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"Hey, you with the big fish ears, I got a bone to pick with you. How does a dead guy win!?"

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Every Fangirl's Dream

by Rose

Chapter six

Ouch...Koenma just HAD to drop me off right on the ground didn't he!

That freakin hurt...and really, the pain wasn't all just from falling on the was from leaving him.

Hey. This was the same tree that I lugged Kurama too when we first met wasn't it?

Okay...I am now staring blankly at the tree...


It was the same rusted tree I always use to go near and practice...

It was the same rusty brown...the same almost lively leaves.

No...why am I blaming the tree anyway!

Its not that the tree have change..I have.

In the past 6 months, I have fall in love. I have made great friends. And I had to leave them.

Had to leave them? What am I talking about! It was really just for my own selfish needs!

"Oh gah! The portal is closing! The portal is closing!", I yelled, snapping from my thoughts. The pinkish tear in the wall was quickly closing and with it was my ticket back to Kurama!

...argh...I wanna go back! But I can't! My family need me here! And...and there is that STUPID rule too!...

Oh screw the interdemansion rule!

Kurama! I'm coming back!

(3rd person point of view)




"That is it! I cannot take it anymore!", Yusuke Urameshi yelled, standing up arubtly and knocking a chair over in the process.

"What is it, Yusuke?", Keiko ask gently, regarding her boyfriend with a raised eyebrow.

"I say, we march in Koenma's office, shake the hell out of that toddler and get Sakura back!", he said, already half way out of the door.

" Yusuke, Sakura cannot come back. She would be endangering her life if she stay in here...", Kurama mumble, still looking out of the window.

"But...but...aww, DAMMIT!".

Kuwabara sat next to Kurama and was desperately trying to cheer up the fox demon,"Come on Kurama. Don't be so sad...Sakura will come back one never know...".

"Yes yes, you never know when I could be coming back..", a soft voice was coming from the door.

Kurama arubtly turn around, wide eyes,"".

Sakura smile gently back at him,"I could never leave you Kurama...I love you to much for that". She approach Kurama, her eyes shining with her recently made tears rolling down.

Kurama finally smile for the first time in a week,"Thank you". Sakura grin and lean in and kiss Kurama softly on the lip. And that...was the end of this couple's story...for now...

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