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Episode Guide: Three Kings

Below you will find summaries and a few pictures of the Three Kings saga of Yu Yu Hakusho, episodes 95-112.

95. Yusuke's Destiny

Now a demon wanted by Spirit World and hunted in his dreams by humans, Yusuke seeks advice on what to do now. Koenma and Genkai are unable to give him this advice and so Genkai sends him to Kuroko, the first Spirit Detective of the Earth. When Yusuke arrives he is attacked by Kuroko's twin daughter and son. After Yusuke easily fends them off he meets their mother. Kuroko tells Yusuke, when asked, that she quit being Spirit Detective because she wanted a family.

Soon after Kuroko's husband reads Yusuke's fortune. He says trouble is in Yusuke's future. Before the fortune telling is over three figures appear in Kuroko's house.

96. Three Strangers, Three Kings

These three people confirm that they are messengers from Demon World and here to bring Yusuke there. They explain that there are three kings in Demon World. These three Kings, Raizen, Mukuro, and Yomi have been fighting for centuries on the issue of feeding on humans. Their fighting could destroy Demon World. Raizen, of who the messengers speak for, and who is Yusuke's anchestor, does not want to eat humans and hasn't eaten for a thousand years. Mukuro and Yomi, however do want to eat humans, but their dispute is over the quantity. Raizen wants Yusuke to help him defeat these other two kings.

The three messengers also revealed that they are S and A class demons, but through a certain device they wear they are lower than a D class and can so pass through the Makai barrier. Even so they can easily beat Yusuke.

Yusuke wants to prove them incorrect so they go outside to fight. The leader of the three messengers is the one that fights Yusuke. He has the ability to stretch his body and easily entangles Yusuke with his neck. As Yusuke is unable to move he can't protect himself from the knife coming towards him, but the knife turns out to be fake and Yusuke is released, proving that the messenger is stronger.

After Yusuke is released he figures out that there is something wrong with the messenger's story of the three kings and punches the messenger, sending him into a head twist. Yusuke calls him a liar as he does so.

97. Departing Living World

Yusuke says that the messengers might be loyal to Raizen, a non-human eating demon, but they eat humans. He smelt it on the one he fought's breath! They lied to him about that.The messengers confirmed this, but say they were hesitate to tell Yusuke the truth in the beginning because of his human ties. Yusuke tells them that its all right; it's their way of life.

The three mesengers then tell Yusuke they will return for him in a week and then they disappear.

Once they are gone Kuroko appears, having listened in. She tells Yusuke he is not worth protecting like she had thought. She tells him that she had orders from Spirit World to kill him, but had refused to and had thought they had something in common. So she would have protected him from Spirit World, but after him calling eating humans a way of life, she wants him gone.

As Yusuke leaves Kuroko's husband runs over to him, telling him that in his future there will be a fight with his friends that will end in blood.

In the mean time Kurama receives a message from Yomi asking for his assistance in the approaching battle and Hiei also recieves a message asking for his help in the battle, except Mukuro wants his aid.

Yusuke later tells Keiko that he will be going to Demon World and doesn't know when or if he'll be back. Keiko runs away from him, telling him that when he gets back he'd better tell her so she can introduce him to her new boyfriend.

Yusuke comes to Keiko's home later that night. Her father tells her to make Yusuke dinner. She does, annoyed though. When she is about to leave, Yusuke tells her to sit with him. He informs her that tomorrow is his birthday and that by his 18th birthday he will somehow return and then they will get married. Before he leaves he tells Keiko he loves her and as Keiko watches the street from her room Yusuke waves to her, promising his return.

Yu Yu Hakusho and all associated characters are copyright of Togashi Yoshihiro, Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Shounen Jump Weekly, and Shueisha. It's licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. This is simply a fan site to it.