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by Dhanlibotan-chan

Number 3

Kurama hangs out with his friends at Kazuma residence when he finds out he is on for debate in school. But Kurama goes through the trouble of first level debate: Who's going to practice debating with him?

Hiei: Finally. No Hiei.

Me: *smirks*

Hiei: *gasps* What's with that look.

Me: *smirks* Happpeeey Halloween! Ne ne Hiei, don't you want to greet everybody?

Hiei: Hn.

Me: H is for happy and N is for the last letter of halloweeN

Hiei: Don't speak for me.

Me: Whatever, it's my interpretation!

Hiei: Don't talk to me.

Me: Hey! Don't-

Hiei: Butt in.


Kurama hangs out with his friends at Kazuma residence when he finds out he is on for debate in school.

Yusuke: So, what's the topic of the debate?

Shizuru: Geez, Yusuke can't you think a bit?

Yusuke: *raises an eyebrow* HUH?

Shizuru: Of course they wouldn't tell! What's the point of the whole thing?

Kuwabara: Don't act like an expert!

Shizuru: *whacks her brother's head*

Kuwabara: OUCCHIE!

Shizuru: I was just helping out Kurama. *brushes up her caramel hair*

Kuwabara: He didn't ask for your help!

Shizuru: *whacks him again*

Kurama: *sweatdrops* ... Initially, I thought I didn't need any help. but-

Shizuru: See?

*Kurama sweatdrops again*

Yusuke: Wait wait, so how can we help him out? Should we do a dry run or something?

Kurama: *frantically gestures a no* Ah, No. I... don't want to bother you that much.

Shizuru: Can we just do something like throw a topic at him then let him do whatever?

Kuwabara: That's lame! Can't you be a little clearer?



Shizuru: You're inside MY house. Don't forget.

Yusuke: OH SORRY.

Kuwabara: This is pretty hard. Do you really need help? C'mon you can do that!

Shizuru: You really can't help, can you bro?

Kurama: *scratches his head* Well...If-

Shizuru: *snaps her fingers* AHA!

Yusuke: *looks at her doubtfully* Now what?

Shizuru: Let's first decide, who is going to be Kurama's partner in this practice!


*Kurama sweatdrops*

Yusuke: You have to talk to someone who knows you pretty well! So you can have a pretty good conversation, ne?

Shizuru: Well I would have to agree with that! Someone who's been around you for like...more than half of your life?

Kurama: My mom is not into that stuff, really...

Kuwabara: Someone who won't get pissed at you and vice versa!

Kurama: *scratches his head* Do you personally want to help-

Kuwabara: Someone you can share your thoughts with! Aside from us 3. A friend, perhaps?

Kurama: And how should I call you guys? *narrows eyes, looks at them suspiciously*

Kuwabara: Er... f-friends?

Kurama: THAT'S CRUEL. You're up to something.

Yusuke: *ignores what Kurama says* This is hard.

Kuwabara: Yeah yeah. *nods in agreement*

Yusuke:Talk to someone like, probably...Hiei?

Kurama: I knew it.

*The three jerks looked at each other*

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Shizuru: HIEI! *loud enough to disturb the whole neighborhood*

*Something falls off from a tree. They hurry outside to see what*

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Shizuru: HIEI!

Hiei: Baka ningens. How's that for my nap. *puts off dirt from his cape*

Kuwabara: Why are you taking a nap on a tree?

Hiei: *ignores Kuwabara* What's this commotion. *shows off his famous gesture*

Shizuru: Seems like you're the only one who can help Kurama for the debate!

Hiei: Seems like you can't do anything about it. HN.

*Shizuru and Hiei strike death glares at each other*

Kurama: Maa, it can't be helped. Let's get over this. It won't hurt doing some practice. Everyone requested for you, in case you didn't know. *smiles*

Hiei: I know.

Yusuke: SHUDDUP!

Shizuru: SOOO... what now?

