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Hiei's First Christmas

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Three

It begins to snow outside of Genkai's temple. Everyone was there for the party. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Yukina, Botan, Keiko, Shizuru, Genkai, Puu, and even Koenma was there. Koenma had taken some time off from stamping papers.

"It's snowing outside. Powder sweetness falling from the sky......" Kurama sits with everyone and stares outside, like Hiei would usually do.

"Yes. I hope Hiei-sama will be okay in it. It does get cold sometimes." Yukina sounded genuinely concerned.

"Oh, the shrimp will be fine. He is a fire demon after all. He can keep himself warm." Kuwabara puts an arm over Yukina's shoulder. "Why don't we pass the time and keep warm at the same time by opening our gifts now?"

"That's an excellent idea Kazuma! Should we everyone?" Yukina reverted from concerned to excited.

"Sounds good to me," said Keiko. She's sitting down and Yusuke's laying on her lap.

"Ya. Heh, you'll love my gift Keiko." Yusuke looks up at Keiko with his mischievous face he loves so much.

Everyone opens each other's gifts. Very interesting gifts were given out. Yusuke gives Keiko crotchless panties. She ends up embarrassed, only to find out that it was a gag gift. Yusuke had really gotten her that nice gold bracelet she had wanted for so long. But the usual were given out. Kurama got lots of seeds and hair supplies (shampoo, brushes, ya kno, the works). Genkai got plenty of tea to last a lifetime. Keiko got some hair ribbons and cute outfits. Yusuke and Kuwabara both got like, an endless supply of hair gel for their hair. (Kurama still tells them that the gel is not good for their hair). Botan got a mini sander for her oar and a new, cute kimono. Yukina got a nice sweater from Kuwabara. He figured it would get cold around Genkai's temple and that she may need it. Shizuru got nicotine gum so she could quit smoking. Koenma got a real pacifier (you can guess that one came from Yusuke) and a new ink pad for work. And little Puu got some bird seed. All in all, everyone got what they wanted.

Outside Genkai's temple, Hiei stands in the snow.

The temple....But should I really go through with it? Perhaps I should just leave, just to avoid embarrassment....

Hiei holds in his hand a little black box. He had swiped it from some person when they weren't looking. In front of the box rests a piece of paper with his writing on it. He looks down at it and smiles. I do want to see his reaction. But I don't want anyone else to know....

Snow continues to drift down as Hiei walks towards the temple. He tries to stay as quiet as possible so he won't draw any attention to himself. Silently and carefully, he makes his way to the front of the house where everyone was at.

"I think I'll go out and get Hiei. He must be freezing outside." Kurama stands up and brushes himself off. He looks down at everyone, all but Genkai and himself are passed out on the floor. They had played a drinking game called "I Never", just to pass the time. One person says something and if you've done it, you take a shot of alcohol. Everyone learned something new from one another. They passed out because of too much sake. Apparently, everyone's done something wild in their time.

"No need to Kurama," responds Genkai, sipping her tea. "He's right outside."

"Huh?" Kurama turns around and looks at the sliding door. He sees a certain black shadow, bout 5 feel tall with spikey hair we all love. "Hiei!" He rushes quickly to the door and opens it. "You're here!"

Damn..... Hiei had hoped no one would see him.

"I can't believe it. You actually came." Kurama was so happy, he could cry. Seeing Hiei brought him more joy than all the gifts he got combined.

"Here." Hiei shoves the little black box in front of Kurama.

"Hm?" Kurama looks down at it. "What is it?"

"Just take it. You don't need to ask questions." Hiei sounded demanding. He really wanted Kurama to take it.

"Is it....a gift.....for me?" Kurama takes the box with the paper, surprised.

"Perhaps." In the blink of an eye, Hiei vanishes.

"Hiei wait!" Kurama was left depressed. He had thought Hiei had come to the party. When he really came to give him the tiny box.

The noise Kurama made wakes everyone up. "What he hell Kurama? Why you got to be so loud?" asked Yusuke yawning.

Kurama turns around and looks at Yusuke. "Hiei....he was here."

"Hiei-sama?! Hiei-sama was here?!" Yukina sounded surprised. "How long ago?"

"A few moments ago. He left right before you woke up." Kurama looks at Yukina with sadness.

"Oh...I wish he could have stayed. I had made him something." Yukina mimics Kurama's expression. She had missed the one thing she had been looking forward to all night.

"Speaking of which, what's that you got in your hand Kurama?" Botan asked.

"Oh, it's something Hiei had given me before he left just now. It looks like it came with a note." Kurama looks down at the two items in his hand.

"Why don't you read it? Let's see what shorty has to say." Kuwabara rests his head on Yukina's shoulder, still feeling kinda hungover.

Kurama rejoins the group and sits down. He unfolds the paper and begins to read.

Chapter 3 ish complete! Happy Happy Joy Joy!! aww, why didn't Hiei stay? perhaps someone was gonna kiss him under the mistletoe...lolz, nah. it was an idea of mine but i had no way of fitting it in. hm...a note from Hiei and a little black box...what could be on the note i wonder...

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