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by Dhanlibotan-chan

Number 10

*The gang is in the ramen shop proper. Yusuke is standing in front of the long table where Kuwabara, Shizuru and Koenma are seated. Botan, Keiko and Kurama are seated on the chairs in front of the table.*

Yusuke: So who wants to sing? *talks on the mic*

Kuwabara: *raises his hand* ME! ME!

Yusuke: *ignores Kuwabara* Sing? Anyone? *

Everybody sweatdrops*

Botan: I know! Why don't we have a singing marathon?

Yusuke: FAILED. Kuwabara will dominate the whole thing!

Kuwabara: *stands from his seat. grabs the mic from Yusuke* HEY!

Yusuke: See?

Keiko: *grabs the mic from Kuwabara, Kuwabara is surprised* How about…A singing marathon with a twist?


Keiko: Yes! We'll draw lots to see who's going to sing!

Shizuru: *claps* Great Keiko-chan!

Kurama: No way.

*Everyone looks at Kurama*

Yusuke: And WHY NOT?

Kurama: I'm too lucky for that.

Yusuke: HA-HA. LET'S DRAW LOTS! *naughty smile*

Kurama: NO!

Shizuru: And the songs? *lights her cigarette*

Keiko: We'll enter random numbers on the videoke!

Kurama: And let the random person sing the random song? No.

*Everybody looks at Kurama, getting scared of his reactions*

Keiko: If-if not everyone agrees, then we'll just have to think of a different task for them.

Yusuke: Like… a dare?

Keiko: YES! But the person should first give numbers for the song, then decide if he'll sing or do the dare.

Kurama: Okay, I'm on. *closes his eyes*

Kuwabara: *grabs mic from Keiko. Keiko is surprised* Geez Kurama I can't believe you're choosing a DARE over SINGING A DAMN SONG!

Shizuru: STOP SHOUTING WITH THE MIC ON! *whacks her bro's head*

Kuwabara: OWWW!

Keiko: *looks around to see the people present, writes their names on a paper then tears them* So, Me, Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, Botan, Koenma, Shizuru! *places them in a container*

Yusuke: And Yukina?

Yukina: *pops beside Yusuke with a tray of glasses, nuts, and cookies* I am serving the wine Kurama-kun gave us. *sweetly smiles*

Yusuke: *wheezes* NYAY! Don't scare me off like that!

Yukina: *smiles* I'm sorry Yusuke-kun.

Kuwabara: OI don't be harsh with my Yukina! *approaches her* Let me help you with that! *forces the mic on Yusuke. He raises an eyebrow at Kuwabara*

Botan: *looks around* Hiei was here a while ago, too!

Kuwabara: Bet he freaked out! BWAHAHAHA. *gets a glass of wine, gulps it* WHEW!

*Everybody sweatdrops*

Keiko: *includes Yukina's name on the container then shakes it.* GAME! *picks a paper from the container and grabs the mic from Yusuke.* The first one is Kurama.

Yusuke: You sure are LUCKY!

Kurama: *sighs* 5762.

Keiko: *inputs on the videoke* And your song is… B-Beyonce's I-If I were a boy!

Kurama: *gasps* PASS. Give me the dare.

Yusuke: I'll give the dare. My dare is…you sing that song! *smiles widely*

Keiko: *whacks Yusuke's head* I remember saying it must be a DIFFERENT TASK, RIGHT?

Yusuke: AW! *thinks hard.* Er… You better explain GOOD why you're choosing the dare over a song!

Kurama: *crosses his arms* I don't sing well.

Yusuke: MY! Kuwabara sings forever but he's no good at it! I didn't think you'd be that apprehensive!

Kuwabara: HEY!

Kurama: I'm not being apprehensive. *puts stray red hair strands away from his face*I just don't want to humiliate myself.*closes his eyes*

Kuwabara: *pissed off* AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?

Keiko: Enough! On to the next! *picks from the container.* Koenma.

*Koenma gasps. Everybody gasps*

Koenma: DON'T GASP!


Koenma: 8113.

Keiko: Your song is… Rollin' by Limp Bizkit!

Kuwabara: Whoa! How can he sing the damn song?

Yusuke: There's videoke in Reikai! *gulps his wine. face wrinkles with bitterness and looks at his glass.* Phew~!

Shizuru: *gulps her wine, makes same face that of Yusuke* Oh, well…*looks at Koenma* Will I still look at you as a prince after this?

