered the harsh, freezing wind nipping at his face as he fell down to the Makai forests…

A sudden rustling in the bushes snapped Hiei out of his trance. He unsheathed his katana and leapt to the grass below him but soon lowered it when he figured who it was.

It was Amanda. She had the tan blanket wrapped around her slender figure and was eyeing his katana warily. Her eyes were slightly swollen and the moonlight made the dried tear streaks visible on her cheeks. “I’m sorry if I startled you.” She said softly.

“What do you want, onna?” He asked.

“I had some questions…about my mother” her last few words were in danger of being lost in the wind.

“Hn. And I suppose the fox told you to ask me any questions you might have?” Amanda nodded. “I have no reason to answer nor do I even want to.” With that, Hiei started to leave, a little agitated. No one had to know about his past, which he was almost sure her mother had to do with, especially a baka onna who didn’t even know him for a day.

“Wait, Hiei!” Amanda called. But Hiei used his demonic speed to disappear back to the temple. Amanda sighed and began to follow when a large demon jumped in front of her. Hiei heard the scream from where he had left her and remembered what Genkai had told him. He let out an exasperated sigh and raced back to where she was.

When he reached the area, he saw Amanda on the ground backing away from a large 8-foot demon with long razor sharp teeth and claws. ‘Pathetic.’ Hiei thought to himself. ‘That demon can’t be higher than a lower C-class.’ He quickly unsheathed his katana and slew the demon in one swift slice. Turning to Amanda, he saw that she was holding a fairly deep gash in her side from the demon.

“Th-thank you, Hiei” she said weakly. Hiei merely rolled his eyes and gave his sword a flick to rid it of the blood staining its edge.

“Come on, onna” he said, rather annoyed. “Since you can’t even take care of yourself.” He turned to leave again but Amanda grabbed the end of his cloak. He grabbed her wrist and bent it back slightly, causing her to wince. “Don’t touch me, onna” he hissed. He turned around again but then felt a hand grasping his arm. Hiei whipped around again but this time grabbed her neck and pinned her to a nearby tree, his katana to her throat.

“I said, don’t touch me.” He snarled. Tears welled up in Amanda’s eyes from the anger and sadness she felt today. With all the courage and strength she could muster at the moment, she brought her hand to Hiei’s cheek in a swift slap. He dropped her, surprised at her action. No woman had ever dared to strike him before. Amanda ran off in the direction of the temple, not daring to look back behind her.

Holding his sore cheek, Hiei had half a mind to go after her but a glint in the grass caught his eye. Bending down and picking it up, he saw that it was a small, light blue-green gem no bigger than his fingernail. He knew what it was. It was a koorime gem. ‘Then my hunch was right.’ He thought to himself. He looked to the side and saw Amanda’s fallen blanket. Remembering her wound, he picked it up and holding the tear gem tightly in his fist, he disappeared toward the temple.

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