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by Dhanlibotan-chan

Number 11

*In a life-sized room in Reikai. A bunch of seats are placed in front of the stage. From left to right near the stage are Shizuru, Botan, Yukina and Kuwabara. Two empty chairs parallel to each other are placed in front of them. On the second line up of chairs are Yusuke, Keiko, Hiei and Kurama. Koenma is on the stage.*

Koenma: *tests the microphone* Mic test, mic test. Test mic test mic. The game "I am a Genius" is now on!

*Everybody sweatdrops*

Kuwabara: So what are we gonna win?

Hiei: Don't even assume you're going to.

Kuwabara: *faces Hiei* And why are YOU here damn shrimp? Aren't you banned here?

Hiei: Hn.

Koenma: I will draw lots to see who will pair for the game.

YYH Gang: NO!

Koenma: Shut up! *coughs on the mic* The one I pick first will be the guide. The second I pick is the guesser. *picks papers from a container* First pair, Yusuke & Kurama! Kurama will do the guessing. And Yusuke will be the guide!

Kurama: *frowns*

Yusuke: *sees Kurama's reaction* OI redhead, look around you. I am the best other half for this!

*Everybody glares at Yusuke*

Yusuke: *behaves*

Koenma: Second pair, Shizuru & Kuwabara. Kuwabara will guess and Shizuru will guide.

Shizuru: My, stuck with my stupid bro!

Kuwabara: MEAN!

Koenma: Third pair, Yukina & Keiko. Keiko does the guessing and Yukina is the guide.

Keiko & Yukina: Yosh!

Koenma: So the remaining pair... *picks from the container* Hiei does the guessing and Botan will answer.


Hiei: Hn.

Koenma: *goes off the stage* The team should sit across each other. You can make ad libs but make sure your answers will show that it is a yes, no, or, can be. Clues are a no-no. Audience should shut up. I will pick words from this container that will be stuck to your forehead. First to make five wins the game. Guessers and guides will switch positions after every round….Understood?

Yusuke: Acting like a pro…

Koenma: *glares at Yusuke*

Yusuke: You got sharp ears!*twitches his lips*

Shizuru: *talks to Koenma* And then? What's the guarantee that we won't be wasting our time?

Koenma: *snaps his fingers. the big TV screen is on*

*Food, Food and LOTS OF FOOD!*

YYH gang: WHOA!

Hiei: *eyes widen* Sweet snow...

Kurama: *looks at him, amused* You were saying?

Hiei: Hn.*looks away*

Koenma: First pair! *Kurama and Yusuke sit across each other*

*Koenma sticks the mystery word on Kurama's forehead* 2 minutes starts now!

Kurama: Person?

Yusuke: Er…yes.

Kurama: *unconvinced of Yusuke's answer* Are you sure?

Yusuke: Well, yes.

Kurama: *wrinkles eyebrows* Is it a boy?

Yusuke: Can be.

Kurama: *pissed off* Is he here right now?

Yusuke: Can be.

Kurama: *rolls his eyes* Yusuke be serious for once. Does he/she have youkai blood?

Yusuke: *nods nonstop* YES!

Kurama: *thinks to himself* Can be a person, not sure if a boy or a girl, not sure if he is present, but has a youkai blood…*thinks hard. big gasp.* Y-Youko Kurama?

Yusuke: GOTCHA!

Koenma: 1 point!

Kurama: Yusuke. I AM a guy.

Yusuke: But I'm not sure—

Kurama: *glares at him* Don't insult me.

Yusuke: YIKES!

Koenma: Next pair! *Sticks the mystery word on Kuwabara's forehead.*

*Shizuru gasps. The rest laughs.*

Shizuru: I'd better be the guide.

Kuwabara: NOW WHAT!

Shizuru: NOTHING!

Koenma: 2 minutes starts now!

Kuwabara: Is it a person?

Shizuru: No.

Kuwabara: Animal?

Shizuru: YES!

Kuwabara: Er…Animal on land?

Shizuru: YES!

Kuwabara: Big?

Shizuru: YES! Doing great bro!

Kuwabara: Giraffe?

