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Every Fangirl's Dream

by Rose

Chapter Four

Eww...I feel like crap right now. My throat feel hands and feet all feel numb...and my frikin head is burning up so much right now!

...yeah, I caught a cold...

I really wasn't expecting that, you know! How the hell should I know that you could still get sick inside an anime...

"Hey. Hey. Sakura! Wakey wakey!". I'll give you two guess who that was from...yup, the one and only Kuwabara.

"Don't you know its rude to disturb a sick person from their sleep?", I rasped out, opening only one of my eye to look at him.

Kuwabara grin,"Isn't it kinda strange though, you came down with something right after Kurama and Hiei left to Makai on a business trip".

"Yeah! Probably cause you and Yusuke doesn't really take care of me! You keep playing with your stupid kitten and Yusuke keep taking Keiko upstair to have sex!", I exclaimed, not really all that quietly.

"Ha, so that was what the buffoons was doing".

"I told you not to trust them...".


I looked over Kuwabara's shoulder to find Kurama and Hiei smiling at me gently...uh...wel, Kurama is anyway. Hiei just kinda stand there and smirk at Kuwabara.

"Just when I thought you couldn't be anymore of a wuss", Hiei snicker.

"Shut up, shorty!", Kuwabara retorted, his cheek turning pink. He glared at Hiei one more time before disappearing out of the door.

Hiei walked out of the door after too yelling,"Ey, Kuwabara! Off to play with your kitten some more?".

Oy...they could be such children sometime...

"Hey Kurama", I smiled.

Kurama smile back at me and walked over to the side of the bed. He gently put his hand over me forehead and mumble,"You're sick...".

"No kidding, ne?".

Kurama laugh and leaned down and kiss my lightly on the cheek. His lips feel strangely even hotter due to my high tempetures at the moment.

"Move over", he whispered, nudging me into the right of the bed some more.

"But you'll catch whatever I'm having right now", I said, refusing to move from my comfortable spot.

Kurama cut in,"So you want to sleep alone tonight?".

Yeah...and that really was my cue to shut up.

"Did you miss me while I was gone?", Kurama asked once he have settled in the bed and gotten both of his arms around my waist.

"Only a whole frikin lot", I said, my voice being muffled by his shirt. Ehehehe. Warmth.

Kurama laugh softly and gave me a kiss on the forehead,"Anyway, go to sleep now. You need your sleep"

"Does my sleep involve you holding me like this?".



"You look like Hell, Sakura! What give?", Botan exclaimed loudly.

I glared at her daggerly, gee...thanks for you support!

This have been now a day ever since I was sick...but because I have been sick, my skin is now turning all white. No...not the pretty looking white. It was more of a EWWWWWWWWWWW white.

Which Botan happily stated out quite loudly...

"Maybe I should stay home today...", I sigh, falling back into the pillow.

Botan sat down next to me and shook her head,"No, you have to go. Koenma really stated that he needed you to come today".

"Why?", I question, raising my head up to look at her better.

"I don't realy know", she shrugh.

Okay...what the hell could Koenma want with me...

I got to Koenma's office and waited outside nervously until an orge went outside and call me in.

"Hello Koenma", I said bowing politely, trying to contain my nervousness.

Koenma turn around in his big chair and was now in his teenage form. Crap...he only go into that form to talk about serious stuff.

"Hey there, Sakura...", he paused,"Um...I'm afraid...I got some bad news".


"Bad news..?", I echoed, unbelieving. Just when I thought my life was finally getting good.

"Um...its kind of about your...relationship with Kurama...".


"WHAT!", I exclaimed loudly.

Koenma motion the chairs near the desk and said softly,"I think you may want to sit down for this".


Tell me what is going on with Kurama and me dammit!

"Okay...", I mumble and sat down. Yeah...couldn't really say all of the other thoughts to the Prince of the Spirit World, ya know.

"Um..", Koenma said, looking down at the ground as if trying to find his words.

"Um?", I finished, bracing myself for whatever bad was coming this way.

"I'm afraid I cannot let you continue your relationship with Kurama anymore...".


Koenma place his fingers on his lip quieting me,"I can understand your pain...I would change the rule if I could. But having inter-demansion love affairs is breaking too many rules".

"What do you mean by that?", I cut in.

"Quiet Sakura. Let me continue. We have finally figure a way for you to go home...".

" does that relate to Kurama and I?", I asked, getting a bit irratated.

God...this is taking forever...

"Simple. We figure out that because you are not from this world, somehow just by being in here, you creating a high risk of injuring yourself and you need to go home as soon as possible".

I'm injuring myself just by being here? What? How does THAT work!

"But what about Kurama? Can't I just bring him back to my home with me?", I said, staring at Koenma. Trying to see if this was all just a really badly plan joke or not.

"I'm afraid that is not possible either. There is quite a bit of problems with that idea. One, Kurama would not be able to see his family at all since the portal that is taking you two home is only one way. Two, it would be quite awkward having him there, don't you think, since no demon have ever been in your world. And three...unlike you, Kurama would have a 95 percents chance of dying in your world if he stay in there too long", Koenma stated solemnly, advoiding my gaze.


"Please consider that, Sakura. This is only for your and Kurama's safety".

"What am I going to do...?", I sigh, burrying my face into the couch even more.

"Well, for once, you should stop putting your face there. I wouldn't trust putting my face anywhere near places that Kuwabara have been", Hiei snorted.

Oh joy, its Mister Sunshine. Exactly what I needed at the moment...

"What do you want, Hiei?", I growled, turning my face away from him.

"You do relized that even if you don't tell me what is bothering me, I'll just read your mind and find out right?".

Oh crud...forgot about that ability!

So what else can I do really? I just totally spilled my gut out to him. About Koenma telling me that I have to leave soon. About how Kurama and I couldn't be together. About how Kurama could get hurt if he stay in my world.

"Tell Kurama the truth", he said simply.

"I can't!", I replied, staring down at the ground,"Its...its too hard".

"Do you want me to tell him?", Hiei ask.

Damn...he actually sound like he care. What give?

"Please and thank you?", I smile lightly, standing up to hug Hiei.

Dude, he didn't even push me off like usual either! Did my story really freaked him out that much?

"You owe me, onna, you owe me so much for this...".

Sitting here. La di da di da.

Waiting here. Doo doo doo.


Hiei was off talking to Kurama in his bedroom and have not came out yet! I am just practically sitting here and dying from nervous.

The door open and walked out Hiei, his face solemn.

"Kurama need you the most right now, Sakura. Go in there and talk to him", he said, motioning the door.


"Ok..", I mumble.

The site that greeted me inside the room was...really heartwrenching to look at...

Kurama was sitting on the bed, his face was tear streaked. Quiet sobs could be heard throughout the whole room.

"Kurama? Are you okay?", I ask gently, trying to approach him with a reasurring smile. Its really kinda harder then it look you know. At these kinda of moment, I really just want to start crying myself.

No...I have to stay strong for Kurama!

"...Sakura..", Kurama whispered.

What the hell is happening!

How? How could the great Youko Kurama sound so weak at this moment? How could the wonderful Shuiichi Minamino sound so defeated?

Oh my...I did this, didn't I? I'm the one that is causing him pain!

I lean foward and wrap my arms around Kurama whispering,"Shush, Kurama. Everything will be okay soon".

"No it won''re leaving soon, are you not?", He said stubbornly, sounding like a little kid.

"I have to, Kurama, Koenma said that the date is set for next week".

"...okay...but before that date...don't leave me, promise?".


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