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by Dhanlibotan-chan

Number 7

Kurama is kind of late for the picnic preparation or so he thought. He arrives the earliest amongst the boys, only to find out the girls talking about some…stuff.

*Kurama is about to shove himself to the girls but then he hears their conversation. He feels it won't hurt if he eavesdrops a little.*

Shizuru: He immediately put his pants and ALMOST TRIPPED ON IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Kurama: What was THAT? *continues to listen*

Botan: POOR KURAMA! *sobs are heard*

Kurama: ME? *wrinkles his eyebrows, tries to remember anything relevant* Pants…almost tripped on it… *the idea pops out of his mind, when Shizuru visited him* My…oh my… *gasps* THE EFFING PINK BOXERS. She did see it! *covers his mouth with disgust*

What did who see?

*Kurama turns around to see whose voice is that* Yusuke! *Kurama pulls Yusuke to the garden where no one can hear them* It's the pink boxers.

Yusuke: The WHAT? You're wearing pink boxers? *almost dies with laughter*

Kurama: And who gave me that thing. *closes his eyes*

Yusuke: Er…*tries to remember, then smirks* Was it me?

Kurama: IT WAS YOU. Remember the dare?

Yusuke: *snaps his fingers* OH YEAH, that you have to wear it MWF for that week! *imagines Kurama wearing the pink boxers as he tucks himself in bed. Yusuke smirks with the thought.*

Kurama: You remembered— *Kurama notices Yusuke's diabolic face* HEY. Don't think things.

Yusuke: *ignores Kurama* SO! You were found out by Shizuru. BWAHAHAHAHA.

Kurama: *raises an eyebrow at Yusuke* No fun. W


Kurama & Yusuke: *turn around* KUWABARA!

Kuwabara: Did I just hear you talk about my sis?

Yusuke: Yeah Kurama was found out by Shi—

Kurama: Shut up. Eh Kuwa—

Kuwabara: Do you have a thing with my sis?

Yusuke: OI. Don't be overprotective, she's almost out of the calendar!

Kuwabara: Well…*thinks* yeah you're right.

*Kurama and Yusuke sweatdrop. They drag Kuwabara behind the door near the girls to eavesdrop. To their surprise, Hiei and Koenma are present.*

Shizuru: YEAH. And kind of boring. Well not really with me but I've seen him talk with other girls and if I were one of them, I'll surely slap him. NONSTOP.

*Hiei and Koenma laugh together. While the other three look at each other, confused, then gaze at Hiei.*

Kurama: *smugs* So Hiei is interested on girl talk.

Hiei: Shut up. They're talking about you. *smirks*

Kurama: *loses composure* Again?

Hiei: You mean… still. They said you're plain.

Koenma: And boring!

Kurama: *puts out a mirror from his pocket.* Plain? *pouts in front of the mirror*


*The boys look at Kurama expressionless. The redhead puts back the mirror immediately in his pocket.* Hee…

Shizuru: It's TOO obvious. Just look at Yusuke. He's a total goof. Always hanging out with my Bro. GEEZ! I don't think anybody would say they're cute.

Yusuke: Kuwabara. This is your fault. Now they think I'm a GOOF!

Kuwabara: *waves his hand lazily.* You've been a goof since birth!

Yusuke: *gets the mirror from Kurama's pocket. pouts in front of the mirror.* No way I'm a goof!

*The boys look at Yusuke expressionless.*

Kurama: Quit the goof thing. And give me back my mirror.

Yusuke: B-But I'm vain, too! *pouts*

Kurama: You're not. *gets serious*

Yusuke: Geez, how can you talk about that with a serious face! *turns his gaze to Hiei* Now what are they talking about?

Hiei: Your girlfriend talking about how hot some stupid jerk is. *grits his teeth in annoyance. Thinks to himself.* And my sister, too. ARGH!

Yusuke: *throws his fists at him* Don't call me a stupid jerk!

Koenma: You're not! Kuwabara is! Keiko said I'm handsome, too! *smiles like a knight*

Yusuke: SHE WHAT? *gasps*

Kuwabara: *twinkles like Koenma because of Keiko's comment* My my, poor Yusuke. Being dumped by the girl of his—

Yusuke: Shut up! I knew it! She should get an eye transplant! *crosses his arms*

Kurama: *laughs* Yeah right. *looks intently at Yusuke*

Yusuke: *raises an eyebrow at Kurama* And why are you looking at me like that?

Kurama: *smirks*

Shizuru: But well Botan-chan, you're as well not exempted! You have a crush on the female-looking redhead, and he's wearing PINK BOXERS. And you wouldn't know how often he'd do that! Don't you think he'

*The boys gasp, turning their heads to Kurama* ARE YOU?

Kurama: I'M NOT.


*YYH boys have kept a distance from Kurama. They're on the other side already.*

Kurama: *frowns* Why are you too far from me? You honestly want some serious stuff? *his face darkens mood*

Yusuke: *scared* Okay okay I don't want to eat your plants right now, I'm NOT a vegetarian.

Keiko: *sweatdrops* Well I think it's better to make Hiei wear PINK!

Keiko: But, I honestly think Hiei is cuter than everyone else.

Hiei: *eyes widen but he immediately narrow them. turns to Yusuke*

Yusuke: *clenches his fists* That b—

Keiko: But not when Yusuke is around!

Yusuke: *softens* Oww…that baby…

*Everybody sweatdrops except for Hiei*

Koenma: *whispers something to Hiei*

Kuwabara: Hey hey what's that? *nears to Koenma and Hiei*


Koenma: *gasps* SSHHH!

*From inside* Keiko: Did I just hear Yusuke?

Shizuru: *lazily places her elbow on the table* And that baka who stepped on his feet might be my brother. HAH. Come out now. We're not afraid.

Botan, Yukina, and Keiko: YES WE ARE AFRAID!

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Koenma, Kurama and Hiei show up. Kurama scratches his head *and is thinking how he can possibly get revenge at Shizuru with everything she just said* while Hiei shows off his usual gesture *and is thinking if he's real cute, without the pink of course. He honestly wants to get Kurama's mirror in his pocket.* Koenma merely stands up *and dreamily thinks about Keiko's comment, but immediately frowns when he thinks of the pacifier thing* Yusuke and Kuwabara goof around blaming each other for being found out. *Kuwabara is not his usual self since Keiko's comment, but he was not sure if Yukina said a thing about him so it saddens him*

Yusuke: *being his serious self* So...what do we have here? *then smiles wildly, thinking if Keiko should really get an eye transplant, and if he missed out some important things maybe he can ask Hiei to flashback with the use of his jagan.*

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.