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by yaminogame

Chapter Five: "The Foxes Rage"

I will not allow Sagashi to hurt anyone else I care for! A burning flame engulfed the boy’s heart as anger and rage consumed the usually calm fox.

The scarlet headed boy pushed the covers off of him, hopped out of bed, and rose to his feet. His sudden action shocked the blue headed girl, her hands slide off of his, forcefully. Botan stared up at him, speechless. A hint of confusion glimmered in her eyes. Her confusion turned to worry when she saw the fox demon clutch his stomach, wincing with pain. The girl gasped, “Kurama you shouldn’t get up so suddenly. Your wounds still haven’t healed yet!” She scolded him and hurried to his side.

Kurama held his arm out, telling the girl to stop. The fox demon straightened up as the pain subsided. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry,” he said reassuringly but all the while he did not look at her. His voice had some what changed. It did not have a gentle tone, as it usually had, but instead was harsh and demanding.

A hurt look washed over the ferry girl. “Kurama…?” Botan whispered, clutching her fist, raising it to her now throbbing heart.

Kurama walked over to a red chair, which next to the bed he had been lying on. He picked up the light green blood stained dress shirt he had been wearing earlier today and put it on. He then bent over and put his shoes on.

“Where are you going!” Botan cried as the boy made his way to the doorway. He reached his hand out to grab the doorknob but paused.

Kurama spoke, “I’m going…” He paused again closing his eyes. Then reopened them, turning his head towards the girl, “…going to STOP him!” His eyes appeared to be cold and full of anger.

“What!?” Botan screamed, disbelieving. “No! You’re too injured!”

“I have to. He has to be stopped.” With that the red headed demon opened the door and walked into the hall, leaving a shaken Botan speechless.

The girl stared at his disappearing figure as he moved farther and farther away. Soon he was out of sight. Soft thumps sounded in the house as the boy made his way down stairs and through the living room. Then there was a louder noise as the entrance door closed behind him.

“Kurama…” His name escaped the deity’s lips.

He can’t win…not like…this…

Botan ran through the hall into the living room. She hurriedly made her way to the closet, opened the door, and grabbed her jacket. She put it on with hast. She dashed to the door, swung it open, and slammed it shut behind her.

His heart is too full of rage…

She jumped down the pouch steps. Botan moved her head side to side, scanning the area with her eyes for the red head as she ran down the street. But he was no where in sight, the boy was already gone.

The cold night air was chilly but that wouldn’t stop the determined girl. She was set on her own ordeal and nothing could stop her.

I have to find him…

Botan continued to run, searching for the fox. Her blue pony tail bounced up and down behind her. With each step she took her heart rate increased as fear devoured her.

I have to stop him…


Kurama ran down the city block in search of the demon’s scent. He had already ran almost five blocks and still nothing. Where is he! the fox thought. Revenge, revenge for hurting the people he loved was the only thing on his mind. A burning hatred had consumed him and continued to pull him into it’s fiery depths. The boy turned the corner, heading towards an enclosed area surrounded by large trees.

Where…? The red headed boy gasped. The scent of the bounty hunter, Sagashi, drifted through the soft breeze. Kurama could feel the demonic energy of the creature. There!

Kurama followed the scent of the shadow man deep into a forest like area. The smell of pines was heavy in the air, making it difficult to pin point the exact location of Sagashi. Kurama came to a halt. He sniffed the air to try to pick up the demon’s scent again as it had been lost. The fox boy lifted his head for a better whiff. When he found it he set off running in a different direction.

A black silhouette appeared in the distance. The closer Kurama got to it the bigger the figure grow. Kurama teetered to a fast stop, about two yards away from the figure.

So we meet again, Kurama,” the dark creature said, a grin spreading across his lips.

“It would appear so, Sagashi,” Kurama said, coldly. He glared at the hunter, the flame of anger flickered in his mind.

How’d you find me so fast?” The hunter questioned.

The fox closed his eyes. “It was easy,” he answered. Reopening his eyes he said, “Your awful stench lead me right to you.”

The bounty hunter snickered softly. “I guess it would be easy for a fox to track down its prey, huh?

People like me could use someone with that ability. It’ll make it easy to track down the bounty. But I’m retired now.” He shot a deadly glare at Kurama. “And my only objective is to kill you! You, the only one who ever escaped my grasp!

Kurama chuckled softly. “I’d like to see you try. You couldn’t defeat me then, what makes you think you can now?”

Sagashi began to laugh as well. At first it was a small chuckle but soon it grew into a hysterical laughter. “Heh, heh, I’m sorry Kurama,” he apologized as he calmed himself down. “ut it’s just so funny.” He continued to laugh.

The fox boy stared at the demon, a hint of confusion rested in his eyes. “Explain.”

Sagashi stopped the insaneness and said, “I can defeat you. I know your weakness.

“Weakness? And what is my weakness?”

Love. Love for those worthless humans!” A blinding ball of light appeared as a figure also emerged. It was that of a women’s. She hung still, her arms and feet dangled in the air, a few inches off the ground. She floated in the air just above the hunters hands, which were out stretched as if he was really holding her. “Recognize this woman, Shuichi?

