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Here to Eternity

by Cody

Chapter XIV

Author’s Note: Hello again! Well, this story is reaching its final stretch, but this chapter is not the last. However, this chapter may be the longest. My rough draft for it was certainly long. Anyway, sit back, enjoy, and read and review!

In this bloody dawn,
I will wash my soul,
to call on the spirit of vengeance.
To deny my wisdom for anger,
to break my scream for the silent fool,
and to be the son of doom-

“Knightrider of Doom”-Rhapsody

“Holy shit that guy’s huge!” declared Yusuke. “It’s kind of funny. Koenma’s usually a toddler and his dad’s as big as some of the buildings in the city.”

“Whoa! That’s King Yama…” said Kuwabara. “…I hope that we can actually pull this off.”

“I can see now why demons fear the great King Yama,” replied Hiei.

“I had heard the legends of King Yama all the way back to my days as Yoko Kurama, but never could I’ve believed how many of them would turn out to be true.”

King Yama only glared at Yusuke and his party for a second before he turned to Captain Otake and the remaining SDF members. “What the hell’re you doing just standing there? Do your damn job!” King Yama pointed to Yusuke’s party—a signal for the SDF to attack.

Although the SDF were outnumbered four to three they decided to make a three on one attack. Captain Otake gave a signal that the attack would be aimed solely on Yusuke. At the same time Otake realized that this would perhaps be the final battle of the Spirit Defense Force—ever. Even if Otake and his two remaining soldiers could eliminate Yusuke they would probably be so weakened that Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama could easily finish them. But with Yusuke, as the most powerful member of the group eliminated, King Yama could surely defeat the other three. Captain Otake wanted this battle to be the Spirit Defense Force’s finest hour.

Hiei had already unsheathed his katana. Kuwabara displayed his dimension-cutting spirit sword. And Kurama held up a rose that at any moment could be transformed into his trusty rose whip with his spirit energy.

Yusuke, however, was ready. He cocked his right hand and waited for the SDF members to come closer. His fist glowed with spirit energy, and when the time was right Yusuke shouted, “SHOTGUN!”

The blast sent Otake, Saitou, and Oohou to the ground. However, it was not fatal. But the same could not be said for the attacks of Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara.

With the Spirit Defense Force reduced to a pile of mutilated corpses, and with Koenma safely behind Yusuke and his party, the focus now turned to King Yama.

Yusuke smirked at the nearly thirty feet tall king.

“You dare to look at me like that boy?!”

“Yeah, I dare. It looks to me like you’re fresh out of bodyguards.”

“That I may be Detective, but my power is absolute!”

“Eh, I don’t think so.”

“You dare to question me?!”

Yusuke chuckled. “Yeah, I dare that also…”

“He’s not alone,” interjected Hiei. “I too question the ‘great’ King Yama’s power.”

“I wouldn’t be so hasty,” said Kurama. “You don’t become and stay king by being weak.”

“I don’t know you guys,” replied Kuwabara. “My spirit awareness senses something very, very odd about King Yama.”

“Don’t think irrationally Yusuke and Hiei,” added Koenma. “Just because I might be weak doesn’t mean that my father is.”

King Yama removed his spectacles and placed them in his pocket. His dark eyes glared at the rebel detective and his companions. “So which of you is first to see just how powerful I really am?”

“I’ll go,” responded Hiei, as he stepped forward with a smirk.

“What a surprise! The demon, Hiei, has stepped forward to challenge me.”

“Yes. And don’t worry, ‘Your Majesty,’ I’ll make it a challenge worthy of your power.”

Hiei removed the bandages from his right arm and the king watched in anticipation.

“Hiei’s pulling out his best attack,” replied Kurama. “Perhaps he’s taking King Yama more seriously than I originally assumed.”

Hiei held out his right palm, and a dark black flame illuminated from it. “Don’t worry Your Majesty. I promise you that I’ll give you my best attack in honor of somebody worthy of your power…DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS FLAME!”

