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Fictional Romance

by Rose

Chapter Two

"I don't get it", the thief king whined.

"Shut up, Youko. I'm trying to watch the movie", I growled back.

But he WOULDN'T shut up. Did you see that coming?

Of course you did.

So while I was TRYING to watch a decently good movie.

Youko had to be all, whiny and stuff, demanding attentuion and asking wierd questions about the movie..

"Why do they throw those burning trashcans out the window but they don't just kill the landlord?"

"...because we don't KILL aimlessly in this world..."

...525,600 minuteeeessssss.

What the hell?

Is Youko nuzzling me??!!

"Youko...what do you think you're doing?"

"You didn't finish that kiss that you started before". Nudge, nudge.

...Oh yeah. We were...

"...why should I?"

...Well. You see. That wasn't exactly the way that I wanted to go...

"Because..if you don't, I'll do this!!". And with that, I saw a flurry of silver fur before being pinned down to the couch by Youko.

...ok, see? Can we get something straight?

I'm finally at my maximum 5'6...

I'm not exactly SKINNY. But I'm not exactly strong or anything else either...

And here is Youko. Yes. Insert claps, applauses, smiley faces here. He is at 7'0...and need to be atleast more then 190 pounds or more to support ALL of that height.

Needless to say, I wasn't exactly going to go anywhere.

"YOUKO!! Get off meeeeee", I whined and TRIED to struggle away. Key word here, TRIED.

Youko smile down at me, licking his lips like a predator looking at a prey.

OH Jesus...I don't like where this is going...

...actually no. Correction, I LIKE where this is going, but I'll probably never admit that outloud.

And there we go. Youko was busying himself with kissing my neck like crazy...


...Yes. I meeped. GAWD. And no, I can't make ANY OTHER SEXIER sound.

"...did you just meep, Sakura?" Youko ask, lifting his head up, his eyes glinting like a maniac.

"...I'm sorry?", I squeaked, blushing like there is no tomorrow.

Oh my god. I hate you, Youko!! Making me feel like this...

"No. Don't be. I like it. It's cute", Youko laugh, a wierd, somewhat a lot more masculine laugh then I'm used to with Kurama. He kiss my cheek and then nuzzled it and the breathed in my ear, "Meep for me."


Don't hyperventilate!!!

SAY SOMETHING SEXY, WOMAN!! Don't kill this moment too!!!

What is sexy these day?!?!

JESUS. I am so behind on these kind of thing?!



OKAY?! Oh good lord.

I need somework with my bedroom talk...

I'm blushing, aren't I? I'm probably bright pink right now...

...I must look like such a loser to Youko.

Kurama always told me my constant blushing was cute. But to Youko, it probably just look like my face is turning into a giant tomato.

Opening my eye to see if Youko was on the floor laughing yet, or is making fun of me yet...

..wait a minute. He isn't fact..he look even more...

Oh my.

...Somebody is a little perv...

Youko...stop itttttt.

I want this.

But I don't want this.



...God, are you there?

...I think I'm falling in love with my boyfriend's other side...

That isn't good.

"Youkoooooo. Stop it. Come on. I...I..."

EXCUSEE!! Think, woman, think!! You're good at killing romantic moments!!!!

"...I want to finish the movie!!"

YEAH!! Score. A good solid excuse.


"Don't be stupid, Sakura. The movie have been off for half an hour...", Youko said, with a tinge of breathlessness in his voice.

God damn it. I hate myself...

Why was I so afraid of this? Its not like, its any...difference...

Its still Kurama, right?

I love Kurama. With all of my heart.

I love him so much. I love all of him. And Youko is part of him.

...but this was wierd...SO WIERD!!

I looked at Youko's face and froze.

I was half expected to see him like...eyes clouded with...SOMETHING.


But that pair of golden eyes stared back at me, filled with...

...sadness? Loneliness? Jealousy?

"I can always feel it, you know", he started. "Whenever you two are together. I can feel it. I know Shuiichi loves you...I can feel it."

...for once in my life, I was silent.

Quiet. Staring. Waiting for him to finish.

"I wanted someone like that too. I needed someone. I want to have the relationships you guys have. I always wish it was me here...and not him. And now that I'm here, I feel like I'm just driving you away by moving too fast..."

Wow. YoukoÖ

"Youko", I sighed, kissing one of his ear,"You're not driving me away. Its just DIFFERENT, you know? You're like, YOUKO KURAMA, and I'm...a short, NORMAL, girl. I have nothing to offer you".


I can't add to the DNA gene pool.

I have no power.

I am constantly targeted as the "kidnapped girlfriend" role along with Keiko.

I have nothing special. The only thing I have going for me is a ridicously large amount of sarcasm.

