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Every Fangirl's Dream

by Rose

Chapter Five we are...

I'm leaving today...

The atmosphere was really quite tense. Botan left early in the morning and have said that she was out to get some air. Uhh...that was about 5 hours ago...

Yusuke and Kuwabara just sat there, looking really sad.

Hiei didn't look at all different...because we have not seen him for the entire day to tell his emotions.

And Kurama...

..well...Kurama was really reflecting my own feelings at the moment...

"Kurama..", I whispered, hugging him lightly, resting my head on the crook of his shoulder.

"Sakura", he choked out,"I wish...I was not suppose to be this way. I wish that we could have be together..forever".

Well, we could have continue on with our romanctic moment...if Koenma didn't walk right through the door and go..

"Sakura. Its time...".


I walk slowly behind Koenma until we reached a cleared point in the front yard. Koenma mumbled some incantation and a bright portal appear right in the middle of the place. I gulped and stare at the hole.

So...this was my seperation ticket from Kurama...

"We'll miss you, Sakura", Yusuke said, his eyes downcast.

"I'll miss you guys too", I said, smiling a bit sadly. Dude...this is too hard! They have been my family for these past few months! I can't abandon them now!

"Sakura...", whispered Kurama. I turn around and saw him blowing a light kiss, a bright tear roll down on the side of his face,"I love you..don't forget me..".

"Never..I'll never forget", and with that, I step inside the portal. I was going home...

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