Kuwabara: Now what?

Shizuru: *narrows her eyes* Don't imitate me.

Kuwabara: Like I want to?

Hiei: You're siblings.

*Shizuru and Hiei strike death glares at each other*

Kurama: Eh...Shizuru, you can just give any topic.

Shizuru: *brushes up her caramel hair* Uh well—

*Kuwabara mumbles something to Yusuke. Shizuru stares at them diabolically*

Kuwabara & Yusuke: eeeek!

Shizuru: Topic 1 - airheads

*Kurama sweatdrops*

Hiei: Airheads are everywhere. The topic says it.

*Shizuru gets pissed off*

Kurama: *sweatdrops* Er...Having said that, do you consider yourself an airhead?


Kurama: Sometimes?

Hiei: Not at all. Why do you ask like this? ARE YOU AN AIRHEAD?

Kurama: Not really. Asking is a sign of intelligence. So...What do you think?

Hiei: I don't believe that statement.

Kurama: And why is that?

Hiei: Everybody is curious. No exemptions.

Kurama: So you're saying if a person is inquisitive doesn't mean he's intelligent?

Hiei: Exactly. *points at Kuwabara* even that big jerk asks like hell.

*Kuwabara grits his teeth.* HEY! *Hiei ignores Kuwabara*

Kurama: I would have to agree with that.

Kuwabara: OY KURAMA! *pissed off*

Kurama: *shakes his head* No not that part! I mean intelligence may not be innate but it's developed through time...A person can't be...dull entirely.

Hiei: Can't agree. *closes his eyes*

Shizuru: Guys guys can't you be a bit more..."intelligible" in this case?

Hiei: Thanks to your topic. REALLY.

Shizuru: FINE FINE! Okay let's move over to topic two. Women are better than men.

Yusuke: *clap clap clap*

Shizuru: Insult?

Yusuke: NO.

Shizuru: OKAY.

Kurama: *sweatdrops* Uh, yes. There are cases when women do better than men.

Hiei: Exclude the impregnation thing.

Kurama: Of course.

Hiei: But men can do A LOT BETTER than women.

Kurama: In ways such as?

Hiei: L-

Shizuru: Exclude the urinating thing!


Shizuru: *twitches her lips*

Hiei: Women are too emotional. It's what hinders them from doing what they want.

Shizuru: TEND to be too emotional. May I correct you with that.

Hiei: You already did.

Kurama: *looks at both of them.* But you know it's also what motivates them to do something. *whispers to himself* Why do I feel like I am a moderator and not a DEBATE PARTICIPANT.

Shizuru: Kurama is right!

*Kurama becomes jumpy*

Shizuru: While men are easy-going. If it's done, then done. If it's not, then just do it! Isn't that irresponsible?

Hiei: You can't complicate life too much for YOUR GOD'S sake.

Shizuru: Yeah that's why men can't be too serious in life. If they did they'll end up throwing themselves from a cliff.

Hiei: Yeah, mostly the fault of women.

Shizuru: *raised an eyebrow at Hiei* And why's that?

Hiei: Too much complication. Men hate that. S

hizuru: Exactly! Women can handle better than men! They give up so easily!

Hiei: Still, men hold power. Over women. DON'T DENY THAT.

Kurama: Eh, excuse me, I think we're getting-

Shizuru: NO WAY.

Hiei: It's your species that plots the fall of man.

Shizuru: Because you let it happen!

Hiei: Because it's in your DESTRUCTIVE NATURE.

*Kurama, Yusuke and Kuwabara walk out of the scene*

Yusuke: Hiei obviously enjoys it!

Kuwabara: What?

Yusuke: The debate BAKA!

Kurama: It's not a debate. *observes from a distance, looking at the screaming-at-each-other Hiei and Shizuru* It's a fight between the species of men and women.

Yusuke: You mean... a fight between the evil and the more evil?

Kuwabara: Sounds like it!

*The trio sighed*

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