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Here to Eternity

by Cody

Chapter XIII

Author’s Note: Greetings everyone! I just want to let all of you know that I’ve probably made some mistakes with the names of the various members of the Spirit Defense Force. I don’t know if any of you caught it or not, because unless you go back and look at Yama’s Notebook for the subtitles you would never know their names anyway, because the only member of the SDF that is said often is Captain Otake, and he is mostly addressed by Koenma as “Captain.” But other than that, I ask all of you to please continue to read and review.

Walking side by side with death,
the Devil mocks their every step.
The snow drives back the foot that’s slow.
The dogs of doom are howling more.
They carry news that must get through.
To build a dream for me and you.
They choose a path where no one goes.
They hold no quarter,
they ask no quarter-
“No Quarter”-Led Zeppelin

“Oh…” said Koenma as he finally came to. When the Prince of Spirit World opened his eyes the first thing he noticed was bright-white tiles that were covered by a shadow. “That shadow…does that mean…” Koenma decided to investigate the shadow’s owner. The shadow belonged to a pair of jet-black boots and a pair of gray military pants.

“Welcome home my son,” said a deep and powerful voice.

Koenma slowly came to his feet. “Dad?”

“Hmph!” King Yama’s piercing eyes glared at his son from behind his spectacles. “You’ve no right to call me by that title boy! You’re to either address me as ‘Father’ or ‘Your Majesty’ from now on.”

Koenma said nothing; he could tell how angry his father was. He was certain that his days were numbered.

King Yama rose from his throne, and his shadow covered the entire room. King Yama may not have been a god, but the fact that he was three times larger than the Philistine Goliath could certainly make someone think otherwise.

“I’ve been betrayed by my only son,” continued the king. “I was willing to pardon your actions from three years ago, but now…what you’ve done is treason to the highest degree…”

“Your Majesty,” interjected Captain Otake, as he came out from behind one of the large columns inside the throne room. He knelt before the king and continued. “I’m sorry to’ve interrupted you, Your Majesty, but I must defend Prince Koenma on one of the charges brought against him. Lord Koenma was instrumental in our victory over the rogue spirit detective Shinobu Sensui. While he may’ve violated your orders a greater good came out of it…”

“Be silent Captain!”

Captain Otake froze. He too had angered the great King Yama.

“What my son did was to allow the Ma-zoka in Yusuke Urameshi to emerge, and now that demon blood’ll live on in Urameshi’s unborn child. Yusuke should’ve been destroyed…”

“No Father!” shouted Koenma. “Just because one has the blood of a demon does not necessarily make them an evil person. If we would acknowledge that more often then perhaps Sensui never would’ve tried to’ve destroyed the world. Plus, look at Kurama—he fights for us…”

But an energy blast from King Yama immediately silenced the prince.

“Do you think you’re wise my child? Do you believe that because you’ve existed for so long that you know everything; like you’re some kind of god? Yusuke Urameshi’s a threat to the human race due to his demon blood, but you’re simply too ignorant to see that. You two!” King Yama pointed to the corner of his throne room. “Come over here and tell my son first hand about your experience with Urameshi.”

From the shadows came the two remaining members of the Spirit Defense Force. The two of them approached Lord Koenma and the first one, Saitou, said, “Our teammate, Rinbai, was murdered by Urameshi.”

“Urameshi punched a hole right through his stomach,” added Oohou.

Koenma realized that even if what these two SDF members said was true their goal was to make him believe that Yusuke had somehow become a monster. Koenma, however, did not waver in his trust for Yusuke. “To begin with, gentlemen, it can’t be considered murder when Yusuke’s fighting in self-defense. If Yusuke wouldn’t have killed Rinbai, Rinbai would’ve killed him, his wife, and unborn child, correct?”

“…Yes…Yes that’s correct,” replied Saitou.

“Then why did you give me such an idiotic example to make me believe that Yusuke’s now a villain!? Even Ogre could’ve come up with a better example!”

Saitou and Oohou held their tongues, but King Yama did not.

“Even if you foolishly believe that Yusuke Urameshi’s not a villain, why did you decide to turn against me in such a way? You literally acted as a guide in an attempt to over throw your father’s kingdom. I’m going to ask you this one time, because I want a reason…why?”

“Because Father, what you’re doing is wrong. Yusuke’s not a threat. If he was a threat why would he help us so much, even when he didn’t have to? Just because he has the blood of a demon coursing partially through his veins is no reason to execute someone. The demon blood has been in Yusuke’s family for nearly one thousand years, and none of his previous ancestors ever acted like Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini.

And to attack Kayko’s appalling! She’s innocent! You may say that she’s carrying Yusuke’s child, but Yusuke’s child may not inherit the same strength as Yusuke. And even if it does that doesn’t mean that Yusuke’s son or daughter is going to become a mass murder. I love you and honor you Father, but I hate what you’re doing. And as much as it pains my heart, I’m willing to overthrow you if that’s the only way to stop you.”

“…You understand what your decision means, don’t you?”

Koenma nodded.

King Yama paused and closed his eyes, and when he re-opened them he spoke the words with the pain of a knife piercing his soul. “Then I have no other choice but to execute you.”

“That’s not going to happen,” replied a stern voice from behind the throne room door. When the door was pushed opened the owner of the voice was revealed to be Yusuke Urameshi with his party standing in full-force behind him.

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