...oh yeah, and I talk to myself a lot.

" put down yourself too much.", Youko growled.

"They're my bodyparts! I can make fun of them if I want to!!", I snapped, sticking out my tounge.

That wasn't a good idea.

The next thing that I knew was Youko planting his mouth firmly on me, muttering something about "the next time you stick out your tounge, it'd better be put to better uses".

GOD. That stupid pervertÖ

Youko laugh when he saw my expression. "Well now. See? You can only make fun of your bodyparts. If they're mine, you can't say anything bad about them!", he smirked and kiss my stomach,"I claimed this in the name of Youko Kurama, the King of Thieves!!". He claimed royally.

Kiss."And this!!"

"And this! And this!! This too! Of course, this!"

Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

"GOD!! You goofy fox, stop it!! What if Yusuke walk in on us right now?", I shriek, nearly dying from giggling.

Youko laughed.

It was nice hearing him laugh like this. So free and real.

So of course, you'd THINK this would be just all nice and safe sailing from now...

BUT ITS NOT. Why? Because I'm just not cool enough to be able to have a normal life.

When I closed my eyes, I last saw a pair of gold eyes.

When I open it, however...I saw...


"Kurama?!", I squeaked, getting up abruptly from the absence of weight on me.

"...I'm home...", he smiled, kissing me on the cheek.



Right. So we did we left off at?

Oh yes. Youko was here.

And he and I got a long pretty well. We were getting a little bit TOO well, actually.

So as we were getting a little bit more...cuddly.

Youko decided to go bye bye and changed back to Kurama...

So that is basically it...

My life sucks...

"Ehmm...hi Kurama", I said. Still slightly shock.

Kurama frown and got off me."Funny. I expected you to act a little bit differently when I got home. Did anything happen when I was gone?"


"", I said, against my better judgement,"I was just suprise. How did you change back?"

"I really don't know. I guess..I was thinking about you so much. And so I changed back."



Well, duh. Of course he knows. Youko said he saw everything when me and Kurama was together. So it shouldn't be too different the other way around.

Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD!!!

What can I say now?!

I don't want to sound like I'm disloyal...!!

...But was I?

...technically, it was the same perso-...


"Do you want to tell me anything, Sakura? You're doing it again.", Kurama chuckled, snaking his arms around my waist.

"What thing?", I ask stupidly..though at this point in time, I really didn't HAVE to act stupid...

I hate myself.

"You're talking to yourself again. You do that a lot when you want to ask me something".And with that Kurama pulled me closer to him so that my back meet his chest. Resting his chin on my head, he started to nuzzle my head.

...that feel nice...





As I stood there dumbly, not knowing what to say, I could feel my eyelids getting heavy. I sigh and lean back in Kurama's embrace even more.

I missed this..

I missed him.


"Its ok, Sakura."


Kurama kissed the top of my head and hug me tighter,"Its ok. I understand. You don't have to tell me anything...Lets go to sleep now. You must be exhausted by now, right? Dealing with Youko is a handful".

If you didn't know him as well as I do, you would think he was ok with this.

If you were me. but was as mentally exhausted as I am at that moment, you would ignore that fact.

But as I drifted off into a confuse sleep, I couldn't help but noticed a tinge of jealousy in my boyfriend's voice.


I woke up alone.

Needless to say, I was sort of sad?

Ok. That sounded pathetic.

But really, I was.

...hey!! STOP LAUGHING. NO! Really, I was.

Only two logical reasons presented themselves at that time.

One, what happen yesterday didn't really happen yesterday. And my life completely suck. And Kurama and the guys are still on their mission. And I'll be alone yet again in this stupid humongous house for yet another day.

Two, Kurama is angry at me. And that would suck even more.

I feel dirty.

Ignoring what my little voice in my head was telling me, I got dressed and walk downstair.

You want to know what my little voice was telling me?

It was just something a little bit between "Go shoot yourself in the face" and "..Youko IS kinda cute...".

Yeah. Just ignore them...

Itís all good.

So life was okay, I guess, living in my denial. WAS, until I saw Kurama sitting at the kitchen table staring blankly at a newspaper with a cup of cold coffee in his hand.


"..Hey Kura", I said, walking to where he is and sat down with a thud. Kurama blinked at look at me, adorably confused."You woke up early this morning".

"I didn't sleep", he answered instantly.

I blink.



Ok, wasn't expecting that.





Awkward Silence...

"Lets go see a movie", he mumbled.

And with that, we walked out of the house and drove to the movie.

That is what we do when we feel like we have to talk with each other.

So driving to the thearter at 5 in the morning, Kurama chosed a deserted looking theater and we sat down.

