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"Hey, you with the big fish ears, I got a bone to pick with you. How does a dead guy win!?"

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Left in the Shadows

by Hieinokoishi



Amanda Kazehito: She has emerald eyes and black hair that go two inches past her shoulders.

Tora Akuma “Tiger Devil” Midnight blue eyes and hair that goes to ears.


It was foggy. Fog so thick the girl couldn’t even see the road in front of her. It wasn’t so much as fog but more like she wasn’t there. Wasn’t meant to see it. “It” was a woman walking across the large street when a speeding car collided into her body. The offending car put on an extra burst of speed and took off. Running up to the woman, she gently moved her coal black hair, much like her own, and gasped. She recognized the face to be her own mother, dead.

14 year old Amanda Kazehito awoke with a start. She had been having this dream for over two months now, ever since she moved to Japan where her parents were born. At least that’s what her mom said. Ever since she was old enough to ask, her parents would avoid the questions about her heritage. And when her father died when she was five, her mom forbade her to ask anything having to do with him.

Amanda looked at her clock. It was 8:45a.m.She cursed under her breath for waking up late yet again. Her mom left early to work and neither Yusuke nor Kuwabara were going to wait for longer than 10 minutes after 8:30a.m. Jumping out of bed, she got ready for school, grabbed her backpack and a piece of toast and ran out the door hoping to catch up with her friends. What she didn’t know was that her life would be turned completely around in a matter of hours.

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