Shizuru: NO.

Kuwabara: Dinosaur?

Shizuru: DAMMIT it's not an animal!

Kuwabara: Elephant?

Shizuru: YES!

Kuwabara: YAHOO! One po—

Shizuru: It's not over yet!

Kuwabara: What? You mean it's a BREED of ELEPHANT?

Shizuru: NO!

Kuwabara: Then what's that? Er…GEEZ I CAN'T THINK CLEARLY!

Yusuke: *laughs diabolically*


Koenma: Time's up! The answer is a widower elephant.

Kuwabara: *gets the paper on his forehead and reads* THAT WAS SO UNFAIR! *throws the paper away*

Koenma: That's what I picked up!

Koenma: Third pair! *sticks the mystery word on Keiko's forehead*

Kuwabara: Go My YUKINA!

Yukina: *smiles at him*

Hiei: *grits his teeth*

Koenma: Two minutes now!

Keiko: Person?

Yukina: No…

Keiko: Animal?

Yukina: No…

Keiko: Place?

Yukina: *nods cutely* YES!

Keiko: Church?

Yukina: No…

Keiko: School!

Yukina: No…

Keiko: Is it near our place?

Yukina: *looks at the ceiling, thinks hard* Uhm, can be...

Keiko: Can this be a place for a date?

Yukina: Yes!

Keiko: If you happen to know…Do Yusuke and I go there regularly?

Yusuke: *blushes profusely* WHAT!

Yukina: YES!

Keiko: The ramen shop?

*Everybody sweatdrops*

Yusuke: Hey I don't bring you there for a DATE!

Yukina: Not ramen shop Keiko-chan!

Keiko: *twitches her lips, thinks hard* Does it have a particular name?

Yukina: YES! *smiles at Keiko*

Keiko: Er… Nobuto theme park?

Yukina: YES! You're great Keiko-chan!

Koenma: 1 point!

Kurama: Keiko-chan is good.*looks at Yusuke. laughs*

Yusuke: *still blushing* What are you laughing at?

Kurama: Nothing.

Koenma: Last pair!

Botan: Do good shrimp! *pats his head er-hair*

Hiei: *avoids her* You're one to talk.

Koenma: *sticks the mystery word on Hiei's head* Go!

Hiei: Person.

Botan: No!

Hiei: Animal.

Botan: Yes yes!

Hiei: Qualified as ugly.

Botan: Ah-

Kuwabara: HEY! *protests from his seat*

Hiei: Eikichi.

Botan: Oh my YOU GOT IT!

Koenma: 1 point!

Kuwabara: *annoyed* Hiei used his jagan DAMMIT!

Shizuru: *shouts at Kuwabara's face* BAKA! You shoved the answer to their faces!

Koenma: Just what I told you, the audience should shut up.

After a few minutes or so of blabbering, shouting, and cursing, the final scores are UP! The pair who outwitted them all earning a score of 5 is Yukina and Keiko, who did not delude each other unlike Kurama and Yusuke:

Kurama: Is it highly technological?

Yusuke: Er…can be.

Kurama: *eyebrows crease* Are you trying to mislead me?

Yusuke: Can be…ER—NO!

Koenma: TIME'S UP! Answer is beeper! Final Score = 4

Keiko and Yukina did not fight in the middle of the game unlike the Kazuma siblings:

Kuwabara: Is it a rabbit?

Shizuru: No!

Kuwabara: Bugs bunny?

Shizuru: Damn you I said IT'S NOT A RABBIT!


Koenma: TIME'S UP! Answer is Donald Duck. Final Score = 3

The girl duo also did not slip tongues unlike Botan.

Hiei: Animal.

Botan: Er...Yes?

Hiei: Tiger.

Botan: No!

Hiei: Lion.

Botan: NO! It's an insect okay? *realizes what she just said and wheezes*

Koenma: Disqualified for giving clues! Answer is a faggot butterfly. Final score = 3

But well, Hiei must be the pissed of them all, right?

Hiei: *sits on the corner* Sweet snow...slipped off my hands...Damn bluehead.

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.