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by Dhanlibotan-chan

Number 9

Kuwabara is walking down the street when a talent scout spots him.

Talent scout:*approaches Kuwabara* Hey there! I'm looking for people who are potential billboard models and will be a part of our four-month advertising campaign!

Kuwabara: *shines, brushes up his carrothead* You sure you're not a bogus or something?

T.S: Oh seems like you're not interested, then- *is about to walk away*

Kuwabara: Hey hey! *grabs the scout's shoulder* YOU! Just give me your damn calling card!

T.S: *frightened* O-Okay! *hands him a calling card. thinks to herself*Why are there so many impolite nowadays!

Kuwabara: *gets the card. gasps* This is…the biggest casting agency in the COUNTRY!

T.S: You read it right! You may come tomorrow to the place indicated there for a VTR. And you can also take friends with you. *runs away*

Kuwabara: *follows the running scout with a gaze* Geez, what's with that? *looks at the card* Seems like this won't hurt over butt-kicking action! *He phones Yusuke to drag him along.* Pick up the phone URAMESHI! *exclaims impatiently after four rings*

Yusuke: *on the other line* What's up!

Kuwabara: What took you so long to pick up!

Yusuke: Don't act like a girlfriend. What's your business?

Kuwabara: I was scouted by a talent manager lurking here, wanna join tomorrow?

Yusuke: *wheezes* YOU WERE WHAT?

Kuwabara: I said I was scouted by a talent be a billboard model! *speaking arrogantly*

Yusuke: B-But I-

Kuwabara: CAN'T YOU LEAVE KEIKO FOR A SECOND? Ask somebody else to sub you in the ramen shop! Here are the details: Nobuto Street 556 Hando building 9th floor, 10 AM! Show up Urameshi! *ends the call*

Yusuke: *looks at his phone* Pooper!

At Nobuto Street 551 Hando building 9th floor, 10 AM

Kuwabara: The jerk didn't come, what a waste! *He enters the building. To his surprise, he sees Yusuke's back* YUSUKE!

Yusuke: *turns around, surprised* OI!

Kuwabara: So you showed up after all! Let's register now!

Before the VTR.

Kuwabara: Man where's that freak? Freaking out in the middle of VTR? *looks for Yusuke. Instead, he sees red hair in a pool of people * A redhead? Isn't that—

Kazuma Kuwabara! You're next. To that door, please.

Kuwabara: Gladly! *walks to the door, still thinking if what he had just seen is the redhead he knew*

After the VTR.

Yusuke: *approaches Kuwabara* How was the VTR?

Kuwabara: Fine! Where did you go?

Yusuke: I went to Ku—

Kuwabara: Oh by the way I think I saw Kurama here, or is it just the hair? *looks around. sees Kurama and waves at him* Kurama!

Kurama: *is surprised. approaches him* Ah, Hello Kuwabara.

Kuwabara: Thanks for the support, man! Yusuke's been kind to tell you my stepping stone to modeling! *smiles widely at both of them*

Kurama: *confused* Support?

Yusuke: *confused* Me? KIND?

Kuwabara: *talks to Kurama* Yeah! You came here to support me, right? *turns to Yusuke* and you informed him right?

Yusuke: *scratches his head*

Kurama: Well I—

Hiei: What are you talking about you idiot? *shows before Kurama*

Kuwabara: WHOA! The tall-haired shrimp came all the way, too!


Kuwabara: What?

Kurama: Kuwabara, if I'm right, the way you give that confused look…*takes something out of his pocket. a card* Well…

Kuwabara: *gets the card from Kurama. gasps* The calling card!

Kurama: Yeah, I was given that yesterday, and I dragged Hiei along.

Yusuke: And surprisingly, he did the VTR, too! Ne, Hiei?

Hiei: HN. *looks away*

Kuwabara: GEEZ WHAT A WASTE! *frustrated, turns to Yusuke* AND HOW ABOUT YOU?

Yusuke: *scratches his head* Same here!

Well, isn't this a bonding for all of us?

*The boys turn around to see who…*


After 5 days at Keiko's ramen shop.

Talent scout's voice in the flashback: We'll be choosing five people for the project alongside our own talents. The results will be out after five days. Please wait for our call. If you did not receive a call, please don't bear grudges. There's always a next time. The chosen ones will sign a four-month contract with the agency and will also take home 200,000 YEN each.

*The gang is seated in front of a long table, waiting for calls. GREAT SILENCE*


Yusuke: Damn Kurama, my biggest competition! *clenches his fists*

Kurama: Isn't it an excellent idea to show up before their VTR's. By the looks of it, they surely were intimidated…by me. *smirks to himself*

Kuwabara: Grrrr! and to think I only wanted to take Yusuke along because he's such a NO MATCH! The body, the looks, THE HEIGHT! *someone interrupts his thoughts*

Hiei: That's not the mere basis BAKA. Obviously you were not listening at the briefing.

*Kuwabara and Hiei shoot death glares at each other*

Hiei: Hn.

Botan: My! My! Let me see…5 people, that would have to be me, *counts with her fingers* Keiko, Kurama, Shizuru and… Oh, it should only be FOUR!

Shizuru: Me and Kuwabara should get it. DOUBLE MONEY! *laughs diabolically in her head*

Keiko: I wonder if I can get the model position, but for the boys I'm confused. *pokes her head* Oh my, what am I thinking! Of course it should be Yusuke! *pokes her head again*

*The gang notices her antic and looks at her expressionless*

Keiko: *smiles awkwardly*

A cellphone rings. But whose cellphone? Damn gang, change your ringtones. They all check their phones excluding Hiei since he doesn't own one. Everybody frowns except…

Kurama: Mine. *smiles*

Yusuke & Kuwabara: UNFAIR!

Kurama: *answers the call* Hello? Ah yeah… Okay… *eyebrows crease* Huh? Er…*looks at Hiei* No, I'm not… Okay, for a while… *passes the cellphone to Hiei.* Yours.

Hiei: *raises an eyebrow at Kurama then grabs the phone. One question one answer talk blah blah blah*

*The gang gives a confused look.*

Kurama: It's for him after all.

YYH gang: *gasps* WHAT?

Kurama: I registered first before Hiei. But apparently he copied my number since he doesn't have any contact information.


Kurama: Got me there.

*At Genkai's temple, the landline phone rings. Yukina picks it up. She is happy…to have been chosen as a billboard model

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