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Left in the Shadows

by Hieinokoishi

Chapter 1 "New Mission, New Foe"


“Is this it?” Kurama asked as they came to a single story house next to Kuwabara’s. Amanda nodded and pulled a key from her pocket and unlocked the door. As they all walked in, Kurama saw a flit of black pass by the front window. Leaving the other two to tend with Amanda (because they knew her longer) he opened the door, revealing none other than the fire youkai, Hiei.

“Have you told her yet?” were the first words out of his mouth as he strode inside the dimly lit entryway.

“No…not yet. There was an accident and…”

“The ningen woman died. I saw it.” Hiei finished.


(Hiei POV)

Why am I doing this? I have to watch her every day. Wherever she goes. Koenma says he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. That she could be a valuable asset to the ‘team.’ Well… I guess it’s better than just sitting around on my ass every day. This has been our first mission in months. …There she comes. Late as usual. The detectives left without her, to their school.

…Does she sense me? Impossible…I have masked my chi. Only powerful demons can trace me. Hn. Maybe the fox was right. She does have to potential to be strong. Hn. But that can only be achieved through training. Today is the day that she is supposed to be recruited to the ‘team.’ I still think we should just take her to the hag’s whether she wants to or not. But the others want to persuade her to come on her own free will.

Hm? What’s this? I sense demonic energy in the area. It seems like one of those third-rate demon idiots who tried to finish off Yusuke right after we came back from Maze Castle. I sense another energy too… What the hell? I thought she died! No… it can’t be her… Dismissing my thoughts, I traveled to the source of the energy. There she is. She looks different; she has black hair like that baka onna I have to watch everyday. If I’m not mistaken, she must be her mother. I can’t be sure that it’s HER though… I’ll have to take a better look.

The woman was walking across a large street oblivious to the fact that I was standing on a telephone pole on the other side. My eyes widened as I saw one of those ningen vehicles come speeding down the street and crashing into her. The car screeched and abruptly turned down a different street. I turned my attention to the scene before me. The woman was lying on the ground where she landed, a pool of blood surrounding her body.

Instead of lingering, I sped after the vehicle. That was where the demonic energy was coming from. I followed the car down t a remote part of town until it was only possible to travel by foot. The demons, by now shed their human appearances, walked down a narrow alleyway where I heard them talking to… what the…? I felt a chi about as strong as Sensui. High A-class…even possibly S-class.

“Well?” a deep clear voice asked.

“Yes milord. We have disposed of her.” Came the low growling voices of the lower class demons.

“What about the child?”

“Uhh… n-no sir we didn’t get the chance.”

“FOOLS!” The lead demon shouted. “She will very soon be under the protection of the Spirit Detectives because of her power. This is what you get for defying Tora Akuma!”There was a thump, some groans and the demons disintegrated. With a swishing sound, Akuma’s chi disappeared from the shadows. Tora Akuma huh? We’ll see…

End Flashback

(Normal POV)

Yusuke poked his head into the entryway. “Hi Kurama.” He said dully. “Amanda’s…” He caught sight of Hiei in the corner. “Oh hey, Hiei. Didn’t see you there.”

“Hn.” The fire youkai replied. “Where’s the girl?”

“Hello to you too. Amanda’s in her room. We’re giving her sometime to cope.”

“We’ll wait until she comes out then.” Kurama said quietly as they all walked into the living room. They found Kuwabara sitting on the couch staring at the floor. As the other three sat down, he snapped out of his daze.

“You knew her mother pretty well then Kuwabara?” Kurama asked.

“Yeah.” He responded dully like Yusuke. “She was really nice and didn’t ask why I came over so often with so many bruises. She just sighed and brought out the ice packs for me and my friends.

“She knew Kuwabara was a street fighter because of that. As for me, I never had any serious injuries but she knew about my rep. Still, she welcomed me in whenever I came by.” Yusuke added. “We were the only people who came by, I think.”

“Sounds like she had trouble making friends.” Kurama remarked.

The Spirit Detectives went on talking for a while, Hiei not participating. His mind was on the woman and Tora Akuma. His name sounded vaguely familiar but he could not figure out where. All he knew now was that he was an incredibly strong demon whose power matched Sensui, and he had the Sacred Energy. Tora Akuma was going to be a serious threat. His words about Amanda’s mother proved that. And his past was coming back. The woman, she had the same chi of the woman who threw him off he Koorime glacier so many years ago. (A/n if you know about Hiei’s past, then you know who I’m talking about. If not, then just hang tight. All will be explained in the next chapter.)

It went on like this for a couple of hours. Kuwabara occasionally getting up for something to drink or eat much to the protest of Kurama but Yusuke explained that they were allowed to help themselves here. But by now, Hiei was getting impatient.

