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Here to Eternity

by Cody

Chapter VIII

Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised,
they start to cry, hands held to the sky.
In the night the fires are burning bright.
The ritual has begun, Satan’s work is done.
Six-six-six, the number of the beast,
sacrifice is going on tonight-

“The Number of the Beast”-Iron Maiden

Later that night Yusuke, Kayko, Kuwabara, Kurama, Genkai, Botan, the Blue Ogre, and Koenma journeyed to Genkai’s temple. Kayko fell asleep shortly after their arrival, but Yusuke stayed up to discuss strategy with his party.

“The first thing we have to do is figure out a way that we can bring Hiei back from Demon World while still keeping his powers. Koenma, what class level would Hiei be?”

“…Hiei’s undoubtedly an ‘A-class’ demon. He won’t be able to remain at full strength unless we broke the ka-ki barrier, and if we do that it’ll give my father even more incentive to kill you.”

“Plus, there’s no way Hiei’d ever allow himself to be weaker,” added Kurama. “Of course at the same time it’s also not like Hiei to follow anybody’s rules. We’ll have no problems bringing him back.”

Yusuke chuckled. “Well now that we’re pretty sure we can get Hiei to come back with us that leaves only one more problem.”

“What’s that Urameshi?”


“Huh? What about her?”

“I don’t know if she’ll be safe here. Can everyone here stop a member of the SDF if they decide to attack?”

The party was silent to Yusuke’s question until Koenma answered. “It’s probable that if we add Shizuru and Yukina as a healer we could hold off one of the SDF members. But more than one would be extremely difficult. Let us not forget that those toadies have the strength above an ‘A-class’ demon, and can give a demon of ‘S-class’ a run for their money.”

“That means somebody’ll have to say behind as a shield for Kayko,” Genkai said. “While she’s pregnant with Yusuke’s child she’ll be in danger.”

“Then perhaps I should stay,” said Yusuke.

“No Yusuke,” Koenma responded, “you’re needed for this mission.”

“Not when my wife’s in trouble.”

“Oh, I’ve got an idea Urameshi!”

“What’s that Kuwabara?”

“Why don’t you ask Kaitou or some those guys for help?”


“You know, the guys who helped us beat Sensui.”

“Oh…right! I remember now. But where are those guys?”


“Well nice one brainiac! Thanks for suggesting an idea we can’t even use!”

“At least I suggested it! I don’t see you coming up with any great ideas Urameshi!”

“That’s enough boys!” snapped Genkai.

“Perhaps I can help with that,” interjected Kurama. “Kaitou went to my school and we know that he’s from Mushiori City. Plus, I should still have his home phone number. I’ll go to the nearest phone booth and call him.”

“That won’t be necessary Kurama,” replied Kuwabara. “Here, use my cell phone.”

Kuwabara handed Kurama his cell phone, and Kurama thanked him while he immediately dialed Kaitou.

Early the next morning Kaitou arrived at Genkai’s temple. Although his current life did not involve using his spirit powers his conversation with Kurama convinced him to help Yusuke. He called his boss and used his sick days to take time off work. Yusuke promised him that he would not have to use many of them.

At ten that same morning Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama were at Demon’s Door walking through the familiar corridors they passed when they battled Sensui. The three knew they were close to the Demon World when they heard the Elder Toguro screaming, “Why don’t you just die you bastard?!” while he was still tied up to Kurama’s sinning tree.

“So Urameshi, how exactly do we enter Demon World?”

“It’s not too hard. Honestly we probably could’ve made it back after we defeated Sensui regardless of whether or not the SDF repaired the ka-ki barrier…well, Hiei would’ve been a problem.”

“Huh? Explain?” asked Kurama.

“Well, it’s quite simple Kurama. As you know the ka-ki barrier keep demons from the ‘S’ to ‘B-classes’ from entering the human world, and despite how powerful you and I may be our human blood helps us to overcome the barrier when we tap into it. Kuwabara’d have no problem since he doesn’t have any demon blood, but Hiei’d be a problem.

Koenma was right. After we defeated Sensui, Hiei was definitely an ‘A-class’ level demon. He wouldn’t have been able to return to human world if the ka-ki barrier was there without dramatically lowering his demon energy.”

“Hmm, it’s amazing that Koenma didn’t tell any of this stuff after we defeated Sensui, or on that night you left for Demon World” Kuwabara said.

“It’s quite possible that Koenma didn’t know.”


“Koenma and King Yama aren’t gods, you know? They don’t know everything.”

“Good point,” added Kurama.

As Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama crossed into Demon World, Kurama revered back into his old demon form of the spirit-fox Yoko Kurama. Demon World had not changed since the last time the three men saw it together. Its lighting still lit the sky even if it was bright blue.

“Now all we have to do is find Hiei,” Yusuke said.

“But were could he be?” asked Kuwabara.

“He’s in Mukuro’s territory,” Kurama answered. “It’s not far from here. We should arrive there within the next hour.”

As the three of them walked further into demon country Kurama turned to Yusuke and said, “Can you sense it Yusuke?”

“Yeah, they’re demons all around us…watching us.”

“Oh, I bet they’re scared of us!” added Kuwabara.

“Precisely,” replied Kurama. “They can sense Yusuke has the power of an ‘S-class’ demon, and me in my Yoko Kurama form has its intimidation factor as well.”

