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Here to Eternity

by Cody

Chapter III

Where are the angels and their wings of freedom?

Jesus had His day off when they pulled you through.

Welcome home—it’s been too long we’ve missed you.

Welcome home—we’ve opened up the gates.

Welcome home to your brothers and sisters.

Welcome home to an accident of birth-

"Accident of Birth”-Bruce Dickinson

“Huh, what was that? Was it just the wind? Or was it…”

“Hey Kayko aren’t you going to say ‘hello’ to me?”

“That voice…” Kayko immediately turned to the sound of the voice. “Yusuke!” she screamed as she leapt from the tree.

She charged towards Yusuke as fast as her legs would carry her, and Yusuke opened his arms to embrace her. But instead of a warm embrace Yusuke was met with a slap.

“Oww! Hey! Is that anyway to say ‘hello?!’”

“Don’t you ever run off and leave me like that again!” Kayko gave Yusuke a quick kiss on the lips before she buried her face against his chest. She started to cry—a joyful cry—and Yusuke held her close and rubbed his fingers through her hair.

“Don’t worry, I’m never leaving you again, I promise.”

Kayko looked at him, her eyes still filled with tears. “You promise?”

He kissed her. “I promise.”

Yusuke and Kayko held each other as though they were in their own little world before Yusuke finally took Kayko by the hand and said, “I want to sit with you in our tree.”

Kayko accepted the offer and walked hand-in-hand with Yusuke to their tree, but as she held Yusuke’s hand she could feel the scars on his knuckles. His left-cheek also revealed a scar—one that she had never noticed before.

“Yusuke what happened?”


She pointed to his scars.

“I’ll tell you all about that Kayko if you want to know.”

“You’re damn right I want to know!”

Yusuke gasped. “Whoa! I don’t remember you talking like that the last time I saw you!”

“Well, a lot can happen to you in three years.”

Yusuke nodded. “True, true, I hear that.”

“So tell me what happened?”

“Well, I went to Demon World as you know, and I met my ancestor. I was so pissed off at him for what he did during my battle with Sensui, but he tried to explain to me why he did it. Of course his explanation sucked, and I had to kick his ass…or at least I wanted to kick his ass. He pretty much kicked my ass the first time I fought him, but I eventually gained the upper-hand; and sent him to his own personal hell—or wherever demons go.

You remember how I told you my ancestor was a ruler of a particular territory of Demon World?”

Kayko nodded.

“Well, after his death I assumed his position of leadership, and then I decided that I would ask the other two ruling demons to a contest to see who would win control of demon world.”


“And…and well, I lost. And after I lost I decided to make plans to return to human world. I actually wanted to come home immediately after my ancestor was dead, there were a lot of things here that I wanted to come home to.”

“Like what?”

“Friends, family, and a promise that I had to fulfill.”

“What promise was that?”

Yusuke leapt from the tree and motioned Kayko to do the same. She did and Yusuke smiled at her.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box and opened it for Kayko. Inside was a small ring with a single diamond. “Would you marry me Kayko?”

Kayko gasped. What Yusuke said three-years-ago to the day he had returned to fulfill.



Yusuke leapt in the air as though he were a small child. He hugged Kayko and kissed her. Kayko giggled, and Yusuke wrapped his arm around her.

“I want you to come with me to my Mom’s. I haven’t even been home yet since I came back. I immediately went to a jewelry store and bought this ring. I was hoping that you’d say ‘yes’ so I could tell her with you at my side.”

“Umm, Yusuke…”

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.