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Every Fangirl's Dream

by Rose

Chapter Three

"Shuiichi! You is here now, it good!". Damn...I was having a great time today SHEs here...

Ugh! She wasn't here for fourth period, dammit! WHY DID SHE JUST DECIDE TO SHOW UP AT LUNCH! I don't wanna lose my appetite...

Kurama next to me was actually holding his ground better then me. He forced a bright smile and said sweetly,"Hey Melissa-chan."

Melissa walked right pass me as if I wasn't even there and hook her arm around Kurama's neck. AHH! THAT DAMN BITCH!

"What do you think you are doing?", I ask, crossing my arm across my chest and glared at her. Melissa didn't pay attention to me at all and keep on holding on there like she is Kurama's girlfriend or something...


Kurama smile at my expression. He shooed Melissa's hand away and bow politely,"I'm sorry, Melissa-chan. But I don't return your feeling. I already have someone else".


Melissa didn't show any emotions at all. She just stood there staring at Kurama,"Its her, no?". She pointed at me, snarling,"How you pick her instead of me? I is better!".

"Not at Japanese, no you're not", I replied, sticking my tounge at her. Melissa hissed quietly at me before walking away in defeat...FOR A SECOND TIME! HA HA!

"You could atleast be more subtle when you were insulting her Japanese skill, you know", Kurama laugh gently. I smile back at him and we continued our lunch until the bell ring.

I have now live here in the Yu Yu Hakusho world with the guys for 2 months...wonder if anyone miss me back home?

What the hell am I talking about! They're probably still celebrating at home right now. You could alway count on my family to act out of the ordinary... Yeah, but anyway. This is not to my concern right now! The problem is that Valentine Day is coming up! Crap! I didn't even relized it until this conversation came up tonight at dinner.

"I don't know what to get Keiko for Valentine Day", Yusuke moaned, rubbing the sore spot where Keiko have smack him earlier,"She been so angry at me lately. I got to get her something good to make it up for her".

I was sitting there next to Kurama, munching on some celery while watching the guys discussed what to get their love ones for Valentine Day. Uhh...and when I say the guys are discussing about that, I meant Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama are talking while Hiei just sit there Hn-ing.

"Well, Valentine Day is usually a day for couples to get closer", Kurama said calmly, sipping his tea.


You know what THAT mean!

Is Kurama trying to say something? Could he be wanting to...oh god! I can't even say it!

Get intimate? Be frisky! Good lord...

"Are you sick or something Sakura?", Kurama asked when he saw my whole face heat up. He put his hand on my forehead to feel my temperature,"You do feel a little hot".

I shook my head quickly and kept on eating my celery stick. Okay...I have two choices now...either just go ahead and ask Kurama or sit here and eat celery for the rest of my life...

I like celery...


"Ne...Kurama. What do you want to do for Valentine Day anyway?", I asked, looking down to the floor.

"You guys could stay home and have sex all day!", Yusuke suggest. YOU LITTLE...! THAT IS SO PERVERTED!

"Pervert...", I glared at Yusuke. But that only made him crack up even more. Kurama blushed bright red at the comment and coughed uneasily.

Kuwabara stared at us,"WHAT! You guys have been sharing a bed everyday for the past 2 months and you haven't even done anything yet!".

"You should really talk,'re a virgin too, are you not?", Hiei grumbled.


Yusuke grin victoriously,"I'm not a virgin! Ha! I laugh at all of you!".

"Yeah, everyone know that, Yusuke. You make too much noise when Keiko come over...and some those noise I can't even identify at all", I smile mischeviously. Yusuke blushed and was quiet for the rest of the night. He he, that shut him up...for now.

"No seriously Kurama, what do you want to do for Valentine Day?", I asked once I was dressed in my newly bought pajama. It look exactly like the one Kurama lend me when I first arrive but its slightly smaller.

Kurama looks up from the book he was reading,"I don't really care, Sakura". And with that he grabs my arm so that I was now lying on his stomach. He he very comfy...

Kurama stared straight into my eyes and smile,"As long as I am with you, then I really don't care".


I smile back and kiss him quickly on the lip,"Do you want to go on an actual date on that day then? We haven't even done any couple stuff outside of this house".