Horror. The very glance of the woman made the chilly cold of horror wash over the fox demon. He did recognize the woman, the woman he loved deeply. He couldn’t possibly forgot about her. For she was the one who had taught him how to love. The boy’s words were caught in his throat. The fear of losing her was too much. “Mo-mother!” Kurama cried. Rage devoured him. He took a step forward, towards her.

Sagashi waved his index finger side to side. “Tsk, tsk, tsk.” he scolded the boy. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I could slit her throat before you even could get close enough to touch her.

Kurama stopped. He hung his head. Guilt rested upon his heart for letting someone else he cared so much about get hurt because of him.

Kurama glared at Sagashi cursing himself for not protecting Shiori.

Before we began out little brawl, we should say hello to out new guest.” He said extending a long finger, pointing to something behind the fox.

What…? Kurama turned around. A familiar blue headed female stared back at him. Fear seemed to boil in her glistening purple orbs. The girl breathed heavily, her shoulders contracted up and down with each deep breath she took. Exhaustion was plastered on her face, as sweat dripped down her forehead. Kurama’s eyes softened seeing the girl, but worry and anger soon surfaced once again. “Botan! What are you doing here!?” he asked half worried and half angry.

“I have to tell you something…”she huffed. Her knees weakened and the girl collapsed onto the grass, still gasping for air. No doubt she had over exceeded her limit.

“Botan!” Kurama said taking a running step towards the exhausted girl.

I wouldn’t do that,” Sagashi said. His words froze the fox with an unknowing fear. “I still possess your human mother. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, would you?

Kurama glared back at the demon with angry eyes.

Shall we began?” Sagashi asked walking towards the boy. Shiori still floated in the air just inches above the ground.

“Yes,” Kurama replied. He drew a rose from his scarlet hair. It transformed into a whip almost instantly.

Out of the corner of his eye he stole a glance at the blue haired deity. Her small body was still laying on the grassy ground. He knew she had over exerted herself from running after him. Botan…I’ll make sure he pays for worrying you so.

I’ll start!” the figure said. A glowing purple aura began to surround his hand as a ball of light shot out, aimed at the fox. Kurama jumped, doing a back flip, to evade the attack.

Kurama ran towards the shadow man, full of rage. He slashed at the hunter with his rose whip. The demon stepped to the side barely missing the blow. Sagashi laughed slightly angering the fox. Kurama slashed at him again and again but each time Sagashi moved out of the way just in time. The burning flame in the red head’s heart grew, anger and rage feeding it. Why can’t I hit him! Kurama screamed in his mind. Why is it that all my attacks are evaded!!

“Kurama…” Botan whispered still laying on the ground. A tear twinkled down her cheek. “You can’t win like this…” She lifted her head to see the boy in battle with the bounty hunter.

The hunter shot another ball of purple energy at Kurama. This time the fox was taken by surprise. The ball slammed into him blasting him backwards. Kurama hit the ground and skidded against the grass, slowly coming to a stop. He lied there, not getting up, starring up at the trees and blue sky. Another ball came towards him. Kurama didn’t bulge and the blast hit him head on. A short scream echoed.

Sagashi laughed, “See, you can not beat me! My powers are invincible! I can read your every thought. I’ll be able to tell your every move before you even do it. My emotion reading powers are unstoppable.

I can’t win…The fox slowly closed his eyes.

“Ku…ra…ma…”Botan huffed. She slowly pulled her body towards the boy, using some of her remaining strength. Sagashi watched her intently, following her movements. Seeing where she was headed, he formed an energy ball in his hand. It shot towards her, hitting the girl in the side. A small scream escaped Botan’s lips. She stared at the red head. Rolling on her stomach she began to crawl across the grassy surface. When she reached him she rested beside Kurama.

The girl pushed herself up into a sitting position. She gazed down at the boy. Botan placed her hand on his cheek. His eyes fluttered open. He starred up at her, then he turned his head away.

“I can’t win,” he whispered. “He knows everything I’m thinking, everything I’m going to do. He even knows my weakness, I don’t---”

But he was cut off as Botan placed her index finger on top of his lips, quieting him. “Ssshhh,” she whispered. She turned his head to gaze upon her. A delicate smile graced her lips. The girl moved her finger, placing her palm on his cheek, caressing it. Kurama stared at her.

She leaned down, her lips near his ear. She softly whispered into it in a gentle voice, “But you do know his weakness.” Kurama’s eyes widened. “I know you can beat him. Your true strength lies within her heart.”

The girl brushed her lips against his check. “Please be careful. I care for you so much. I don’t want you to get hurt. I believe in you. I know you can win…” With that the girl’s body became limb as she fell into unconsciousness.

“Botan!” Kurama cried as he sat up. Noticing she was all right, just a sleep he placed the girl on the soft grass. “I understand now.” Kurama rose to his feet. I can’t let anger and hatred rule my heart. Love is much more powerful…

To be continued…

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.