While their journey continued Yusuke could sense the presence of apparitions but he could not sense any that posed a threat, although there was one that raised a few hairs on his neck. This apparition, whom ever it was, followed the party at a steady pace. It swiftly leapt from one tree to the next. Finally Yusuke stopped.

“Do you guys feel that?”

“Yes,” Kurama replied, “it’s the same energy I’ve felt for a while. Apparently one apparition has taken an interest in us, and who ever it is; it is a very formidable opponent.”

“Hey,” shouted Kuwabara, “if you wanna fight, why don’t you show yourself?!”

“Hmm,” a voice replied, “even after three years your intelligence has remained ever the same. Did you ever stop and think for a moment that I could’ve been an opponent that sought to take away your life?”

Kuwabara grinded his teeth, while Yusuke and Kurama shouted, “Hiei!”

The apparition that had been following them stepped forward. Yes indeed it was Hiei, still dressed in black with a white headband to cover his jagan eye. In the last three years his 4’10” frame had yet to grow an inch.

“So the Spirit Detective, the King of Thieves, and the Fool’ve all returned to Demon World.”

“Who’re you calling a ‘fool’ short stuff?! I’ll have you know that I’m about to go to college.”

“Yes, your brain may’ve improved on the books, too bad when it comes to fighting you’re still a moron.”

Kuwabara gritted his teeth, and his whole body shook with anger as he clenched his fists.

“Hiei,” Kurama began, “we’ve come to Demon World with a purpose.”

“And what purpose is that? Obviously it’s not to flood the living world with demons, since I can sense the ka-ki barrier’s still in tact.”

“We’ve come here to get you.”

“Me, for what?”

“We need you to help us with a mission,” said Yusuke.

“Hmm, listen Detective! I’ve forever left the human world for the demon one. I’ve no desire to help you.”

“You bastard!” shouted Kuwabara. “How can you say that after everything Yusuke’s done for you?”

“Yet, you forget to mention all the things I’ve done for him. Fought and won a dark tournament, battled Sensui; hell, I even destroyed the Chapter Black tape that was presented to me.”

“Really! You destroyed that tape?!” exclaimed Yusuke.

“Yes, my sword accidentally slipped.”

“Well, I appreciate all the times you’ve helped me Hiei. It’s too bad that I can’t get you to help me with this mission since I thought it’d be one that’d interest you.”

“Hmm,” Hiei replied with a wicked smile.

“We’re going to raid and take over Spirit World.”

Hiei gasped, and looked at Yusuke and his party dumbfounded.

Yusuke smiled, this was the look he hoped for. He realized no demon could resist the idea of helping to lead a revolution against King Yama. “Of course, I guess you just have no interest with the affairs of Human World.”

“Wait, Yusuke! How exactly is it that the Spirit Detective’s turning against King Yama?”

Yusuke told Hiei everything that had taken place between himself and Kayko and the SDF soldiers.

Hiei smiled. “Hmm, perhaps I do have the desire to return to Living World. Although some may view me as a heartless demon…”

“Ain’t that the truth!” said Kuwabara.

“…I’m not a demon without honor. Harming those who pose no threat or can’t defend themselves is un-honorable, and that’s how I view King Yama for attacking Kayko. Count me in, plus I’ve always been interested in seeing just what that son of a bitch looks like.”

Yusuke laughed. “Yeah, me too. Anyway, it’s good to have you on our side Hiei…”

“Yeah, but I still hate that little short bastard,” added Kuwabara.

“…anyway, we’re going to have to ask you to put this on.”

Yusuke opened his backpack to reveal what appeared to be a strap-on-organ.

Hiei was stunned. “What the hell’s that god-awful thing?”

Yusuke chuckled. “This is the thing you wear that allows you to cross through the ka-ki barrier. After you’ve returned to Living World you can always remove it, even though according to Demon World order you’re not supposed to. But then again, you don’t look like one who enjoys following the rules.”

Hiei smiled. “You’ve got that right Detective.”

“All right then, let’s get out of here!”

When Yusuke and Kuwabara were far enough away Kurama turned to his old demon friend and asked, “So, how has Demon World treated you since we last saw each other?”

“Nothing has really changed, but my jagan eye did capture some interesting pictures.”


“It captured the red-haired moron kissing my sister after listening to a bunch of loud music.”

“Ah, you must mean the Iron Maiden concert.”

“Huh? You mean they play on coffins with spikes?”

“No, not the torture device, Iron Maiden is a metal band from Great Britain. They’re internationally known. That’s who Kuwabara and Yukina saw.”

“I’ve no interest in learning about different human music, Kurama; but what I saw amazed me.”

“What’s that?”

“Yukina really has feelings for that moron. I’d even go so far as to say that she loves him. If Yukina could only remain in the human world because she wanted to hold on to something Kuwabara’d be it.”

“So if Kuwabara ever became your brother-in-law would you accept that?”

Hiei gritted his teeth at the sound of Kuwabara becoming his family member, but he regained his composure to say, “It’s not a matter of whether or not I accept him. It’s Yukina who chooses to be with him, not me. I’ll leave this decision up to her.”

“Hey! Hurry up you two!” shouted Kuwabara. “You’re going to be left behind!”

“…but I seriously doubt I’d come to many family reunions,” Hiei whispered to Kurama.

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