"Are you angry at me, Kurama?", I said, feeling less and less happy of myself as time went by.

"I can never be angry at you, Sakura", Kurama shook his head and hugged me tightly,"..Its just that. I don't want to ever lose you"

"What do you mean lose me? I'll never leave you"

" don't know Youko like I do. He'll want to take you away...", he trailed off.




...this is weird

You wouldn't expect him to be jealous...

But then again, ever since my stupid life have gotten off track, I have learn to not to expect anything too weird.

"Kurama", I said, poking him in the chest,"KURAMA. I said, look at me".

And when he did, I kissed him on the lips. HARD.

"That is for being stupid and thinking I'll leave you".


"That is for being all depressed and won't tell me anything"


"And that was for making me be all alone this morning".

Kurama laughed and kissed me back.

And that was all nice and wonderful, until.


...oh jeez. Not again.

JESUS. This is so confusing.

One minute, I was with Kurama.

Another, I was with Youko.



"Youko!!", I hissed,"How did you get out?"

"Well now", Youko drawled, leaning back into the seat,"Don't act that way, LOVER.

People would get the idea that you didn't want me here".


I blushed hotly and push at his shoulder,"Don't be stupid. No. But seriously. How did you change back?"

"I don't know. I was just sitting there watching the show between you and Shuiichi. And then. BOOM", he motioned with his hand, "I'm sitting here in this human room. Which by the way, why is it so dark? I feel liked we're in a cave".

"...I wish I know how you two change", I mutter, feeling the veins in my head starting to throb again,"Come on, Youko. We'll get you home". I pulled his hand and began to walk to the car.

BUT NOOOOOOO. Youko just had to have plans of his own.

"No. I don't want to go home yet", he snarled and took me by the waist, "I want to stay here longer".


"YOU WANT TO WHAT?!", I echoed the voice inside my head, "In case you haven't notice, you don't exactly look like everyone elses here!! We don't want to cause a scene or anything."

Youko laugh.

Laughing isn't exactly what I want to do right now...

I growled and try to dragged him to the parking lot.

BUT. I'm half his weight. So of course, he didn't budge an inch. Youko grin at me and lean down for a kiss.


That bastard. Taking advantage of me being SHOCKED, he grabbed me by the waist and started to walk toward the arcade.

"YOUKOOOOO", I shriek. "Where the hell are we going?!"

But he ignored me. Instead, he started looking around in the arcade and stop at... ...a dancing machine?!

Oh god. He want to play DDR?!

"Youko. Are you serious?!"

"What does this thing do? It look interesting! Can we try it?!", he turn around and gave me the cutest look ever.

What the-...goddamn. I should have known that YOUKO was the pouter.

"ONE GAME. You hear me? ONLY ONE. Then afterward, we're going home. NO MORE", I said and pulled out 100 yen and threw it at him.

You didn't really think he was going to be like, GOOD at it, did you?

Nah. He suck.


And no, it was actually funny though. Until he started to get mad at the machine... ...yeah. So...we went from playing DDR to...



We ran. Did you hear me?

WE RAN. Bolted, to be more exact. Right out of there before someone saw the what was once a dancing machine but is now a smoking piece of junk...

...I can't believe I took part in blowing up something...


"Yoouuuuukoooo", I whined.

He looked at me and grin widely,"That was fun. Do human get to do that all of the time?"

"DANCING?! YES. BLOWING THINGS UP?! NOOOOO!!!!", I screamed, throwing the nearest weapon I have, which was my SHOES, at him,"I'm going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE if they find us!!"

"When was the last time Shuiichi and you did something like that?", the little moron ask while dodging the attack of the dreaded shoes.

I growled and look around for other stuff to throw at him,"KURAMA. Does not blow stuffs up. BECAUSE, KURAMA is not INSANE".

Giving up the quest of looking for items to pelt at Youko's head, I walk to the car and got into the driver's seat."Come on, Youko. Get in".

"I'm not getting in there..."

"WHAT?! Whyyyyyyy??", I almost screamed. Veins throbbing again.

"I can't fit in there", Youko said matter-of-factly. The word "duh" hanged heavily in the air without him even having to say it.

"...fine. How about this? YOU are getting me home. I'll get Kuwabara to pick up the car tomorrow. Ok?", I said.

I'm defeated.


I'll admit that.

I'm tired.

I'm sleepy.

I want to go to bed.

I really don't want to argue with a thousand year old fox demon right now.

So Youko lift me up in his arm and took off home.

This was nice. This reminded me of when I first met Kurama.

Youko smelled nice..he smell like Kurama too. Except, he smell more like those deep wine red roses. And Kurama smell like a light tea rose.

...and I currently, smell like a blown up and smoking DDR machine...

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.