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Hiei's First Christmas

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Four

"To Kurama and everyone else,

Instead of attending the party, I'll write you a letter instead. I can't risk another event like Halloween..."

"Geez, Hiei sure can't let things go. It was just a joke!" Yusuke exclaims.

"Quiet dimwit," said Genkai to Yusuke. "Continue please Kurama."

"....Up until now, I had no idea of this Christmas. But Yukina told me about it. She told me that it was the season of giving and that everyone was happy. Happiness.....something I'm not used to. I didn't really want to get into the spirit, seemed like a stupid ningen holiday to me. But recently, I found out that there's more to what Yukina had told me. I found out that not only are gifts given out, but people get together and spend time together. It's about friendship, family, and love. Everything I've never had...until now. You people have shown me friendship. And yet, I thought someone of my personality wasn't meant for friends. I've always thought friendship was just a crutch for the weak. Man, was I wrong. Friendship gives people strength and makes them do things they never thought possible. I'm glad I was blessed with friendship with you all. The bonds between us will never be broken.

"A selected few have really showed me the path to happiness. dear sweet showed me family. I have searched many years for you. I took up sword fighting for you. I got the Jagan implanted in my forehead for you. And I strived to become stronger, just for you. I did all those things so I could protect you. I wanted to protect you always so you wouldn't have to live my past. If you had, you would have seen how cruel the world really is. But you didn't. Your life turned out better than mine. And I wish you the best. Oh yes, by the way, this goes out to Kuwabara. If you're going to be seeing Yukina, you had better come to me first. I want her to have the best, to have everything I never did. You had better provide that for her. It's an older brother's duty to protect his little sister. That's exactly what I'm doing. dear little happy....."

"" Yukina has a rush of emotions. Every one hitting her in a constant rush that she can't pinpoint an exact one. "Can it be true....." Yukina is in her own little world.

Kurama continues to read Hiei's letter.

"You guys have shown me friendship and Yukina has shown me family. All that's left is the love. Only one person has actually succeeded in winning my complete trust and made me have emotions. Only one person has ever given me a reason to live, a purpose in life after I have found my sister. No, it's not Mukuro. The person who melted my ice cold Kurama. (Gasp!) Kurama made me want to stay in the Ningenkai. Anyone who knows me very well will know that I dislike ningens. But Kurama gave me a reason to stay. He is the reason why I'm here. I went through the Ningenkai, knowing that Kurama was right there by my side. He would never leave me alone in a place I didn't want to be in. It's one of the great qualities in Kurama. He would stay by your side, he's very heart warming, and not to mention beautiful. One look into those gorgeous emerald eyes can make your heart skip a beat. At that moment, you can't help but love him and won't want to let him go to anyone else. (Kurama smiles at that remark.) They say it takes one hour to like someone, one day to fall in love with them, and an eternity to forget them. I have been fortunate to get the chance to spend many of my days with a wonderful person like Kurama. And on every one of those days, I have fallin in love over and over and over again. sweet, gentle kitsune....I have fallin in love with you. I have reflected on past times and I'm certain of this. were my first first comrade...and are my first love. First love is always your true love. You have become my true love Kurama. It took me many years to realize that. And so, I leave you with what's in the black box. This item is more suited for my sister. But since I gave her my deep dark secret, I shall give you another item, one that's closest to my heart. My most prized possession and I give it to you.

Merry Christmas to you all.

And Kurama......aishiteru.


Everyone is speechless. A look of shock and confusion is on everyone's face. Especially on Kurama's and Yukina's. All is silent till Yusuke speaks. "Who knew Hiei was capable of such sweet words."

"Ya. Didn't know the little guy had it in him." Kuwabara looks at Yukina. "Yukina-chan? Are you alright?"

"A dream.....this must be a dream....." Yukina is talking to herself.

"She doesn't believe that Hiei is her brother," said Botan.

Everyone's eyes drifts from Yukina to Kurama. Kurama's still staring at the letter, at the words Hiei had left him. He is completely unsure of how to react.

Kurama, aishiteru...aishiteru......I love you.....Is it true? Does Hiei really love me? Kurama can hardly believe it himself.

"Kurama?" asks Yusuke.

"Huh?" Kurama snaps back into reality. "What?"

"What Hiei you think it's true? About him being in love with you?" Yusuke looks at Kurama with seriousness.

"I don't know. Hiei has been known to lie. Why would this be any different?" Kurama has some doubts about Hiei's confession. He doesn't know whether or not to believe him. Perhaps he told him he loved him just to make him soft. And then he'd crush him. But....he told Yukina that he's her brother. And telling someone you love them....such a confession you wouldn't lie about. Lying to his friend and comrade about his feeling of love wasn't in Hiei's nature. He wouldn't lie about something like that. "I guess there's only one way to find out."

"You're gonna open the box? The box Hiei left you?" asks Kuwabara.

"Yes. Afterall, it is a gift for me from Hiei. Why not?" Kurama looks down at the box in his hand. It's so small that it covers half of his entire palm. Setting the letter down, Kurama prepares himself to open the box. Everyone looks at him in awe. What could be inside this box?

With his elegant fingers, he opens the box. What lies in it is....a teargem....his mother's teargem. Hiei gave Kurama his Hiraseki stone necklace, his treasure. "Oh my God......" Kurama looks at the jewel in amazement. Never in all his kitsune years had he seen something so beautiful. Sure, he's seen it before. But it never shined so brightly as it was doing now. The glistening of the stone makes it more beautiful.

Kurama picks up the necklace and dangles it in front of his face. Yukina looks at it with such focus. "That's exactly like mine...." Yukina takes off from her neck a necklace, identical to Kurama's. She holds it in her soft palm. "That explains it. Hiei-sama really is my brother...."

"....and Hiei really does love me."

Kurama and Yukina both share the same feelings, shock and relief.

"It's what you two have always wanted," said Koenma, breaking the silence. "Yukina, you've always wanted to find your brother. Kurama, you've always wanted Hiei himself. Am I right?"

"Yes," replies Yukina.

"True." Kurama puts the necklace around his neck.

"This Christmas turned out to be good, don't you think?" Koenma smiles.

"Hai," responds both Yukina and Kurama simultaniously.

It takes a good couple of minutes for the new information to sink in.

"So what are you going to do now?" Botan asks Kurama.

"I suppose I'll go home. With all this shock and excitement, I need to rest." Kurama stands up. "Thank you all for the lovely gifts. I'll come pick them up tomorrow."

"Don't mention it. Now go see Hiei, he's waiting for you." Shizuru remains seated and is still a little bit drunk. "Too bad the two of us didn't work out Kurama. I could have shown you a good time."

Kurama chuckles. "Yes. Goodbye." He leaves the temple. Everyone else stays and talks to Yukina about her feelings on the discovery.

One chapter down, one more to go. Hope ur enjoying it so far. i wouldn't have wanted to bore you with it and waste ur time. oh yesh, Hiei loves Kurama, anyone see that coming? and Hiei tells Yukina that he's her bro! wow, excitement in a bottle! actually, more like excitement in a little black box. oh and about the last part of Shizuru and Kurama, in a fanfic i wrote but never showed to anyone, Shizuru and Kurama got together. but, things didn't work out. I have nothing against Shizuru and it just seemed like a nice touch to make her a little bit drunk while everyone else was just slightly hungover. apparently, some people can't hold their liquor and end up passing out. That's what happened. Anywho, one more chapter, promise.

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