Yusuke: A prince with a bi-

Koenma: *glares at Yusuke and Shizuru*

Yusuke & Shizuru: *scared*

Koenma: *gulps his wine* YOSH!

Yusuke: *whispers to Kuwabara* Did you see how he gulped the wine? Shithead, I blinked!

Kuwabara: I didn't see either! And is he permitted to-

Koenma: *glares at Yusuke and Kuwabara*

Yusuke & Kuwabara: *scared*

Botan: Go Koenma-sama! *gulps her wine. vision becomes fuzzy for a moment.* Ehh…Owww.

*The Reikai prince sings Rollin' and everybody woots, hoots, whistles at him! He finishes it well.*

Yusuke: Didn't know you can sing well with your paci—


Kurama: *is about to drink his wine but he smells it. Looks at his glass and frowns. He leaves the table and no one has a clue of what he's doing. He goes to the kitchen on the second floor. For a while, he spends time looking for something. He finds an empty bottle on the corner of the sink.*

*Kurama gasps when he sees the bottle. He hurries to the shop proper* Yuki—

*Kurama's eyes widen when he saw the disaster*

Shizuru: *slaps Koenma from left to right cheek. NONSTOP* PERVERT PERVERT PERVERT PERVERT!

Koenma: *kneels, gropes Shizuru's butt* SHIZURU LET'S—

Shizuru: *slaps him* ARRRGGGGH GET OFF ME!

Botan & Kuwabara: *do a duet on Bon Jovi, sharing one mic* I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU! THESE FIVE WORDS I SWEAR TO YOU!

Keiko: *diabolically laughs by herself* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Yukina: *stares at Kurama with a confused look* Kurama-kun! I have... no idea why they suddenly acted like this.

Yusuke: * is not at all affected by the wine* Oi Oi Kurama, you did bring the wine, didn't you?

Kurama: Yes, though these people drank a different brand.

Yusuke: What do you mean?

Kurama: *shows Yusuke the bottle* Makai wine.

Yusuke: *gasps* THE STRONGEST WINE IN THE UNIVERSE! *turns to Yukina*

Yukina: *gasps* N-No Yusuke-kun. I have nothing to do with this. B-but I clearly remember that when I went to the kitchen, the glasses of wine were ready. S-so I just served them...

Kurama: *murmurs to himself* Just as I thought. Someone naughty played with it.

Yusuke: Kurama.

Kurama: Yeah.

Yusuke: When everyone was doing their thing, I picked up your name again a while ago.

Kurama: *eyebrows crease* And?

Yusuke: And I called you but you did not respond.

Kurama: …And?

Yusuke: I chose numbers for you.

Kurama: *pissed off* Please, just get with the details.

Yusuke: Y-Your song was Dream lover by Mariah Carey!

Kurama: *gasps*

Yusuke: I assumed you wouldn't sing it. So I thought of a dare. And here's the dare—

Kurama: COME ON Yusuke we're not talking about this in the middle of…*looks around* a mishap. Don't you think?

Yusuke: But that was the AGREEMENT! *pouts*

Kurama: *rolls his eyes* You SAID you picked my name, chose numbers for me, and thought of a dare. So tell me, how is it officially permitted?

Yusuke: My dare a while ago was only a QUESTION!

Kurama: Is that my fault?

Yusuke: And anyway you wouldn't sing! And you're overly willing to do a DARE!

Kurama: *pissed* What's your dare?

Yusuke: That you wear…PINK BOXERS MWF FOR THIS WEEK! *smirks*

Kurama: *big gasp* No way you're going to let me do THAT.

Yusuke: WHY? ARE YOU—

Kurama: Whatever you might be thinking, NO, I'M NOT.

Yusuke: Then just freaking do it! Me, Kuwabara, Koenma and Hiei bullying you or PINK boxers?

Kurama: What are you up to, really?

Yusuke: Just answer me!

Kurama: *sighs, in the situation I-can't-do-anything-about-it* OKAY, Okay I'll do it!

Yusuke: WOOHOO! I'll buy one for you tomorrow!

Kurama: *waves his hand lazily mid-air and thinks of his revenge on Yusuke*

Koenma: *lying on the floor with flaming red cheeks and drool, tugging Kurama's pants* KUDOS KURAMA-KUN!

Hiei: *resting on a tree, drinking from a bottle* Ningen wine. Good.

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