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by Dhanlibotan-chan

Number 12

Yusuke: *stands in front of everyone in the sofa. acts kindly* Friends, you're here at my house to celebrate my party. *bows his head* I feel blessed that you are all here today.

*Everybody sweatdrops*

Shizuru: I remember going to a party, and not a house blessing... I think?*lights her cigarette*

Kuwabara: *yawns* We wished you a happy birthday already! Just get on with it Urameshi!

Yusuke: *twitches his lips* What a bunch of impatient people! That was my introduction and I prepared for it. *crosses his arms*

Keiko: *waves her hand lazily* Right...

Yusuke: I can see everyone's been idle for a while, mind if we perk up the mood? *smirks*

Koenma: Hey, what's your plan?

Yusuke: Some fun! And...Er...Draw lots?


Yusuke: But this is DIFFERENT! I prepared challenges!

Kurama: *rolls his eyes* Tell me how would that be different.

Yusuke: Okay, to have a sample. *gets two containers* This container includes your names. And the other contains challenges! *picks from the container* The first challenge is, kiss the person on your left. Very easy, ne?

Hiei: *eyes widen, looks at Yukina then sighs in relief. *

Yusuke: And the lucky one is...*picks from the container* The redhead!

*Kurama is seated on a secluded chair. Next to him is the sofa. Seated on the long sofa are Keiko, Yukina, Botan, Kuwabara, Shizuru, and Koenma. While Hiei is seated on the windowsill, secluded as well.*

Kurama: *looks on his left then smiles* You're asking me to kiss your girlfriend.

Keiko: *blushes profusely*

Yusuke: *looks on Kurama's left, then grits his teeth* STOP BLUSHING KEIKO!

Kurama: *faces Keiko* I'm ready when you are.

Yusuke: *pouts* OKAY Whatever Kurama. You don't need to do the challenge. *crosses his arms*

Kurama: *chuckles* And why?

Yusuke: Because I said it's a SAMPLE. An EXAMPLE. The game will start after my signal!

Kurama: I very well understood that. Just be sure you won't pick up the same challenge again. *smiles innocently*

Yusuke: *annoyed* OKAY OKAY! Begin! *picks from the container* The challenge is, make the person on your right curse and get annoyed.

*They all look on their right.*

*Yusuke picks from the container.* And the one who will do that is...Koenma! Hee~

Koenma: *looks on his right* Ugh, caramel sundae.

Shizuru: Okay you're annoying me already.

Koenma: Don't talk like that! You're gonna die a virgin don't you know that?

Shizuru: *grits her teeth*

Koenma: Or aren't you?

Shizuru: How dare you ASK ME ABOUT VIRGINITY!

Koenma: *faces Botan* Okay Botan give me Shizuru's files so I can divulge her-

Shizuru: Oh yeah I dare you!

Koenma: Let me see... *gropes Shizuru's left breast*

*Everybody is surprised*

Shizuru: DAMN YOU F***ING BASTARD! *punches Koenma hard on the face. He sleeps on the arm of the sofa with circling eyes. *

Kuwabara: Nyay sis, you are-


Kuwabara: NO!

Yusuke: *ROTFLMAO* Koenma should change his job! *picks from the container* The next challenge is, sing and dance the fart exercise with a partner.

Botan: *gasps* Are you out of your mind?

Shizuru: Let him be. *puffs cigarette*

Yusuke: Yeah because it's my birthday today!

Koenma: Yeah...right... *rolls his eyes and sleeps again*

Yusuke: In this challenge,you don't need to embarrass yourself alone. Because I am nice, I'm picking two people! *picks from the container* Kuwabara!

Kuwabara: *slouches* Can you at least give a warning! Oh man...

Yusuke: And...*dips his hand in the container, reads what he picks* ...Hiei!

Kuwabara: *lightens up* Wooohooo! This must be fun after all!

Hiei: *smirks* And you believe I am going to do that? Hn.

Yusuke: Well yeah because it's my birthday!

Hiei: Like it is a good reason.

Yusuke: Of course! Ne, Keiko, Botan, Shizuru, YUKINA? Don't you want to see Hiei do that?

Hiei: *gasps, thinks to himself* Yukina, no. No, no, no. Damn you Spirit Detective!

Yukina: Oh, you don't have to force him Yusuke-kun...

Hiei: *is relieved*

Yukina: ...But...I think it is rare to see Kuwabara-kun and Hiei-kun on the same stage, so for me, I think that would be okay. *smiles*

Keiko & Botan: YES!

Yukina: Would that be okay Hiei-kun?

Hiei: *shouts on his head* NO! *grits his teeth and speaks* Just this once and I'm off.

Yusuke: *smiles widely* Take the front act now!

*Kuwabara and Hiei weakly drag themselves in front. Everybody laughs and giggles. Yusuke sits on the empty space on the sofa**

Hiei: How do you do that shit. *crosses his arms*

Kuwabara: Try to imitate me! *He pushes his arms toward his tummy while singing.* "Let's emit a good sound, energetically emitted..."

Hiei: *does the same but very awkward* Let's emit a good sound... e-nergetically emitted...

Yusuke: Energy, MORE ENERGY! *laughs hard*

Hiei: *clenches his fist and glares at Yusuke. The latter just smiles at him.*

Kuwabara: *throws his arms alternately in the air and sticks out his butt. Puts his hand on his lips then turns around.* "Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~"

Hiei: *eyes widen* What the-

Kuwabara: Just do it!

Hiei: *grits his teeth* "Do. re. mi. fa. p-pu p-pu pu Waa"

Yusuke: *laughs diabolically, ROTFLMAO*

*Everybody laughs*

Kuwabara: *extends his arms like flying on both sides and then does a chicken dance* "No matter is a big one, or a small one,"

Hiei: *extends his arms awkwardly and does the chicken dance* "N-no matter is a big-one, or a small-one..."

Kuwabara: *extends his arms and moves in place from left to right, then sticks out his butt twice* "They are all the same fart anyway"

Hiei: WTF.

Kuwabara: It's almost done! Finish it!

Hiei: *super pissed off. imitates what Kuwabara does*"They are-all the same f-fart anyway..."

Shizuru: You got nice ASS there! *whistles*

Hiei: Shut up virgin.

Shizuru: GRAAAAAAR! *protests from her seat*

Kuwabara: *does the chicken dance then put his hands on his waist.* "Let's put your hand on the waist and here it comes, Hey Hey PUU~."

*He faces both sides to extend his arms and bend them. And sticks out his butt for a while.*

Hiei: "Let's put your- hand on the waist and here it comes, Hey...hey... PUU."

*Everybody hoots, woots, claps when the duo is done.*

Yukina: That was very nice Hiei-kun!

Hiei: *is madly embarrassed. immediately goes back to the windowsill*

Yusuke: *ROTFLMAO*

*Everybody sweatdrops*

Kurama: Get over it.

Yusuke: *ROTFLMAO*

*Everybody sweatdrops*

Kurama: Maybe birthday celebrants should stop saying it's their...damn birthday. Not healthy.*raises an eyebrow at Yusuke's antic.*

Yusuke: I just heard you say damn.

Kurama: *turns to Yusuke. gasps* I am surprised you still heard what I said.

Yusuke: I am surprisingly happy today, because it's my DAMN BIRTHDAY!

Kurama: *sighs heavily* You're sick.

Yusuke: *ROTFLMAO*

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