"Sure", Kurama said, while kissing me back passionately for about a minute or so. It would have continue too, dammit! If Kurama didn't relized how sleepy I am...

"Look like someone is sleepy", Kurama teased when I yawned loudly.

"...I am...not", I replied back, already tired out.

Kurama laugh and pull the blanket over us. And yes, we are now inside his...he he our bedroom. We haven't sleep in the livingroom for quite a while since being awaken by Kuwabara isn't really that enjoyable.

"Do you know how much I love you?", Kurama whispered while kissing one of my eyelid.

"Enough to tell me a fairy tale?", I asked, sounding like a little kid.

Kurama laugh and hold me closer, petting my hair,"Okay, why not".

"Once upon a time, there was a kitsune who was very lonely. Who was constantly chased by fangirls everyday. But one day, while he was off doing an important mission. He got greeted by an angel and fell in love with her. After that, they live happily ever after".

"Thats it?", I questioned,"You suck as a storyteller, you know".

Kurama laugh,"Gomen ne, koibito. How about you tell me a story then?".

I giggle and leaned in closer,"Yeah! Just lay back and watch how professional tell stories!".

"Once upon a time, this girl was very sad. She is sad because she have no one to love and most of the guys she ever asked out said she was ugly like hell. She is also in love with someone else. He is the most beautiful, graceful, and caring person in the world. Far too good for this girl. But then something incredible happen and the boy that the girl was in love was also in love with her. So then she was very happy.".

"Then what happen?", Kurama asked, waiting for me to continue the story.

"..Then the girl fell asleep because she is tired and have a test tomorrow".

Kurama smile at my answer and rested his head so that his chin was now on top of my head. "I love you, Sakura".

"Love you too, Kurama...".


Kurama was now off in some blah blah crap in Makai and left me here. Well, yeah, technically, I would get kill the moment I step foot in there but then again, this still SUCK!

"Are you still sitting there sulking?", Hiei asked when he step inside the livingroom.

I looked up from the couch and glare at him daggerly,"Don't you have something else to do right now instead of being here! Like posing as the boogeyman to scare the 9 hells out of little children?".

"Whats a boogeyman?", he asked, looking confuse.

Ay Curamba...

"Never mind...", I mumble and return to my sulking mood by pulling the heavy blanket over my head. I miss my Kurama! WAH! ITS NOT FAIR!

"Here, eat this. Kurama told me this stuff usualy make human feel happier.", Hiei said while offering me a bowl of ice cream.

I look at him,"You actually pay attention to what Kurama say?".

"Hey, you never know when stupid Nigen infomation like that could be valuable!", Hiei retorted. I broke into my first smile for that day and took the ice cream and start to eat it. YUM! Mint chocolate chip! the heck did Hiei know what my faviorate ice cream flavor is anyway? There is like 7 cartons of ice cream in the freezer!

"How did you know what flavor to get me anyway, Hiei?".

Hiei snorted at my question,"Well, everytime we eat ice cream, you alway have your head stuck inside the same carton. Its not that hard to remember what it was saying on the carton, you know".

"HEY! I DO NOT STICK MY HEAD INSIDE THE ICE CREAM CARTON! ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING!", I yelled loudly, and is obviously pretty pissed now.


"Damn're really loud.", Hiei commented,smirking,"Want to watch a movie or something instead? I don't think I could stand listening to you scream like this til Kurama get home".

I stuck out my tounge at him and crossed my arm infront of my chest. Yeah, I know I stick my tounge out a bit too much. Ha, but its my main weapon. So deal with it!

So we end up watching some samurai movie that I didn't even get what they were saying cause they speak in Traditional Japanese or something half the time, so yeah...

And yes, if you want to know, I end up falling asleep again.

I don't know exactly how long it was I was asleep but I guess after 3 hours or so, Kurama got back from Makai. I would have gotten up to welcome him home but I was way too tired! Ugh...I am such a lazy patookie...

"Kurama...don't ever ask me to babysit your kanojo anymore...", Hiei said gruffly.

Kurama laugh,"Come on now, Hiei. Don't lie. I could see that you enjoyed spending time with her".

"Hn", Hiei grumble,"Believe whatever you want, kitsune". And then I heard footsteps walking out of the door and someone standing beside me.

"Did you miss me", Kurama asked, while giving my forhead a kiss.

