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Dimension: Unknown

by Tiemiosho

Chapter One: "The Foreigners"

"Students, aren't you going to greet your new classmate?" The science teacher asked menacingly.

"Uh, welcome . . . uh . . ." The students confusedly and monotonously paused in mid-sentence, staring at the new student. Her hair was cut boyishly short and shone bright pink.

"Oh, yeah!" The girl grinned cutely before introducing herself. "Friends call me Tiemiosho. Last name's Kreuger. I'm from America, I eat my veggies, and my favorite colorís pink. So that's why I am soooo excited ta be here!" she added, adjusting her oversized pink uniform, and taking a good glance at it. Before the teacher could invite her to sit down, she had already leapt into a vacant seat at the front row. Many of the other girls started to buzz about something.

"Okay, now!" The teacher spoke loudly, beginning to anticipate a semester filled with tying an ecstatic foreign exchange student down to keep her from bouncing into his precious planetarium. "Yesterday we were working on the properties of the inner planets."

"Ooooh! Goody goody gumdrops!" Tiemiosho exclaimed. The teacher glared, but was reproached by a charming innocent grin.

"Today," he continued warily. "We will study the properties of Jupiter and Saturn." "Yay!" Tiemiosho whispered/screamed, beaming happily at the boy sitting next to her, who was the reason all the girls were buzzing. He was more than incredibly cute. Had Tiemiosho been less sugar-rushed and self-hypnotized, she would have noticed that herself. She snapped back to attention as the teacher tapped his ruler onto the chalkboard. "Does anyone know any recent events that took place on Jupiter in the past couple deca-"

"Ooh! Oooo!" The boy next to Tiemiosho ducked as she flung her arm in the air.

"Yes?!" The teacher quickly asked before anything in the classroom could get broken.

"Comet Shoemaker. I remember it 'cuz it was discovered exactly 9 days after my little sister was born: March 23, 1993. It got caught in Jupiter's orbit, broke into a bunch of little pieces, and freaked everybody out, cuz those little pieces really caused, um, disruption on that big, big planet! Storms that lasted, like 2 weeks."

The teacher sighed. "Yeah. Now, how many moons does Saturn have?"

Tiemiosho hesitated a bit, but the boy next to her already had his hand up.

"Yes, Minamono?" The teacher asked gratefully.

"So far, there are at least 21 discovered moons on Saturn."

"Sweet." Tiemiosho grinned.


"Hey, Yo!" Tiemiosho hollered across the hall. "Sieler!"

"Couldja chill out a bit?" The blonde girl asked when Tiemiosho caught up. "I'm trying to fit in."

"Well, heck, Rootie!" Tiemiosho laughed. ìNothing' fits on me!" The girls walked over to the lunchroom. "So met any cute guys yet?" Tiemiosho wagged her perfectly formed eyebrows.

"Yeah!" Rootie exclaimed excitedly. "All over the place! What about you, Tiemiosho?" Rootie asked.

Tiemiosho shrugged. "I dunno. Not too into guys, myself. I outgrew that a looong time ago." She took her place in the lunch line.

Rootie looked at her skeptically. "I'm not sure you've out-grown anything. You've seemed to shrink out of it. If you just let me set you up with-"

"What the heck are you talking about, Rootie? I haven't mentally shrunk! I'm just too mature to be guy crazy; boys have cooties!" Rootie began to notice a bunch of guys watching the scene with mild interest.

"No, Tiemiosho. You're too immature. Just let me set you up with a nice guy somewhere and you'll grow into it."

"You're not the boss of me. And I'm not too immature."

Rootie stared at the crowd of boys flocking over to listen to the conversation, and decided to drop it.

Once the girls had their food, they sat at an empty table. Tiemiosho sighed. "Too bad Dino and Sher aren't here. It's too boring."

"What am I, an eggplant?" Rootie asked.

"No. It's just funner when we're all together."

"Whatever." Rootie poked at her food.

Meanwhile at Saraski Junior High:

"Hey, there!" Keiko exclaimed at the two dark blonde girls walking around aimlessly with their trays.

"Care to join us?" "Sure!" The smaller girl replied, as she and her friend sat down.

"You must be the girls from America!" A girl in pigtails exclaimed. "What area?"

"Colorado." The two foreigners said in sync as a bunch of large boys sat at the table. "I'm Dino, and this is Sher." The shorter kid said.

"Cool!" one of the boys, with orange hair shook their hands. "I'm Kazuma Kuwabara."

"Ooh! fun name! Ka- ZOOM-ahh." Dino commented. "Kinda like . . . Fran-SIS-co . . ."

Keiko introduced herself and soon Dino and Sher began talking about their sisters. ìRootie is completely into everything thatís Japanese.î Sher commented. ìOh, I love that nickname your sister gave her, Dino.î She glanced through her large glasses at Dino.

"My big sister is calling herself 'Tiemiosho' now. I wonder what her name'll be tomorrow." Dino wondered aloud. "She's dead scared of snakes, but has a pet tarantella."

Keiko flinched slightly at Dino's excitement about snakes and spiders but remained polite. "What's it's name?"

"Mary Ann. Is that just a perfect name for a spider or what?!" Dino asked excitedly. Kuwabara began twitching and sweating nervously just hearing about spiders.

"Actually, I borrowed her for today. I'll show you!" Dino pulled out a tarantula from her pocket before anyone could object. Kuwabara screamed, and was out of the cafeteria in a blink of an eye.

"All four girls?" Botan asked, taking her eyes off the window to the cafeteria and staring questionably at Koemna.

Coincidence they all came from and ended up in the same areas during an exchange trip, is it not?" The underworld prince asked, beginning to fade. "Don't forget to tell Yusuke his new assignment."

"How could I?" Botan sighed, flying over to the school roof.

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