From the pits of Spirit World came the black dragon that charged King Yama. Of all the opponents Hiei had used this attack on only Shinobu Sensui had refused to break a sweat. King Yama, however, was like Sensui. He did not become frightened by the black dragon. Instead, he merely held out his right hand, which started to glow. The glow seemed to pull the dragon faster to the king, and when the dragon came too close, it was immediately sucked in.

Hiei was stunned and so were his companions, but King Yama merely smiled.

“You see Hiei the swordsman, I’m the ruler of Spirit World, and the Dragon of the Darkness Flame is a product of Spirit World that I can send away. Still, I feel honored that you’d try your best attack on me. Now…who’s next to challenge me?”

“Great,” replied Yusuke, “the master of Spirit World just repelled Hiei’s best attack. Makes me wonder what my spirit gun’ll do?”

“So King Yama’s able to repel attacks like the darkness attack,” added Kurama, “but he shouldn’t be able to stop spirit or demon energy, because they come from within the person.”

Kurama decided to put his thoughts into action with his rose whip. Kurama made a stealth attack against the king, with the thorns catching King Yama on the hand. Blood gently fell to the floor as the king grasped his hand, while he grinded his teeth.

“So I was correct. Although King Yama can repel such attacks as the Dragon of the Darkness Flame he cannot repel spirit energy because it comes from within the person.”

“So you mean that my spirit gun’ll work?”

“Yes. Your spirit gun is part of you.”

“Always the wise one Yoko Kurama,” replied the king, “too bad that I don’t intend to let you live long enough to use your spirit energy!”

King Yama let out a primal roar as two blasts of spirit energy exited his hands. The blasts knocked the party members back, but they did not do much damage. The most damage done by the blasts was a tear on Yusuke’s shirt.

Yusuke and his party, however, were quick to counterattack. Hiei was first. If the Dragon of the Darkness Flame was ineffective against the king then perhaps its Human World counterpart would be effective. “FISTS OF THE MORTAL FLAME!” shouted Hiei, while his fists became the embodiment of fire. Hiei lunged at the king—his right fist ready to strike—but King Yama side-stepped his three-eyed foe and countered Hiei’s right hand with his own. Hiei fell to the ground with a cut over his left eye.

Kurama was next, and his weapon of choice was his trusty rose whip. Kurama cracked the razor-sharp thorns into King Yama’s flesh, but the king decided to sacrifice his own body by grabbing the whip and pulling Kurama towards him where he delivered a clothesline with his left hand.

Next was Kuwabara, whose spirit sword could easily cut through the king and any ancestors the king might have on the other side…that is of course if Kuwabara could have made contact with the king’s flesh. King Yama dodged the blow, kicked Kuwabara in the stomach, and delivered a punch to the side of the head. Kuwabara fell back, spit up some blood, and wiped the trickle of blood away from the left side of his face.

Finally there was Yusuke Urameshi. After King Yama punched Kuwabara away Yusuke seized the moment to place his left hand over his wrist and extend his index finger, and with spirit energy tingling from his index finger Yusuke shouted the words, “SPIRIT GUN!”

“That’s a direct hit!” exclaimed Kurama, as he watched the massive ball of energy strike King Yama in the back. The king screamed as the spirit gun blast began to tear the flesh from his bones.

“I hope you enjoy life as an ash tray,” replied Yusuke with no remorse.

When the spirit gun blast finally faded away Yusuke and his companions were stunned. King Yama had not been reduced to a pile of ashes and was still on his feet. Steam rose from his body as though he was a piece of overcooked meat, while his back was cut open.

“…What the hell?” replied Yusuke. “Did the dumb ass just pass into a coma or something?”

Yusuke stepped forward cautiously to examine the king.

“Be careful Yusuke,” said Koenma.

“He looks like a statue,” responded Yusuke. “Does that mean he’s dead?”

Yusuke would discover the answer soon enough when King Yama came back from the ‘dead’ to punch Yusuke above his right eye.

Yusuke was thrown backwards, as though he had run into a moving truck, but once he regained his footing he replied, “Damn! It’s a good thing he didn’t catch me completely with that punch. Otherwise I’d be knocked out right now.”

The king glared at his opponents while he stumbled back to his feet.

“That guy really is a god!” exclaimed Kuwabara. “He took a direct hit from the spirit gun and survived.”