I opened one of my eye and smile,"Only a lot". Kurama laugh and kneel down to carry me to the bedroom. NOT FOR THAT PURPOSE, PERVERT! I'm just sleepy, okay! And Kurama is probably wiped out too.

I probably fell asleep again when Kurama changed and got under the blanket with. But I really don't care. Since, I'll alway wake up seeing his face in the morning anyway.

Ha ha. Don't you just wish that you were me now?

La la la. I am Valentine Day shoping.

He he. I am now inside the store desperately trying to look for something for Kurama. And Botan wasn't really helping that much...

Yeah, I finally met the "grim" reaper. She snuck up on Kurama and me when we were snuggling one day. I wasn't too happy with that...

But Botan decide to make it up for me by taking me to go Valentine Day shopping at her faviorate store.

Beside her waaaaaaay to happy attitude, Botan is cool. We became friends instantly. But one thing though, SHE KEEP BUGGING ME ABOUT KURAMA DAMMIT!

"Is he a good kisser?".

"Botan...thats really personal infomations...".

"So is he a good kisser?".

"I told you I'm not telling!".

"He is a good kisser then?"


Persistant...isn't she...?

Who the heck invented Valentine Day anyway! Its heartshape like...and so not me!

But then again, this is the first time I have an actual Valentine. HOLY CRAP! I'm a Valentine!


"Hey, Sakura-chan! How about this!", Botan shrill yell brought me straight down to Earth. I stared at the thing that Botan is now holding in her hand and started to blush like crazy.

"Botan-chan...I am not...getting...Kurama...a book that have 'The Guide to Great Sex!' on the cover...", I said quietly, looking back and forth to see if anyone is watching.

Botan laugh and went back to put the book where she found it. I just stood there blsuhing like there is no tomorrow and vainly try to look at all of the other crap inside the store.

Ugh...that Botan...


"Botan!", I yelled loudly, not paying attention to the old ladies that were staring at me funny,"I finally got the perfect gift! Lets go!"

Ding dong!

"Wait a second please!", I yelled loudly to the door. Getting up from the couch, I got to the door and open it up. Looking down...I saw a three year old!


A lady wearing a business suit, who is probably the kid's mom walked up to me and hand me a bag,"In this bag is Suki's clothes, food, toys, video, blanket, emergency phone numbers, insurance, and stuff like that. I'll be back and pick her up at five. Thank you. Bye!". And with that...she speed off...

Looking at the little kid, I had to hide my smile a bit.


Suki was wearing a tiny kimono and had her black hair tied up in pigtails. Her green eyes was staring at me in such a cute way.

I sigh and led the little girl into the house. Guess we got to watch her until her mom get back at five...


"Kurama...we just got a little visitor...", I announce as we walk slowly into the livingroom.

Kurama turn around and unlike me, he didn't even get fazed at all. He just sat there and smile,"Oh ohayo Suki-chan. Are you going to be here for the whole day again?".

Suki nod and grin adorably," 'hayo Shuichi-kun. Okasan told me to be a good girl with you today".

Kurama laugh,"Your okasan worry too much".

Suki noticed me finally and turn around,"Shuichi-kun, is this your wife?".

Oh wow...

That...uhh was pretty...sudden...

I blushed hotly and look at Kurama to see what he would do and...what! Kurama just stood there grining,"No, Suki, Sakura isn't my wife...not yet anyway".

"KURAMA!", I yelled, trying to contain my embaressment,"Don't joke around like that!".

Kurama smile and stood up. He walk over and hug me from behind,"Joke around like what?". And then he started to nuzzle my neck mischeviously.

I growled dispite the fact that I was REALLY REALLY ENJOYING that,"Oh no, mister! We got a babysitting job to do right now!".

He laughed and released me. Oy...teenage hormone...yeah, gotta be REALLY careful with those... damn tired...

Yeah, I babysat for my brother numerous time before, but THIS KID AIN'T MY BROTHER! DUDE! THE KID IS A FREAKIN ENERGIZER BUNNY!

Oh my...we played tags countless time! Then we played house. And after, Suki ran into the mud and we have to clean her up and then after that, she got hungry and after, oh lord, AFTER SHE GOT HER ENERGY BACK, THE CYCLE START ALL OVER AGAIN!

