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Hiei's First Christmas

By Minamino Teku

Chapter Two

Kurama prepares his gifts that he's going to bring to the party. It's a lot to carry, seeing as how he got something for everyone, including Puu. Kurama, like Yukina, likes Christmas and is happy when he gives something out. He doesn't care about getting presents, he gets enough from his customers at his step-father's work. Perhaps the reason why he gives so much is so he could repent from all the items he stole when he was Youko in the Makai. Whatever the reason, Kurama gives gifts to his friends, as well as his love for them.

"Okay. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Keiko, Botan, Genkai, Shizuru, Yukina, Puu, Koenma, Hiei...I think that's it. I should get going or I'll be late."

Kurama stacks up the boxes and lifts them. Heavier than I thought...

He walks towards his bedroom door. With his hands full, he cannot open the door. "Damn."

"...Are you in need of some assistance kitsune?"

It was Hiei. He had come in through Kurama's window. Apparently, Kurama had forgotten to shut it.

"Hm?" Kurama turns around sharply. "Hiei!" The sight of his friend shocks Kurama and causes him to lose his balance. He trips over himself and falls. The tons of gifts fall right on top of him and bury him. Only one arm and leg is free. "Ouch..." Kurama had become very ditzy when it came to Hiei.

Hiei smiles, very rare for someone of his character. His fallin friend makes him give a little chuckle.

"I heard that Hiei!" Kurama points at him, despite the fact that he's buried. "I heard that laugh! Don't think I didn't."

"Hn. Baka no kitsune." Hiei walks over to the pile of presents smothering his friend and looks down at them. "You alright?"

Kurama smiles, though he's underneath a bunch of gifts. He cares about sweet. "Ya, I'm fine. I think my spine just exploded but I'm okay." (If you read JTHM, you'll see i got that quote from there.)

"Good to hear." How mischievious Hiei is. Instead of helping his dear friend up, he sits on top of the pile of presents, adding weight to it and crushing Kurama even more.

"Gah...being crushed...get off Hiei!" Kurama's fine, he and Hiei are just very playful with each other.

"Hn. Not a chance kitsune." A little smirk appears on Hiei's face. He's just so proud he's sitting on Kurama.


A few minutes later, Hiei gets bored. Kurama no longer complains about the weight that has been bestowed upon his body.

"Ok kitsune. I'll get off now. You must be sick of me on you." Though I'd love to be on you all the time, without the gifts of course. Hiei gets off and stands over his friend. "You could get up now."

No response. "Kurama?" Hiei sounded a little concerned.

No response. "Baka no kitsune. Don't think you can fool me with your no responding" No youkai energy, Hiei only knows of 2 reasons why that could be. Either Kurama was masking it...or that he's....dead. "Kurama..." The thought of death made Hiei completely forget about the first reason.

"Don't trick me kitsune." Hiei leans down and starts to remove the gifts from Kurama's body. "C'mon." When he finished removing the gifts, he sees Kurama's limp body. His eyes are closed and tongue is half out. (can so tell he's played but Hiei doesn't know)

Hiei leans his head above Kurama's face to see if he's breathing. "Hello?" He pokes his face, no response. "But how...he could clearly breathe from underneath all that rubbish. How can you die from that?!" Hiei sits up straight.

He was too busy rambling on about the 'death' that he failed to see that Kurama was still alive. Kurama opens his eyes, sits up, and hugs Hiei quickly. "Aww! My giant plushie!!"

"Gah! Let go! You tricked me!" Hiei was more angered than depressed. Actually, he wasn't depressed at all. He was confused.

"I sure did!" Kurama smiles. He turns Hiei around, still hugging him, and messes with his hair.

"My hair! Stop that!" Hiei struggles but cannot get out of Kurama's grip.

" plushie's hair is too wild. I must fix it!" Kurama messes with Hiei's hair some more.

"Don't call me that! I am not your plushie, whatever that is!" Hiei sounded very angry.

"Ya you are. You're my very own Hiei plushie." Kurama hugs Hiei even tighter. "So soft and cute." He sniffs the back of Hiei's head. "And needs a bath."

"Shut up! Stupid fox!" Hiei struggles just enough to get free from Kurama's grasp.

Kurama chuckles. "Relax Hiei. I'm just playing around." He starts to pick up the gifts and stack them.

"Ya well, it's annoying. Not to mention cruel." Hiei stands in front of Kurama, staring at him with annoyance in his crimson eyes. He starts to fix his hair, not that Kurama messed it up that bad.

"No worries Hiei. I don't do it often. Besides, you're just the right size." Kurama doesn't normally make fun of Hiei for his height. That job belongs to Kuwabara. But since the Reikai Tantei is no more, Kurama and Hiei have some free time. Though Hiei has Mukuro back home in the Makai, he can't handle being apart from the one person he loves more than anything in all the worlds.

"Hn." That's what Hiei thinks of that remark. "So I see you're going to his Christmas party."

Kurama stands up, holding the gifts in his arms. "That's right. You should attend too. It would really make Yukina happy if you do."

"I see." Hiei looks down at Kurama's navy blue carpet. "And what about you?"

Kurama attempts to open his bedroom doot but can't. "About me what?"

Hiei walks to the door and opens it for Kurama. "How would you feel if I came?" He continues to stare at the ground, but this time, at Kurama's feet.

Kurama senses the fear in Hiei when he said those few words. Why would he frightened to ask me that?

"I would be happy if you could come too. But, that's your decision. Who am I to force you like I did at Halloween?"

Grr...Halloween... Hiei flashed back to that day and the bunny. "Damn bunny...."

Kurama smiles at that remark. Hiei looked even cuter to him with that bunny suit on. "Hope you attend Hiei. It's no fun without you." He walks out his bedroom door and down the stairs. He then sets the gifts down on the counter, opens the front door, grabs the gifts, and walks out. "Close the door and window, would you Hiei? Thanks." Kurama leaves his apartment. Hiei is alone once again.

It'll make Kurama happy should I attend..... But still, how can I trust him? I do still trust him. But after that costume incident, I don't know anymore.

Hiei thinks for many moments. He walks down the same stairs Kurama was just at not to long ago. He walks to the front door. Kurama's not the type to repeat old tricks.'s just that...Yusuke and the idiot... He closes the door. What will they pull on me this time? There's only one way to find out.

Hiei quickly jumps back up to Kurama's room and leaves out the window, closing it behind him. He disappears into the sky.

Joy joy joy! The second chapter! i think i'm getting the hang of this. oh yesh, Kurama hugging Hiei and calling him my plushie ish one of my personal fantasies. Hiei's so small it'd be so cute! and Hiei in a bunny costume, kawaii no? anywho, hope u enjoyed it. ^_^

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