“Yes,” replied Kurama, “but I wouldn’t exactly call him a god yet.”

“That shot definitely hurt him,” added Hiei. “A few more of those and King Yama will fall.”

King Yama snarled and extended his arms. Lightning flashed from his fingers, which formed an energy barrier. But as soon as the barrier was formed King Yama slumped to his knees again.

“I can break through that,” Hiei believed, as he attempted to slice his sword through the energy barrier, only to be repelled and thrown backwards. “Damn, I can’t break through!”

“No, but I can,” replied Kuwabara. With all his strength Kuwabara used his spirit sword to cut through not only the barrier, but also the king.

The barrier fell and so did the king with a large cut on his forehead. Blood trickled down his face and possibly affected his vision, as he crawled like a man caught in darkness.

Kurama seized on the moment and snapped his rose whip around the king’s neck. When Kurama used this move on Gourmet’s head it removed his skull, but King Yama was no Gourmet. He could not decapitate the king, but could certainly slice his throat.

Blood flowed, and the king grasped his throat in an attempt to clot the blood.

“Now’s the best chance I have,” declared Yusuke, while he pointed his trusty index finger at the king. For the second time he exclaimed, “SPIRIT GUN!”

King Yama could hear and see the spirit gun, but could do nothing to stop it. Yusuke scored another direct hit, and when the spirit energy faded away King Yama fell to an upright position and then fell over onto his back.

“So…is it over?” asked Yusuke.

“Yeah…I think so,” replied Kuwabara.

Yusuke and his team stepped forward and stood over the fallen king. King Yama coughed some blood.

“Damn, he’s still alive,” responded Yusuke.

In response to Yusuke statement Hiei drew his sword and positioned it over the fallen king’s heart. “Then let’s end it.”

Hiei was about to impale the blade through King Yama’s heart, but stopped when he watched the king cough some more blood and act as though he was trying to speak. “Hmm, I suppose that I should offer you your final words before I kill you.”

“Bring…bring my son…over to me…”

The entire party turned to Koenma. The Prince of Spirit World’s lower lip began to quiver, but he stepped forward to meet his father.

“I’m here Father.”

King Yama smiled, though faintly. “Son…please remove…some of the blood…from my eyes.”

Koenma did as his father requested, though cautiously.

“I sensed…how nervous you were. But don’t worry…I’m nearing my end.”

Koenma’s eyes started to water, but he maintained his composure.

“I just…I just wanted to ask you…one question.”

“Yes, Father?”

“Are you…are you satisfied?”


“Are you satisfied…to see me…like this?”

Koenma’s voice became hoarse, and he began to cry.

“Why…why’re you crying? I wanted to…execute you.”

“Because you’re still my father and I never wanted it to come to this, I just didn’t have a choice.”

King Yama smiled again, and coughed some more blood.

“Please don’t talk anymore, Father.”

“No…it’s all right, Koenma. I just wanted to say that…ever since your birth…I’ve watched you become your own man. I just…I just never paid attention to it. I’m sorry. Perhaps…perhaps if you have your own son one day…you won’t make the same mistake as me…the ‘great’ King Yama. Farewell…my son…”

King Yama coughed blood one final time before he breathed his last.

Yusuke and the others said nothing. They gave Koenma time to grieve. After Koenma regained his composure Yusuke decided to speak with him.

“Hey Koenma…”

“You don’t need to say anything Yusuke. You received the end that you wanted.”

“Yeah, but…I still feel bad for you having to watch your own father die before your very eyes.”

Koenma smiled. “Thank you, Yusuke. I appreciate that.”

“So Koenma,” began Kuwabara, “what’ll you do now?”

“Well…now that Father’s gone I’m the ruler of Spirit World. And my first decision as the ruler of Spirit World is to declare amnesty for all those loyal to my father if they’re willing to take an oath of loyalty to me.”

“And if they’re not?” replied Hiei.

“Then I’ll allow them to leave Spirit World freely.”

“That should probably be effective,” responded Kurama.

“Yeah, I agree,” added Yusuke. “But for me, my first decision is now to go home and be with Kayko.”

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.