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Here to Eternity

by Cody

Chapter IV

Mama, she has taught me well,
told me when I was young,
‘Son, your life’s an open book,
don’t close it ‘fore it’s done’-

“Mama Said”-Metallica


Kayko nodded. “I’m sorry, Yusuke.”

“When…when did this happen?”

“About two years ago.”

“…It happened because of me…didn’t it?”

“No, Yusuke. Don’t say that.”

“What else can I say? I left three years ago and I find out that my mother’s been dead for two-years. …I’m responsible.”

“No, you’re not Yusuke.”

Yusuke looked at her, but did not say a word.

“Yusuke, your mom was an alcoholic. She had a drinking problem. It couldn’t be helped.”

“Yes, it could’ve. If I would’ve stayed here then maybe…”

“No, Yusuke. It wouldn’t have worked.”

Yusuke eyed her with a look that said ‘explain.’

“Yusuke, your mom didn’t stop drinking even when you were at home. She’s been drinking ever since we were both young. When I stopped by to visit her and realized she was so ill I called Kuwabara and asked him to come over. He and Shizuru arrived and we immediately called an ambulance. But the poison in her system was simply too much. She passed away that night.”

“…What were Mom’s last words, Kayko?”

“She didn’t really have any Yusuke, but when Kuwabara and I cleaned out your apartment after her death we found a letter that she’d written to you.”

“Where is it?”

“At my place. I’ve kept it because I believed that you’d return one day.”

“I wonder why she wrote it.”

“When you read it you’ll understand.”



“I want to read the letter…but I also want to see where my mom’s buried at first. Do you know where that is?”


“Will you take me there?”


Although Atsuko Urameshi did not have much money—due to her excessive drinking—Kayko’s father and Shizuru helped purchase for her a decent tombstone after her passing. Flowers sprinkled along her grave, and on the stone read one simple message:

Atsuko Urameshi


Loving Mother of Yusuke Urameshi

When Yusuke read the ‘loving mother’ message he fell to the ground and wept. Kayko had hardly known Yusuke to cry. She had only seen him cry once when they were children when he learned that his father was not coming back, and she had heard that he cried when he thought Kuwabara had been killed during the Dark Tournament.

Kayko wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed his cheek. He patted her hands to let her know that he was thankful for her concern, and with his freehand he moved his arm over his mother’s stone and said, “I love you too Mom.”

Then he sighed, stood up, and regained his composure. He wiped the tears that remained and turned to Kayko. “I need some more time to recover, Kayko. Let’s go see Kuwabara and Shizuru. I want to tell them the good new about our engagement. But I also want to thank them for what they did for Mom.”

Kayko nodded and took his hand. The two shared a kiss before they left the gravesite, but Yusuke turned for one final look, “Bye Mom, I love you; and I promise you that I’ll make you proud of me.”

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