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Hiei's First Christmas

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Five

On the walk home, Kurama thinks about Hiei's letter. It's still snowing outside. But with the thought of Hiei's love, Kurama warms himself up.

"Aishiteru....." It's hard to believe that someone in Hiei's nature was capable of feelings. And yet, I'm the sole purpose of why he feels. I'm the reason he stays here in the Ningenkai. All this time, he had been in love with me. Of all the years I've known him, I never saw it. I never saw the signs he was projecting towards me. I was blind to his emotions, to his actions. How could I have missed something so important when it was right in front of me the entire time?

Before he knew it, Kurama's thoughts had lead him to his apartment. Piles of snow rested on top of the roof of the building. The area surrounding Kurama, once a shining green, is now a pale white. "Hiei's inside my apartment....I can feel his ki."

He walks to his apartment door and puts his hand on the doorknob. But he's hesitant to turn it.

What's wrong with me? I know Hiei wasn't joking about his confession. I believe he really does love me. But....I'm still having doubts. What if he just used those few lines of brilliant poetry to weaken me, soften me. So he could just crush me and my entire spirit....

Kurama reflects back on past memories with Hiei. He thinks back to all the fights he and Hiei have fought together. Indeed, he and Hiei had gotten into many fights, all of which were very important. Kurama and Hiei had no doubt placed each other's lives into one another's hands. Not only that, but both were willing to sacrifice their lives to save the other's. Such trust could only be formed in a very tight friendship. Hiei and Kurama had gained that friendship and over the years, it grew and grew. The bonds they shared could never be broken, no matter what gets in their way.

"I trust him.....I trust Hiei....." Kurama repeats those words many times. It gives him the strength and courage to turn the knob and enter his apartment.

Kurama's eyes met the inside of his place. He could feel Hiei's ki all over it. Kurama closes the door behind him and makes his way to his own bedroom. The door was closed, very unusual. He usually keeps it open. After all, why should he have to close it? He lives alone and no one goes though his stuff. Kurama takes a deep breath and opens the door to his bedroom.

Upon entering, Kurama sees that everything was very abnormal. On his bed, were tons of red rose petals, scattered all over the sheets. Candles were lit all around the dark room, each with a black flame, Hiei's black flame. The room was filled of the aroma of roses and other combinations of flowers were spread out all over the floor. It was difficult to walk without stepping on any of the beautiful flowers. It was, a beautiful sight to behold. Aside from the giant lump that lies in the middle of the bed underneath the covers.

Kurama walks to his bed, trying to avoid stepping on the flowers, and stares at the lump. His curiousity forces him to remove the covers from atop it.

There lies Hiei, curled up in a ball, asleep. With all the work he's done perfecting the romantic room into what it was, he had fallin asleep on the bed. Happiness overwhelmed Kurama. The sight of the sleeping koorime makes him smile. He had never seen anything more cuter in his entire kitsune life than the sleeping fire youkai.

I shouldn't wake him. He looks so peaceful and it would be like a crime to wake him from such a deep slumber. Kurama removes his shirt and climbs into bed with Hiei. He then grabs Hiei and holds him, cradles him. Hiei's head placed on Kurama's warm, bare chest. A slow, steady, kitsune heartbeat can be heard in the silent room. The teargem necklace dangles from Kurama's neck and in front of Hiei's young face. Kurama holds Hiei close to him and pulls the sheets towards him, covering them both. With his last breath of life before he falls asleep, he utters the words Hiei has yearned to hear since the day they met. " little Hiei."


The end! wasn't that fun boys and girls? anyway, hope u liked it, it took me a while to think up and write and type and such. with school hanging over my head and such. i have written another fanfic with Sesshoumaru from InuYasha. but that has my made-up character Teku in it and you guys don't really know her. if ya ever interested, e-mail me and i'll send ya the link. Hope u enjoyed ur stay at "Hiei's First Christmas" and.....well......laterz!! ^_^

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