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Episode Guide: Spirit Detective

Below you will find summaries and a few pictures of the Spirit Detective saga of Yu Yu Hakusho, episodes 1-25.

14. The Beast of Maze Castle

Yusuke returns from Genkai's torture training after six months and spends time with Keiko and Kuwabara. But he soon realizes they are being followed. Yusuke and Kuwabara leave Keiko to fight some creepy thugs. When fist don't work Yusuke shows off his newly acquired ability, the Shot Gun, and knocks the gang out cold.

Kuwabara senses an unnatural energy which leads to a chase of a mysterious figure. Botan wallops the figure with her bat and tells Yusuke about his next case: The Saint Beast want to get into the Living World and want the barrier enclosing their city to be put down. By using a whistle they are controlling the Makai insects and are causing destruction in the Human World to get what they want. And Yusuke is going to be the one to stop them.

Receiving the Communication Mirror from Botan, Yusuke and Kuwabara enter into the City of Ghosts and Apparitions. Upon Arrival the two are attacked by demons. Yusuke and Kuwabara are faced with too many opponents to handle. But luckily for them Kurama and Hiei come to save them and help them defeat the Saint Beasts lurking in Maze Castle.

The four enter into the castle and are told by a talking bat they are to be tried by the Gate of Betrayal. The ceiling comes crashing down upon them and the only one that will be able to survive is the traitor who leaves his friends to be crushed under the gate.

15. Genbu, the Stone Beast

A demon tells the Spirit Detectives that only one of them will be able to escape from the ceiling that has come crashing down on them; and that one person will be a traitor for all the others will die. Putting his faith and trust in Hiei, Yusuke lets out his Spirit Energy to hold up Hiei's share of the ceiling while Hiei flips the switch, releasing the others from their doom.

Traveling deeper into the maze the gang encounters Genbu, the stone beast who is blocking the stairs that lead further into the castle. Kurama steps forward to fight Genbu. Genbu sinks into the stone flooring and assaults Kurama. After taking several attacks Kurama decides it's time to fight back and covers the area in a scent of roses when he brings out his weapon, the Rose Whip. Now being able to smell out his enemy Kurama slashes the rock beast into pieces with his whip.

But Genbu is not defeated and reassembles his body together again and then sends his body pieces as an attack at Kurama. Noticing a strange red stone mixed in with the others, Kurama takes the attack, while grabbing the stone. Without the strange stone Genbu is unable to put himself back together again properly. The fox demon destroys the red rock, destroying Genbu as well.

The four continue into Maze Castle with three more Saint Beasts waiting for them.

22. Lamenting Beauty

As Yusuke makes his way to school he meets Hiei, who has a delivery, a cassette from Koenma for the Spirit Detective! Hiei seems to sense something is wrong, but says nothing. At school Yusuke asks to use Kuwabara's VCR to figure out his next case, however Kuwabara isn't thrilled to be involved in another mission from Spirit World. Keiko is suspicious of the movie and Yusuke tells her what it is, but it appears Botan only told Keiko that Yusuke was working for a detective.

At Kuwabara's house Yusuke yells at Botan for not filling Keiko in on the whole story, but both Kuwabara and Botan agree it's best that she doesn't know. As the video begins Kuwabara declares he will have no involvement in the case, but his mind changes when he hears of the case and is struck by Cupid.

The mission is to rescue the ice apparition, Yukina, who is being tortured to cry to produce a valuable jewel from her tears. The man behind this is Ganzu Tarukane, who is selling the jewels for a high profit on the Black Market.

(Shizuru, Kuwabara's sister is found to have high spirit awareness like her brother has, for she can see the video clearly.)

Meanwhile at Tarukane's mansion the Toguro Bros. are brought in to force Yukina, who has stripped herself of emotion, to cry. When cutting her is obviously useless the elder brother kills the birds that have become her friends. She cries tears of jewels over the poor animals, which Tarukane greedily runs off with.

Yusuke, Kawabara, and Botan make their way through the forest that leads up to Tarukane's mansion. On their way they encounter a demon of the Toguro brothers gang, who with the power of Yusuke's spirit Gun and Kuwabara's Spirit Sword, is easily destroyed. At the same time Hiei is also heading to the mansion to save his sister, Yukina.