“Lets just take the baka onna and go.” He said. “She can mope all she wants to then.”

Both Yusuke and Kuwabara gave him a cold look.

“Hiei, her mother just died. According to Yusuke, she has no family left.” /unlike you/ Kurama told him, ending in thought-speak. (A/n: yeah “thought-speak” sounds kinda lame and is from animorphs but I couldn’t think of anything else at the time. Ill try to change it later.)

The room fell silent with only the sound of students outside, running from their school. Today was a minimum day, due to it being the last day before break, so it was only 12:45. Soft footsteps and the creak of the door broke the silence.

It was Amanda. Her emerald eyes were red and swollen from crying. Unbeknownst to the others, she had found with some surprise that her tears had solidified into some kind of gem. She walked over and sat down between to Kuwabara and Kurama.

“If you need more time, you can go back.” Yusuke said in a gentle tone that the others had never heard him use before. She shook her head.

“I’m okay.” She replied. “Besides, I think he was getting a little impatient.” She added, turning to Hiei who looked away. “What’s your name?”

“Hn.” Hiei replied.

“That’s Hiei.” Yusuke replied. “He doesn’t talk much-”

“Unless to insult you.” Kuwabara interrupted.

“Right. So…” Yusuke began again.

“Or grunt.” Kuwabara interrupted again. Yusuke shoved his face into the floor.

“So don’t be offended if he does. He’s that way to everybody.” Yusuke finally finished. He then turned to Kuwabara. “Is that the only way to shut you up?” A groan was the only answer. Amanda couldn’t help but let out a giggle. They always knew how to cheer her up no matter what the situation was.

“As you already know, my name is Shuichi Mina…” Kurama began.

“Not to be rude, but I don’t think that’s your real name.” Amanda said. Kurama smiled. “You are correct actually. In my former life, I was known as the demon fox, Youko Kurama. You can call me what you prefer.” Hiei cleared his throat as to get the others attention. Yusuke and Kurama turned to him and he stood up and left the room.

“Excuse us.” Kurama told Amanda. She nodded. Kuwabara meanwhile had gotten off of the floor and looked curiously at Yusuke and Kurama. Yusuke rolled his eyes and left the room after Hiei. Kurama motioned him to follow suit and left. When they all reached the entryway, Kurama got right to the point.

“What’s wrong Hiei?” he asked.

“Lets just say it’s about the ningen woman’s death.” He replied.

“Well don’t leave us in the dark!” Yusuke said impatiently. Hiei glared at the half-ningen before continuing.

“It wasn’t a regular “what-you-call-hit-and-run” accident. There were those third-rate demon idiots at the wheel.”

“Those demons that set Yusuke and Kuwabara up after the Four Saint Beasts incident?” Kurama inquired. (A/n: if ur confused, then read yu yu hakusho #5)

“Those pug uglies!” Kuwabara exclaimed.

“Shut up you moron!” Yusuke hissed. “Amanda’s still out there!” Kuwabara was about to make a well-chosen comment when Hiei continued with his story.

“I followed them down an alley where there was another demon…its power was almost to the S-class but I have a feeling it was holding back some of its power.” Yusuke and Kuwabara gasped while Kurama’s eyes widened slightly. “He said his name was Tora Akuma and had targeted Amanda’s mother. He is now after Amanda.”

“What about the Kakai barrier?” Yusuke asked.

“It’s possible that there is a deficiency in the net.” Kurama said thoughtfully.

“Could some psychic cannibals be trying to open it up again?” Kuwabara asked more to himself.

“You really are a dip. ‘Some psychic cannibals.’” Yusuke said mockingly.

“Aww shaddup, Urameshi! Why I oughta-”

“Kurama, you said that you could sense huge amounts of untapped power inside Amanda. Do you know what form it will take?” Yusuke asked, deciding to change the subject.

“I do not know what form it will take. All I know is that it will be similar to yours.” He answered.

“A stick?” Hiei asked sarcastically.

“For the last time,” Kuwabara said through gritted teeth, “It’s a sword! S-O-W-R-D!” Yusuke started snickering.

“The hell’s so funny Urameshi!”

“Learn to spell.” Yusuke told him. Kuwabara turned red in the face as he realized his mistake.

“Quiet you fools.” Hiei hissed. He then turned to Kurama as the others quieted down. “Where will the girl stay?”

“Her name is Amanda, Hiei and as for your question, I think that Master Genkai’s would be a safe place.” Kurama responded.

“She doesn’t have any relatives so that seems okay.” Yusuke added.

“Hn.” Hiei sounded. Kuwabara nodded.

There was a creak in the doorway to the entryway. The four Spirit Detectives turned to see an astonished and frightened looking Amanda who had listened to their every word.

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