FINALLY, Suki tired herself out and fell asleep. We breathed our sighs of relief quietly and tip toed into the livingroom.

"Is she always that ENERGETIC!", I asked, turning around to face Kurama.

Kurama smile,"Suprisingly, no. I think she is more energetic today since she have someone else there instead of just me".

I plop down to the couch, dead exhausted. Kurama sat down next to me and turned on the telivision, remembering to put the volume on quietly. We were just there enjoying the peace, suddenly...


Yes...if you guessed that the annoying disruption was from Yusuke and Kuwabara...then you are right.

DUDE! Do they have a radar to detect peaceful moments between me and Kurama so they could break it or something?

Suki was awaken because of the two morons and started to cry loudly. Yusuke walked inside and stare at me and Kurama with a confuse look on his face," that a real kid crying or is it just my imagination?"

Kurama went to where Suki was and comforted her,"There there, its alright, Suki-chan. Try to ignore the big meanie Yusuke, ne?"

Suki sniffed back, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand,"Hai..."

Kuwabara staggered in after, carrying a big box of movies and froze once he saw the scene before his eyes."KURAMA! WE LEFT YOU AND SAKURA ALONE FOR ONLY TEN HOURS AND YOU WENT AND HAVE A KID!", Kuwabara yelled, seeminly near the brink of hysteria.


You can't have a kid in ten hours...

Crap...wait, Kurama is a demon...maybe the rates of pregnancy there is different...


Yup know you've really completely lost it once you start randomly thinking up pregnancy time...

"Its not like that, Kuwabara. We're just babysiting for Takahashi-san today", Kurama said, turning his face around so that I couldn't see it. He he. Kurama is probably blushing right now too. Awwwwwwww. Thats just so adorable!

Yusuke started to crack up and Kuwabara was rolling on the ground laughing soon aftert. Suki, of course followed along even though I'm pretty sure that she didn't know why or what she was laughing at. A few seconds past before Kurama and I started to snicker and ending up joining in with Yusuke and Kuwabara.

Great...perfect...Monday morning...

Febuary fourteen...

Valentine's Day...

Its a PERFECT day to be Shuiichi MInamino's girlfriend...

If you like being glared at, make fun of, and get flip off all day...

It is barely fourth period but Kurama's bag is already filled to the top with gifts, flowers, cards, candy...I feel special now...

But I'm happy, because dispite all of the affections that is pouring toward Kurama, the only one that was recieving his love and affection was me.

"SHUIICHI!", came Melissa's shrill voice. Ouch. I think she just pop one of my eardrum! Dude! How nice!

Kurama looked at Melissa and instantly went into polite mode,"Oh hello there. I trust you have had a wonderful Valentine Day?". And with that he motioned to the shopping bag that could easily match Kurama's own massive pile of gifts.

Melissa giggled in her annoying high pitch voice,"Oh Shuiichi, I forgoten this. Today is Valentine Day, no? I got gift for you". Melissa turn around and signal something with her head. And instantly, a blushing younger classman walk in with a basket full of flowers and chocolate.

I growled loudly at the young classman and narrow my eyes. Hey, I could be scary looking if I feel like it, you know! He he.

Kurama looked at the basket and smile charmily,"Thank you Melissa-san. You're too kind".

Kind...? I wouldn't exactly choose that word for her...

Melissa actually look smug about the compliment she just got. Dude! What the hell? Kurama was just being NICE to you, you know!

"No, thank you Shuiichi. I take it that I give better gifts then her?", she point to me after that with a look in her face that I just seriously want to bash in...

"Don't you know, pointing is rude...", I mumble, glaring at her in the same manner that Hiei does to...well, everyone.

Kurama just smile at the two of us nervously,"Um...well. What do you know. The bell is going to ring soon". I look at him with a confuse look in my face. The bell isn't even going to ring for another ten minutes...

"What?", I whispered softly, questioning him.

"Come on, lets get out of here", Kurama answer back,"Two of your classes is cancelled today anyway".

Oh yeah...I have no fifth or sixth period today due to the fact that I scored a 95 on the last exam. He he, if you want to know what Melissa got...she got a 46. What a moron!