23. The Toguro Brothers Gang

The trail comes to an end and the Spirit Detectives must now rely on following Yukina's energy to get to Tarukane's hideout. Meanwhile, as a test of Toguro's strength, Tarukane squares his pet demon, Helen against Toguro. Tarukane, not expecting Toguro to actually fight with the demon bluffs, telling him to kill her. Even though Toguro doesn't want to kill it he steps inside Helen's prison and changing his muscle size, only using 30 percent of his power, destroys her.

As the gang continues to head to the hideout Botan gets ensnarled in a giant spider web. Kuwabara guickly cuts the web to pieces, saving Botan from the demon spider who made it. With one punch full of Spirit Energy Yusuke finishes off the demon.

The next morning the Black Black Club meet and vote over the intruders or Tarukane's demons victory. Everyone but Sakyo votes for the demons' prevail. He wages for the humans. Kuwabara and Yusuke wipe out the demons blocking their path to the stronghold, ensuring Sakyo's win.

As Yusuke and his friends near the mansion Tarukane sends out his next group of demons, the Deadly Triad. Again everyone but Sakyo wages that the Demon Traid will take down Urameshi and Kuwabara.

Entering the stronghold the Spirit Detectives meet up with their first opponent of the Demon Triad, Miyuki.

24. The Deadly Triad

Kuwabara refuses to fight Miyuki because she is a girl. Yusuke, not caring who his opponent is, gets ready for the fight, but first he has to make sure of something about her. After Yusuke "dishonors" Miyuki, she turns a strand of her hair into a whip and begins her attack on the boy. She wraps her hair whip around Yusuke's neck and hangs him from the ceiling, pulling him closer to her. Once Yusuke escapes and knocks Miyuki around a little he shares the truth with Botan and Kuwabara that Miyuki is really a man.

Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan continue through the hideout and encounter Inmaki. Not being able to see Inmaki due to his speed makes this demon a challenge. Fleeing around a corner provides for the perfect opportunity to finish the second member of the Triad. With no where to run the demon collides with a powerful Shot Gun from Yusuke.

Breaking through a wall and capturing Botan the third member, Gokumonki appears. Using the ferry girl as a shield Gokumonki brings his heavy club down upon Yusuke and Kuwabara. The two boys barely manage to dodge the attack. Yusuke figures out a way to save Botan. He tells her to hold up her arms. She slips out of her jacket and runs to safety as the two boys finish off the final member of the Triad.

Tarukane accepts an unbelievable be from Sakyo, believing there is no way he could lose. As the finally battle approaches he tells one of his underlings to bring Yukina to him. Kuwabara senses her and through telepathy tells her they are coming to rescue her. But she warns them they cannot win against the Toguro brothers and tells them to turn back. Nevertheless Kuwabara and the others, as well as Hiei, hurry to save the ice apparition.

25. Kuwabara's Fight of Love

Watching the battle, from the Spirit World, a worried Koenma fears that Yusuke and Kuwabara can not defeat the Toguro brothers, even though the brothers appear weak and are letting off little Spirit Energy.

The Older Toguro transforms his body into a sword for his brother to wield as younger Toguro increases his muscle size. Kuwabara barely manages to avoid a fatal blow from Toguro. As Toguro readies to finish off Kuwabara, Yusuke sends an energy blast of his Spirit Gun toward his opponent. But Toguro dodges with ease, jumping into the air to attack Yusuke. Yusuke hits him with a head on assault of a Shot Gun, but it does no damage to Toguro. Again Yusuke attacks, but to no prevail, for Older Toguro turns into a shield to protect his brother.

As Yukina watches the two again and again take the mighty punches of Toguro, Kuwabara somehow is able to see into her memories. He learns that a human had once tried to save her from Tarukane, but was marked as a traitor and killed. Seeing this Kuwabara gets renewed determination and energy to stop Tarukane, but is stopped by Toguro.

With quite thinking, Kuwabara recklessly rushes toward Toguro with his sword readied. Yusuke, from behind, hits him with a blast from his Spirit Gun, giving Kuwabara the boast he needed to plunge his sword into Toguro's stomach to defeat him.

Having entered the mansion, Hiei fights his way toward Tarukane. When the demon is about to finish off the despicable man, Yukina begs him to stop; she wishes for no one else to die because of her. He obeys her wish, not wanting her to cry.

Kuwabara fears Yukina hates humans for all they done to her, but putting on a smile she assures him that she likes humans.

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