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A Fox's Choice

by Hiei/is/2/Hot

Chapter 1: My Past and Present

A long time ago my name was feared by all demon. My only goal in life was to rob Makai of all her treasures. I thought that no-one could beat me, until I ran into a powerful Rei Kai hunter. Badly injured, I escaped to the Nigenkai and became the child of a human woman. In 10 years or so my powers would return and my body would become fully 'inhuman'. At which point Iíd leave the family, at least, that was the plan. She became ill and I was all she had left; I could not leave her now. Thatís when Hiei came back. ((read two shots for info about Kura and Hiei meeting))

He asked me to 'help' him steal three treasures from King Enma's vault with a demon name Goki. Now Goki wasn't very smart, though, Quconki rarely. Eventually Hiei and I were caught, Goki, on the other hand, was killed by the then spirit detective. Yuusuke Urameshi didn't seem like much at the time, but time and time again he manages to surprise the living daylights out of Hiei and myself. Yuusuke and I are close friends now and see each other every once in a while.

I also became friends with Kazuma Kuwabara. Kuwabara is a bit odd, though, he is one of my best friends. He is in love with Yukina, an Ice maiden that is Hiei's little sister.

Though, nether Kuwabara nor Yukina know of this fact. Hiei is also a good friend of mine (Though, Hiei would never admit that directly). He is half fire demon and half Ice maiden, but he says he's full fire demon.

To the humans at my school and my human family, I am known as Shuichi Minamino. To Yuusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei, I am known as simply Kurama. To Yomi and all of Makai, I am Youko. I lead two lives, as the fox demon Youko and the human Shuichi Minamino. I fear that soon I'll have to decide, am Youko or am I Shuichi? I can no longer live a lie.

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