"So where do you want to go?", Kurama asked once we got all of our stuffs and set out of the door. School was pretty much deserted, most people got a C or higher on the exam, but then again...Melissa is too special to be counted as 'most people'.

" you want to go the arcade or something?".

Kurama arched his eyebrows a bit,"The arcade?"

I smiled widely,"Yup! The arcade! Come on!". And with that I puled on Kurama's arm and sped off.

Oh gah! You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you this, but I swear its all true!


...It was his first time playing and he was on Heavy...and I been playing for four years and I am STILL just on Standard!

"Where the heck did you learn to DANCE like that?", I asked, my eyes wide. Yes, I was suprised! I mean Kurama would probably be the last person I would have think to play DDR that good!

Hehe but then again, he is perfect afterall.

Kurama grinned at me,"It wasn't that challenging". I smiled at him and together, we walked out of the arcade heading home.

"Happy V-day, Keiko", Yusuke said, his eyes filling with love as he offered a small box to Keiko who was half crying, half smiling. Awwwwww

"Oh Yusuke!", Keiko choked out when she open the box and saw a ring with the engravings of their names in it. She smile lightly and hug Yusuke hard. Yusuke turn to me and Kurama and wink fast before turning back and hug Keiko.

Hehe. You didn't think Yusuke could think of the ring idea by himself now did you?

"You think we shouldn't have helped Yusuke?", I asked, looking at Kurama once we were safely in the bedroom. Once again...for all of you perverts out there...NOT FOR THAT REASON, GOD DAMMIT! Ugh...Kurama and I was to stay inside there for the rest of the night so Yusuke and Keiko could have their privacy downstair..

"Not really. My trust is Yusuke to actually pick the correct gift for Keiko is pretty much slim to none", Kurama said while holding something behind his back, looking a bit nervous.

"Kurama...are you okay?",I asked. Eek, this is suspicous. Is Kurama trying to say something?

"Umm...well...happy V-day, Sakura. I hope my present isn't too pathetic", Kurama stuttered, blushing. Yes, the great KURAMA actually BLUSHED! Kurama held out his present from behind his back and it was...


" god, Kurama", I whispered, tracing the detail of the locket slightly. IT WAS FRICKIN BEAUTIFUL! The locket it self was made of pure gold and there was a rose smack dab right in the middle of it. Inside of the locket, there was a small message ingraved in it.

I love you, now and forever.

Kurama(Shuiichi MInamino)

"Wow...", I said, once again, lacking the words. DUDE! THIS IS GOT TO BE THE GREATEST GIFT EVER!

How did I ever even came close to deserving this guy?

"Is it bad, Sakura? I could alway get you something else", Kurama ask quickly.

I shook my head and smile at him,"No. Its not bad. Strike that, I think its really wonderful. Its one of the best present I have ever recieved".

Kurama's face finally broke into a real smile as he look at me lovingly.

Oh yeesh...wait...I got to give him MY present now...

What if he doesn't like it or something!

I don't my first actual Valentine Day to be a bust!

"Kurama, close your eyes".

"Why?", he ask, tilting his head over to one side in confussion.

"Because I said so".


After I made sure that Kurama was REALLY closing his eyes, I got to the closet and pull out my gift for him."Okay, Kurama, you could open your eyes now".

Kurama open his emerald eyes and look down at the item I have in my hand in silent.

Crap, he hated it, doesn't he!

Well...give me points for effort, will ya? I thought that the present was cute! You know those little bears with the magnets in their nose so that it look like they're kissing? Well, there was a special deal in that place to customized the bears into animal you want, so I made it into foxes. One of the fox kinda resembled Kurama's fox form with four tails while the other one that was "suppose" to be me was a biit grayer and smaller.

Kurama turn to look at me now and instead of staring at my present. Yeah...that was quite an akward moment...

Kurama hold the foxes and different hands and began to inch them closer and closer to each other.


...and closer...

And finally when their noses meet, the foxes was lock in a kiss.

I smiled nervously at Kurama waiting for his action. Suprisingly...he didn't laugh at my present or anything but just decided to follow the foxes' lead and lean in and give me one of the sweetest kiss anyone could ever have ask for.

"I take it my present was a success?", I grin widely when we pull away.

"You could say that", Kurama laugh and pull me into his embrace once again.

And that was the Valentine that "hopefully" will be follow with many more.

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